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    The Smoking Glass Hour with Baron Glass & Congressman Vance McAllister

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    6:30 p.m. CST - Congressman Vance McAllister, Running for U.S. Congress, 5th Congressional District

    To learn more: Check out Congressman Vance McAllister

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    Steve McAllister - Write-In Candidate For Sarasota County Commissioner

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    Some people do things by the book. Others write the book. Enter Steve McAllister. He is running for Sarasota County Commissioner District 2, but hopes to find his way onto the ballot and into a seat on the Commission via write-in votes on November 4th.

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Steve McAllister, Director of Operational Development for Sarasota's The Flow Factory and Common Wealth Time Bank, to the show on Tuesday, August 12 at 12 pm Eastern Time to discuss his creative and compelling campaign.

    Addressing the same old problems with the thinking that has caused them needs to be abandoned, according to Steve. He will discuss why he chose to run and do so as a write-in candidate. We'll also hear how his eight-point platform can help Sarasota "move past the status quo by opening up to a larger world view." 

    For more information go to WriteInSteveMcAllister.com

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    Author Jam with Tule Publishing Authors

    in Writing

    Join Host Donna Wright and several of the Tule Authors for Author Jam. Mallory Kane, Roxanne Snopek, Dani Collins, Kathleen O'Brien, Anne McAllister, Megan Crane, and Tracy Solheim. Join these ladies as they talk about their Christmas novellas, a little gossip, giveaway and prizes. You don't want to miss the show.

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    Whiting Up/Guns and the Civil Rights Movement

    in History

    In the first half of the show, Marvin McAllister will talk about his book, Whiting Up. The book deals with the history of whitefaced ministrals and their mocking of white society. Civil rights legend Charlie Cobb will appear in the second half of the program to talk about his book This Nonvioent Stuff will Get You Killed.

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    Wings on the Ground Finale! Cathy Andrews w/ Kim McAllister : Live Your Dreams!

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    If you listened last week you know that tonight's show is my last show on Angel Radio Network. It is time for me to take a break and care for my ill parents.That being said, thank you to April Reynolds for all of your support and encouragement! Keep checking my Wings on the Ground Facebook page! 

    Our final guest is making another appearance on our show tonight! Kim Peters McAllister is the owner of Rainbow Wings Consulting. Tonight she is going to talk about how to protect your dreams from any negativity coming from others, and stay true to your path in the midst of challenges of all sorts! Live your dreams! Perfect timing for so many of us! Are you or someone you know going through some big changes right now? Please join us as Kim guides us through these sometimes chaotic times!

    Kim's Contact Information:

    Website: http://rainbow-wings.webs.com/Rainbow Wings Consulting

    Email: rainbow_wings2004@yahoo.com

    Call the show at 714-242-5256.

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    RCM Live: September 28, 2014 - When the Trumpet Sounds

    in Religion

        In the days of Joshua, when God wanted something to happen, he needed His people to follow an instruction. In some cases, the trumpet needed to sound. In our lives, there are times when we need to sound the trumpets to get going.

        With Judith McAllister leading the way, Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. explains the rest on this edition of RCM Live.

        Restoration Christian Ministries presents pastors John and Darlene Bazemore, live from North Brunswick, New Jersey, bringing you the word of God through RCM Live on the King James Radio Network.

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    From Florida to Michigan - How Directors Market Their Shows

    in Art

    How does an art festival market their event to the public without big name entertainers, wine tasting areas, children's stages, interactive activities for fairgoers? In other words, strictly an art fair.

    Sharon McAllister, Executive Director of ArtFest Fort Myers (FL) joins Sara Shambarger, Director of Art Fairs, at the Krasl Art Center, including Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff in St. Joseph, MI, on this episode. Sharon and Sara have been in the art fair business for well over fifteen years, travel to visit other art fairs and have a wide perspective on creating a community-wide event that facilitates "buy-in" by the local population.

    This show will have strategic information that will be useful to artists and show organizers

    We'll talk about:

    what they do to make an art fair attractive to buyers and how artists are their partners in doing this
    how artists can help them in their mission to bring buyers to the shows
    what they think artists can be do to maximize their sales 
    the challenges they face marketing tthe events during "high season" in their resort communities
    how to bring in an audience when the focus is solely on the art fair, without big name entertainers, wine tasting, road races, zumbathons, stilt walkers, intrusive sponsor booths, children's stages


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    Communist Zionist Jews are at the Forefront of Taking the Guns of Americans

    in Politics

    The Communist Jews who in the past only represented 1% of the Russian population, overthrew the Russian Christian nation, and murdered 70-80 Million Christian Russians, while intentionally starving to death 10-20 million men, women, and children! These Communist Jews first had to force the Russians to "register" their weapons. The military then went door to door taking all of the weapons of the Russian people! These murders were all carried out under the Jewish communist dictators Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin. 

