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    NetworkingCEO: Sheila Galligan ~ Grow List w/Interview Magic

    in Business

    Online Business Strategist Sheila Galligan has interviewed more than 130 global leaders within the last 18 months including Jeffrey Gitomer, Nancy Marmolejo, Bob The Teacher Jenkins, Lisa Cherney, MichelePW, Paul Evans, Jeneth Blackert, Monica Shah, Pamela Bruner, James Roche, Sage Levine, Lou Bortone, Michele Scism, Tom Buford and Amethyst Wyldfyre to name just a few. After growing her e-mail list to 7,800+ in 9 months, Sheila can show you how to tap into the magic of interviews to grow your business too.
    After being in the workforce for more than 25 years as a meeting planner, elementary school teacher, professional organizer and now an online business strategist, Sheila is well-versed in the mounting challenges today’s entrepreneurs face to stay focused while continuing to get astounding results. Her unique, creative and robust programs provide the structure and clear-cut strategies you need to succeed promoting your GO BIG! products and services so you can START SERVING your clients instead of chasing them (all while having fun).
    You can learn more at gobigglobal.com.

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    Thought Leader Panel: Uncertainty is the New Normal

    in Lifestyle

    Do you feel topsy turvy in your life and business?  Does the ground feel like it keeps shifting under your feet, with that feeling of incertainty around every corner.

    In these times economic challenges face us every day, family illness and death seem prevalent, the world is in flux, spirituality is in a huge shift, AND what was working in our businesses doesn't seem to any more...

    It seems like this is the perfect time for this conversation....

    Many of us are looking for a system, map or guru to take us to where we want to go, but even those methods that we've been told were a sure thing, no longer are. Have you noticed?  How does this make you feel?  Sometimes it feels like we're shooting in the dark hoping for some guidance, control or magic bullet.  I'm sure you've noticed that clarity and certainty is not there like it was in the past.  Confusion reigns much of the time.

    Times are different so we need to be different.

    Come and find out what these three thought leaders in the coaching and healing community who are all about our success in business and life, can share with wisdom and practical tips to help us handle and flow with uncertainty.  Learn what we as business owners can do to plan for or rely on, and how we can 'be' in our lives to be able to handle the shifting tides of uncertainty.

    Uncertainty is here to stay, at least for the forseeable future.  Let's prepare for it with Andrea J Lee, Lissa Boles and Jeneth Blackert.

    You'll only hear this special conversation here.
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    Coffee with an Author - Jen Blackert

    in Books

    Grab your coffee and your phone it's time to visit with Jen Blackert. Her first book is called Seven Dragons. What will her next book bring? Check out www.ijustfinished.com for more information.

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    The Success Hour with Coach Camille- Interview with Jen Blackert

    in Self Help

    A weekly 60 minute series on various topics relating to success in life, including mindset for success, universal laws and principles and much more. Interviews with guest speakers and authors and Q and A. If you want to be more,do more and have more in your life and do it with ease... you'll want to listen! Today I'll be talking with Jen Blackert author of Seven Dragons, a guide to a limitless mind.

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    Journey to Self : Jenn Blackert author of Seven Dragons

    in Lifestyle

    Guest: Jenn Blackert
    Topic: The Seven Dragons

    Read Show Note

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    Seven Dragons- A Guide to a Limitless Mind_ Author Jen Blackert

    in Spirituality

    Per Jen Blackert "Your mind can change your life from a so-so life to the phenomenal life you have only dreamed about"

    There are 7 dragons or 'thought patterns' per Jen Blackert that keep people from reaching their goals"
    "Observing the thoughts in your mind allows your thinking to be a choice instead of a mental record that repeats & skips in your mind"
    Are you ready to change your mind & create new choices?
    Are you ready to play? Are you ready to fly?
    Slay the dragons (challenges) & allow that authentic you to come out & shine.
    This awakening segment focuses on how

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    Join me, your host, and guest Jen Blackert as we discuss getting over our inner dragons

    in Spirituality

    JEN BLACKERT is an author, speaker and strategic success coach. She has personally taught hundreds of individuals her unique principles and approach to massive success. Her principle system called The Simple Way, is based on time-honored universal wisdoms. Jen has authored of several books, and programs, including Seven Dragons: A Guide To A Limitless Mind and Discover Your Inner Strengths co-authored with Steven Covey and Ken Blanchard.

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    Info Product Creation Primer

    in Women

    Learn the basics of turning your expertise into a leveraged revenue stream - products that you can sell over and over again.

    Jen Blackert is known as the Attraction Diva and she is a coach, business consultant, and internet marketer. She is also my friend and partner in a new venture - together, we are the Info Product Angels! Listen in as I discuss our upcoming free tele-training and walk you through the steps that you need to know to do it yourself.