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    Ace Micheals interviews singer Jed Boyd

    in Entertainment


    @acemicheals and @michealsace

    http://youtu.be/zdE-kJgT-ds, http://youtu.be/rim, 

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    Stand For Truth Radio

    in Politics

    Join me Monday, March 2 on Stand For Truth Radio at 6:00 pmPT/9:00 pmET when my guest will be RICH LOWRIE.

    Rich is Co-Founder and Senior Advisor for “Put Growth First,” an organization that educates, advocates and consults on pro-growth economic policy. We’ll be talking about what he believes could be done to help get our economy back on track.

    Rich will also be talking to us about his recent trip to CPAC and what he learned from attending.

    We’ll also talk to Rich about his former role as Senior Economic Advisor for Friends of Herman Cain. Rich co-wrote the 999 plan and 999: An Army of Davids, a book he co-authored with Herman Cain.

    We’ll also talk current news, politics and more.

    Call in number: 347-205-9620 or if you have questions for Rich that you want asked on the show you can email me your questions ahead of time to susan@susanknowles.comand they’ll be asked.

    Susan Knowles is the host/producer of Stand For Truth Radio and licensed psychotherapist, former practicing attorney, author, and writer/blogger. Her website is susanknowles.com.

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    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - Americans have spoken to this administration with a resounding Victory for the GOP, who now has a majority in BOTH Houses of Congress! We'll be talking about that win and what it means concerning the economy, repealing Obamacare, National Security and MUCH more with The American Spectator's JED BABBIN, former Navy SEAL and author CARL HIGBIE, and Actress, Author and co-anchor of Politichicks MORGAN BRITTANY! We LOVE Freedom and are doing whatever possible to preserve it because: It's OUR turn now!!

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    Civil Chat with Lee looks at DHS emergency one week bill, CPAC 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    Progressive radio show host Lee looks as the best and worst from CPAC, Jeb Bush gets walked out on at CPAC, Rand Paul shines, Scott Walker continues the con game, and a hot of many eithers give their two cents, Leonard Nimoy passes away, Nancy Pelosi whips his democrats to stand together forcing republicans to come back with another clean bill after a week, and other news. 

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    Jed Carlson from Adwerx on Smart Advertising for Agents

    in Real Estate

    We're joined today be Jed Carlson, CEO of Adwerx, an online marketing and advertising platform for real estate agents & brokers that combines behavioral marketing & retargeting with an ad-reach including 95% of the internet to give agents a local-marketing advantage in lead-generation. Simply put, Adwerx knows what prospects are looking for, keeps track of their preferences, and displays relevant, conversion-optimized advertising for them as they travel to different internet locations - all to promote YOU as the local agent of choice! Learn more about Adwerx for agents here.

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    Creative Consciousness Radio Show Barbara Lynn Andrew and Jed Shlackman

    in Spirituality

    Join with us in Welcoming our Special Guests 7pm  Barbara Lynn Andrew.  www.belovedcommunity.org  www.awesomismambassadors.com.  www.AngelsTeach.com. and 8pm Jed Shlackman  http://home.comcast.net/~jshlackman/


    .Co-Create with us The Creative Consciousness Radio Show is made possible by your Contribution .Make a Contribution  Visit our Web Site  About Us Join our Global Spiritual Network Contact Become a Member of our Team

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    The Inspectah Ant Show: What's With The 49ers?

    in Sports

    What the hell is going on with the San Francisco 49ers?

    Is Jed York ruining the franchise?

    Also, Kurt Busch has been ordered to stay away from his girlfriend.

    Plus, Amar'e Stoudemire commits to the Dallas Mavericks, does this make the Mavs true NBA contenders?

    We will discuss that and more on the Inspectah Ant Show.

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    The Art of Music Making with Jammin' Jed Luckless

    in Music

    Jed Luckless is a NYC area musician who performs original music and streams his shows online in the virtual world of Secondlife. Jed will share with us some of his thoughts about music, writing & performing live and in the virtual world. His improvisational style has earned him the nickname Jammin’ Jed and this spontaneity makes every performance a unique experience for the listener.

    Want to know how Jed crafts a song? How he covers Grateful Dead and Phish, but makes the music his own? Watch Jed play here - http://youtu.be/ru2vYjYAIHo?t=11m46s Who will you be listening to... ? Find out more here. http://jedluckless.com/

    All music used with permission from Jed Luckless and the Jed Luckless Band

    www.jedluckless.com  & www. jedlucklessband.com

    "Back Again" from the All At Once album-  Jed Luckless (3:10)

    "Still In Luv With U" from the Roll The Tape album - Jed Luckless Band  (3:49)

    "Luna Overture" from the All At Once album-  Jed Luckless (2:52)  

    "Victim of the Rhythm" from the Roll The Tape album - Jed Luckless Band (7:58)

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    YGY Radio Show: Hitting Coach Discussion

    in Baseball

    On this episode of the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show, brought to you by KNODA.com, host Ricky Keeler gives his thoughts on the Yankees hiring Jeff Pentland and Alan Cockrell as the team's hitting coaches. Plus, what other moves will the Yankees make with about a month to go until Spring Training? 

    At 9:05 PM ET, Ricky will be joined by Robert Casey of Bleeding Yankee Blue to discuss the Yankees' hitting coach hires, the team's interest in Johan Santana, and Ricky will ask Robert if he has liked the way the Yankees have approached this offseason. 

    Then, at 9:35 PM ET, Jed Weisberger of Pinstriped Prospects joins Ricky to talk about the minor league coaching assignments including the new role for Tony Franklin in the organization. What moves were surprises and which does Jed think will be very beneficial to the Yankees' prospects? 

    Finally, at 10:10 PM ET, Kyle Rogers, one of the co-founders of KNODA, will be the guest to talk about what to expect from KNODA in 2015 and what have been some of the predictions on the site for Max Scherzer/James Shields destinations? 

    As always, you can interact with the show at any time by calling us at (347)-324-5455 or tweeting us: @YGYRadioShow

  • Sacred Success with Barbara Stanny

    in Entrepreneur

    Barbara Stanny is a best-selling author, leading authority on women and money, motivational speaker and financial lifesaver. Her mission is to motivate women (and men) to become financially empowered.

    Barbara's seventh book, entitled Sacred Success®: A Course In Financial Miracles (BenBella Books: October 7, 2014) guides readers on the path that she followed to success.The book focuses on helping women achieve affluence by going for Greatness. It is a primer on power for women – a tutorial for taking charge of their life, standing for their truth, and getting paid what they’re worth. 

    This show broadcasts live from Iconic Images Art Gallery at 414 Main Street, Boonton, NJ. 
    Music is used with permission by Jed Luckless. Doigter ("Dwah-Tay) is beautifully crafted by the grand and glorious Jed Luckless

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    Become Prosperous with Jerry Gillies and MoneyLove 3.0

    in Entrepreneur

    “Get a free gift from Jerry” visit http://moneyloveblog.com/sls/

    You will recognize your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need. Jerry Gillies Make 2015 your most successful year yet... 

    Jerry Gillies has been called one of the world's best seminar leaders. His sequel, bringing his pioneering prosperity conscious principles into the computer age is called Moneylove 3.0, and in the Introduction he tells about one of his greatest learning experiences, 12 years in prison. 

    This show broadcasts live from Iconic Images Art Gallery at 414 Main Street, Boonton, NJ. 
    Music is used with permission by Jed Luckless. Doigter ("Dwah-Tay) is beautifully crafted by the grand and glorious Jed Luckless



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