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    Bloodstains and The Ripper Connection w/Jeff Mudgett

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    Jeff Mudgett is the author of Bloodstains, it's about his Great-Great Grandfather and most prolific serial killer of our time Dr. H.H Holmes. Wh used his modern "castle" to kill as many as 200 people and possibly more during The Worlds Fair in Chicago in the late 1800'a. Jeff also believes Holmes could have been the notorious "Jack the Ripper" murderer as well and with the recent news that's making headlines about new DNA evidence found in "The Ripper Case". I thought it would be great to get his thoughts  and input on the matter.

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    Jeff Mudgett

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    The shocking tale, based on a true story, of one man's spiritual journey to find his roots, only to discover his origins are what nightmares are made of.  The monster, H.H. Holmes, Herman Mudgett, the Doctor of Death, The Devil in The White City, and proprietor of the Murder Castle, his Great Great Grandfather! The first serial killer, thought responsible for well over 200 murders.
       And Jack the Ripper! Well, you decide after reading Bloodstains, if our greatest mystery has finally been solved.
       Step into the author's shoes as his research into the evil past turns into an eerie fascination, then obscession and finally a struggle for his very survival as his inner demons are turned loose while he dances with the devil. Halfway through the book, and right up to the terrifying conclusion, you'll find yourself asking what would you have done in his place?

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    LIFELINE with Cindy Sommer welcomes Author of BLOODSTAINS Jeff Mudgett

    in Spirituality

    Join me and my co-host Chris Dunn as we welcome JEFF MUDGETT, author of the book BLOODSTAINS from 8PM-9PM. 


    “Move over STEPHEN KING… no really, move over!”

    Reading Bloodstains with all the lights on is unimaginable. Listening to Holmes in the dark is pure terror!" You can get your download on the website www.bloodstainsthebook.com


    From 9:00-10:00PM guest for the 2nd hour is TBD 

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    Jeff Mudgett

    in Paranormal

    Come join me as I talk to Jeff Mudgett, the great grandson of notable serial killer H.H. Holmes. Jeff is also the author of the book "BloodStains". 

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    Into the Aura with Jeff Mudgett

    in Health

    Are you familiar with the term "aura"? Are you curious to learn more about this seizure phenomena directly from a seizure survivor? Step "into the Aura" tonight as we discuss the subject with seizure survivor and advocate Jeff Mudgett.
    Brew something delicious to drink, settle into your favorite chair, and join NSDF Presents as our guest shares his thoughts and experiences pertaining to seizure auras while offering some valuable insight on empowering children as they learn to manage seizure disorders in thier own personal lives. Remember to discover more about our guest and his life with seizures in our featured book, BLOODSTAINS, now offered in book and kindle format at NSDF Library of Knowledge
    We welcome comments and questions. So please feel free to "follow" NSDF Presents here on BlogTalk Radio, comment in the appropriate area & connect with National Seizure Disorders Foundation on FaceBook and NSDF website

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Trumpeter Hasani Arthur

    in Entertainment

    Trumpeter Hasani Arthur premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. 
    From Brooklyn New York and Classically trained ,Hasani's influences include the likes of Wynton Marsalis, John Coltrane, Billie Holliday, George Benson and Grover Washington Jr.. Hasani, a consumate professional is a force  to be reckoned with. Hear all about his amazing story and featured cuts from his latest album "King Arthur" TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online!!

    Contact Hasani....

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    The Jeff Foxx Show with Dawn Reynolds of "Bessie's Best Sweet Breads and Such

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    Dawn Reynolds, proprietor of "Bessie's Best Breads" premiers Today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. Bessie’s Best Banana Breads are delicious and affordable. It’s good old fashioned recipe includes sugar, flour, vanilla and butter, ingredients grown and produced in the USA, with no preservatives, additives and zero trans-fat. Named for her greatly loved and cherished grandmother Bessie, Dawn infuses a piece of that love and grandmotherly goodness into every loaf she bakes, for you to taste in every bite. Scrumptious!!! TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.
    Contact Dawn at

    For your Exclusive Jeff Foxx Show Interview hit me at jefffoxxband@gmail.com

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Tracey Rhymes of Saphya Shoe Straps

    in Entertainment

    Entrepreneur Traces Rhymes premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.Tracey, the creator of Saphya Straps is the owner of Shoe  Straps Unlimited. Ever need to go from the office straight to the club? What shoes do I wear? Shoe straps are your solution. Hear all about Tracey and her innovative product TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online!

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Author Mikey Brownstone

    in Entertainment

    Author Mikey Author Mikey Brownstone premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. Yes we are BROADCASTING  LIVE!!! at the book signing for Mikey's newly released erotic novel " P.I.P.E. Juice". P.I.P.E. Juice is revved up to the end-of-the-year’s hottest book release, so pull up a chair, lay back on your couch or bed, pour yourself a glass of Merlot and get ready to sip slow...TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. 


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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Kevin Smallwood of "Two Fish and Five Loaves"

    in Entertainment

    We all Love Great Food!!!
    Today on The Jeff Foxx Show we welcome
    Kevin Smallwood, the proprietor of the best soulfood  restaurant in the tri-state. "Two Fish and Five Loaves" in Union New Jersey. 

    Kevin a native of Newark, NJ, his grandparents were originally from Georgia and credits his beloved mother 
    Jessie Mae Grandparents Emmett and Sarah with passing on the love for cooking as well as the recipes for classic soulfood dishes.
    Two Fish and Five Loaves originated through the encouragement of his Pastor and friend Bishop Donald Hilliard in 1999. A graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelors in Economics, which is helpful in  running a successful business. This is one Delicious Interview!!!! Today on The Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.

    Contact Kevin....

    Wedsite   twofishfiveloaves.com

    Email      kevin@twofishfiveloaves.com

    Phone    (908) 227-9065

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Author Cassaundra Ratliff

    in Entertainment

    Premiering today on The Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.
    Cassaundra Marie Ratliff author of BeCause I am a Woman Under Construction is humbly honored to introduce herself to the world as a empowering voice to the spirit and soul of women across the world. Check out this remarkable woman's interview today on The Jeff Foxx Show.

    For speaking invitations, book signings and/ or women workshops contact Cassaundra at  ccmc8@yahoo.com or via telephone at 848 209 7922 

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