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    The Jeannie K Show eps 132

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    Random vape topics tonight.

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    Jeannie Walton, Marketing Director, Investigative/Security firm will share tips

    in Women

    Jeannie Walton is the Account Manager for National Business Investigations/MPI Security located in Murrieta, CA.

    With all the things going on in the world her phone has not stopped ringing. Jeannie told me “since the San Bernardino incident her company has received so many calls for security for companies and individuals, many that had never hired security officers in the past.” It is apparent that companies including small businesses, churches and organizations are concerned and value the safety of their employees and their members. Many individuals also are hiring security officers for their homes and families.

    Her company works all over the US and internationally as well, The Company provides Security Officers as well as investigative services for companies and individuals, and they also offer Executive Protection for incidents such as workplace violence and hostile terminations, and they have many celebrity clients.

    Prior to joining National Business Investigations/MPS Security Jeannie spent nearly 30 –years in the Product ID and Branding as a Sales Engineer. She worked for several companies in that industry both in the US and internationally. She was the first women in that field as a Sales Engineer.

    Jeannie says “you may not stop a violent action from happening, but you should always be prepared”.  To get more information or to arrange the training at your facility call Jeannie Walton 951-677-3500 x 30 or email jwalton@investigations-nbi.com


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    Generosity and Morality with John Cortines

    in Current Events

    Is there a connection between generosity and physical and emotional health? Is there a moral case for generosity? Is generosity linked to the amount given or something else? What is the difference between Spenders, Savers and Servants? How much do people actually contribute? Do we really get joy from generosity? What are some of the biggest challenges we face as Americans in attempting to become more generous? Are riches an injustice to the poor? John Cortines answers these questions and more when he chats with Jeannie and Maxine. If your goal is to be more generous, join us!  

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    Radio interview with Jeannie Mai of Steampunk'd

    in Television

    In this audio journey of the TV Time Machine we welcome Jeannie Mai, the host of the new competition series, Steampunk'd. Ms. Mai is a fashion expert and TV personality, and is currently co-host of the popular daytime talk show, The Real.

    Over the next audio segment, Jeannie Mai discusses the Steampunk design and fashion movement featured on Steampunk'd, which airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on GSN. Again, for those of you intrepid enough to create a Victorian mouse trap, feel free to build up a head of steam, as we merge past and present, in order to design a more retro future!

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    Historical Fiction with Sam Hall

    in Current Events

    Daughter of the Cimmaron is Sam Hall's debut novel. With more than 30 years of writing experience, Sam has masterfully created a story from The Great Depression and Dust Bowl years. Life was hard during that era, but not everyone moved away. Some stayed. Sam will be talking about his book and so much more. Please invite a friend, grab a plate of chips and salsa, and join Maxine and Jeannie as we talk with Sam.

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    GOD IS CALLING YOU WILL YOU ANSWER THAT CALL? GOD HAS CALLED EACH OF US FOR A PURPOSE.  Matthew 22:14 (KJV) 14 For many are called, but few are chosen.



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    PNN - Brave New Candidates

    in Politics Progressive

    Progressive News Network - Returns Presenting - Brave New Candidates but the same damn persistent PROBLEMS 

    With a selection of the typically excellent guests to help you understand the swirl of follishness that surrounds us the New Candidates, the Same old Problems - We will break you out of the Media-Monopoly - No Marvin Gardens HERE!

    Our News Director Rick Spisak welcomes the TRIUMPHANT RETURN of our Politcical Commentator Brook Hines.
    Brook will be producing her first PNN Segment - You will surely enjoy her insights and her guests as well.

    Jeannie Danna and her colleaugue Brad Bliech will bring us their perspective on the Environmental Hub movement and Florida Issues.

    Florida House Democratic Leader Mark Pafford will adrress the 2016 Legilsative session, and will share his perspective on his final session before he is term limited out.

    West Virginia Press Conference we will join a press conference on the ongoing Water Issues in West Virginia. Focusing not only on West Virginia Water Co.

    West Virginia American Water that has continually demanded increases in their rates, but they have stated publically they will not be investing in infrastructure upgrades instead these 30% percent rate increases are solely to benefit their executives and shareholders. Despite the fact that their are regular leaks and main breaks in a water delivery system that is over 80 years old in many cases.  They are in year two of a water crisis that has compromised the water supply of nearly 1/2 a million people.

    Tune in 7pm Eastern Time
    Jan. 24th 

    Solidarity & Peace

    Rick Spisak
    Producer and News Director

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    The Rescued Breed with Stacey Stone

    in Self Help

    Stacey Stone joins Maxine and Jeannie to talk about her book, The Rescued Breed: When Jesus Shows Up and Transforms Your Pack. Stacy Stone shares life with listeners every day on the Family Life Network and now she's released an amazing book that speaks directly into our lives. She's also passionate about dogs, recipes and unconditional love. You won't want to miss this show. Hope awaits those who tune in.   

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    Reclaim Your Worth: Cristy Fay

    in Lifestyle

    Are you feeling bad about yourself? All the women listed by name as Jesus' grandmothers in the Bible likely had more reason to feel unworthy than you do.

    Ruth was a gentile who once served a false god.
    Jesus' mother was looked down on because it appeared she was a loose woman.
    Rahab the prostitute actually was a loose woman.
    Bathsheba, who was married to a non-Jew, committed adultry. .

    Today author Christy Fay chats with Jeannie and Maxine about how God reclaimed those women and can reclaim us. She encourages us that the tribulations we face are not insurmountable. You need to listen!




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    How to Cope When Your Nest Empties

    in Culture

    When children leave the home, parents who successfullyt raised younger children are often at a loss as to how to handle their emotions and how to treat adult children. Michele Howe, author of numerous books, chats with Jeannie and Maxine about how to deal with grown children and their spouses. How can a parent keep from feeling purposeless? When should they offer advice? Don't miss this show!

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    The Super Mom Myth

    in Current Events

    Becky Kopitzke is funny and insightful when it comes to being a Super Mom. She joins Maxine and Jeannie to bring eight myths to life and change a difficult parenting journey into an enjoyable journey of conquering the dirty villains of motherhood. Her book, The Super Mom Myth, is a book than can change lives and debunk unrealistic expectations. www.beckykopitzke.com. Invite a mom to listen in.