    The Communist Zionist Jews in the United States are now working night and day to do the same to the American people. The Communist Zionist Jews are mostly responsible for promoting gun control legislation in the United States, thus destroying the Second Amendment. What weapon is the Communist Zionist Jews using to carry out this coup? Calling people Anti-Semites if they complain!

    In order for the Zionist Communist Jews to overthrow the American government like they did in Russia, these Jews must first "disarm" the American people. Will they succeed? I don't think so. Americans will die before they allow these bloodsucking Zionist Communist Jews to take their weapons! California Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Zionist Jew, is a leading advocate of gun control. Authorities are taking guns of vets in California.

    Feel free to contact us at: PatriciaMcAllBlogTalk@aol.com

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    The Los Angeles Unified School District/UTLA Teachers Union

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    According to the "California Watch", with California's public school system facing economic uncertainties...some of the most financially troubled districts have been elevating the payroll for top administrators. One is the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation's 2nd-largest district, has been buried under a cumulative $2.8 billion dollar deficit for the past five years, and has eliminated more than 12,000 teaching and staff positions. Los Angeles Unified pays Superintendent John Deasy $384,948 a year, about five times the salary of the average teacher. Since 2009 the school district has raised John Deasy's salary by 32 percent. Superintendent Deasy has attracted controversy in this position and other positions. According to the Substance News, John Deasy claims to have earned his PhD at the University of Louisville (UL) in the College of Ed.

    The Dean of the college at the time was Robert Felner, now serving a prison term of 63 months for a variety of frauds committed against the University of Louisville, and other universities, which includes misappropriation of a $649,000 federal grant. Felner was also convicted of stealing $2.3 million in research grants. John Deasy got a "fake" PhD directly under Felner in a period of 4 months, earning only 9 credits! John Deasy has been thrown out of other superintendent positions for having this "fake" PhD. Why is the LAUSD Board members allowing Deasy to keep this job? Is it kickbacks? As Superintendent, John Deasy has overseen thousands of teachers losing their jobs. Incredibly, Los Angeles teachers have not received a salary increase in 7 years! The UTLA teacher's union leaders was paid a total of $1,327,172 in salaries, and $444,309 in OTHER compensation, for a total of $1,771,481 a year! It's clear the UTLA teacher's union is in bed with the School District.

    Questions: Contact us at: PatriciaMcAllBlogTalk@aol.com

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    Remote Control Fertility, Stoned Dog Pics, Meko Visits All Week!

    in Entertainment

    (www.paxstereo.tv) Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show – It's Monday and we have our own hot chocolate Meko Williams in the house to help us through the week.

    Hot Newz Topics include new smart phone remote control dispenser of fertility drugs, a new promo trend show women as tough and strong athletes, and photos of 25 dogs stoned out of their minds!

    GNN Bureau Chief Mac McAllister has two new videos to showcase, a video homage to Meko Williams, and a video tutorial on "translating hood rats".

    In Victor Allen's Nu New Sportz NFL Hall Of Famer Michael Strahan during an interview was quoted as saying this is the “best week of my life“. The former NFL great and now TV mega star also expressed that he was blindsided by the announcement of his split from Nicole. Tiger Woods withdraws from Bridgestone with back spasms. Should we consider Tiger Woods as being injury prone since 2008? Paul George injury has created a firestorm of questions! Is the IOC (International Olympic Committee) corrupt? Will the Indiana Pacers regret losing Dwight Stevenson in a bidding war?

    In HOtt PiXX by Vic music artist Drake gave a video vixen shoutout on a recent song, and with bets focusing on Miracle Watts, we take a look at her photos and give them a rating. Umm, umm, umm...

    Come, talk, and join us in the interactive Chat Room. (08-04-14)

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    Jews in Palestine and the Slaughtering of the Palestinian People

    in Politics

    President Obama announced that he would release an additional $70 Million in military aid for Israel. Many are saying that this $70 Million is being used to further terrorize and kill the Palestinian people.  

    As Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi says, “All Arabs and all Muslims, along with many other people around the world, know very well that the Jewish/Zionist state of Israel is an illegitimate and illegal state established by the power of the gun in 1948, and has been maintained by it ever since.” Dr. Sindi is a Ph.D in International Relations.

    "An ongoing monitoring mission by the UN’s Humanitarian Affairs office shows that attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinians and Palestinian property in the West Bank has gone up FOUR FOLD in the last eight years.There have been 2,100 attacks on Palestinians by Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank since 2006, and annual attacks have shot up from 115 in 2006 to almost 400 in 2013, according to the reports, published every two weeks, which have been relayed by AP."


    The Palestinian people do not have problems having children. During the period between the beginning of July and the end of September of the year 2011, the Gaza Strip had witnessed an average of 158 new births EVERY DAY, and in the year 2013, the Crude Birth Rate for the Gaza Strip was 37.1.

    Israel's Crude Birth Rate from 2009-2013 was ONLY 21.0.

    Please feel free to email us at: PatriciaMcAllBlogTalk@aol.com

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