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    Movers and Shakers, the People Making Baltimore Better

    in Marketing

    JC Faulk lets us in the Circle of Voices Campaign that's far from all talk. And Megaphone Project is back up and filming after all these difficult years. 

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    Devon Moore on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!

    in Sports

    Sept 23, 2015 -Tonight's guest is The Notorious Scumbag Devon Moore!! -How did Devon get interested in wrestling as a kid? Who was his favorite wrestler? -What does he consider good training? -How did he get hooked up with Trent Acid and PWU? --What was the downfall of PWU? -How did Devon break in to CZW? -Working Cage of Death 10 -Why is he known for the Scaffold Match? -How did he start working with Ian Rotten? --His first King of the Death experience -What's Devon's opinion on light tubes? -Memories of facing JC Bailey -Thoughts on working for Ian -Memories of going to Japan -How did he learn the Shooting Star Press? -Transition from Zandig to DJ -Thoughts on PWS -Going to the UK in 2011 -Favorite country to wrestle in? -What does Devon think is the best DeathMatch tournament in the US? -3 top matches in Devon's career? -Dream Matches? -What's left for Devon to accomplish? -Why hasn't Danny Havoc won the CZW World Title? -NFL/Eagles talk -Jay Cat puts "Gotham" over -Jay is a lifelong Muppet mark! --Politically correct Kermit?!? -Jay Cat's "JO of the Week" is a jealous-ass mother -Rant about the Nick Gage situation

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    EP.20 - Making Podcasters Rich

    in Podcasting

    This week, we have a podcast veteran and a super successful entrepreneur, Jonathan Rivera on PodUp Podcast.  He is the host of the 'Making Agents Rich' show and creator of The Podcast Factory, which features his show along with The Doberman Dan Show and The Ben Settle Show.  

    Jonathan has been podcasting for a while now and shares a ton of wisdom today about how to prepare for your podcast venture, the importance of giving, and knowing when to pull the plug on a failing venture.   He's a super nice guy and is putting out a book soon that sounds like it will provide a ton of great resources to the podcasting community.     
    This week I also recap my experience at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Convention held by Joe Pardo and included amazing guests like School of Podcasting's Dave Jackson, ShePodcasts' Jessica Kupferman, Teachercast's Jeff Bradbury, MuppetCast's Steve Swanson, Digital Dads' Brent Basham and Appendipity's Joey Kissimmee.  Not to mention just an amazing collection of people who will hopefully be featured on future episodes.

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    JC Briar, of Stitch-Maps, has NEW Craftsy Class

    in Hobbies

    Listen Live for chance to win great prizes!

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  • Outta Nowhere #3: The One Where We Ramble

    in Wrestling

    Well, it was a maintenance Raw, and this is a maintenance Outta Nowhere. TJ and JC were tired, and there isn't a whole lot to pep them up this week as they discuss everything going on in WWE from Sting, to Seth Rollins, to The New Day.

    At leasr Edge and Christian still reek of awesomeness.

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    Writer's Block "Loose Lips" - 10am PST/Radio Drama "Grooming Hour" 11am PST

    in Culture

    10am PST to 11am PST - Writer's Block "Loose Lips"

    Building on what they broached last episode, Tim Pylypiuk and Bob Delaney talk about fictional language in storytelling.

    How it enriches the already elaborate worlds authors established and makes certain works timeless.


    11am PST to 12pm PST - Radio Drama "The Grooming Hour:  Earth Men Work Print"


    Synopsis:  Three astronauts make land on the plabet Mars as part of a program to establish First Contact.  How they're treated by the inhabitants catches them off guard.

    Written By:  Ray Bradbury

    Adapted By: Tim Pylypiuk

    Performed By:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Songs:  The American Anthem & America The Beautiful

    Rated:  Public for all ages




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    The Clubhouse "Breath..Eat....and Live..The Rythm.."

    in Radio

    Tune In To Real Raw Radio With .... Guest Blue Marley

    Mista Blue Marley is a rap phenomenon born in Brunswick GA as Henry Keith who is part of Done Deal Enterprises and now calls Augusta GA his home.You a Freak made its debut on T.I.s farewell mixtape A Year and a Day. One session in the studio a person quickly realizes Blue's dynamic charisma. Give him a beat and he'll set the hook and deliver the lyrics. Blue's undeniable talent is earning him recognition across the Southeast. His accomplishments and affiliations speak for themselves.


    Dope Boi featuring Rocko Yo Gotti

    My Car featuring Rocko

    You a Freak featuring TI

    Ho Nigga featuring Yo Gotti

    Bedrockï featuring JC

    V12 featuring Rodney Kash

    Survey Says featuring Bubba Sparxx

    Livin That featuring Supaman


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    Independent Everything: LIVE with R&B/Rap Sensation ~ JC DaSINsation

    in Music

    Jeremy Jones, also known as JC DaSINsation was born with promise. Although he was plagued by typical adversity endured by many bi-products of ‘single parent’ households, he faced the odds, confronted the odds, and eventually triumphed over the odds. One of two children born into chaos and less fortunate, poverty stricken circumstances he was submerged into a life of adversity and hardship. Often, he and his older sister were left unattended for days at a time, lacking the essential elements of survival and nourishment. Although his roots are traced back to Petersburg, Virginia where his mother pushed him into this world on the living room of his aunt’s home; shortly thereafter, they relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to reside with his maternal grandparents. In 1986, a year after arriving, his mother was found deceased in the West End district from an apparent drug overdose. With losing his mother to death and his father serving consecutive life sentences, he was left to discover his own identity and sift through life’s tumultuous journey on a quest for self-discovery. Along the way he encountered the good, the bad, and the very ugly aspects of growing up without a mother, a father or an encouraging family structure. During this time the only viable outlet he had was music. Gangster Rap along with Rhythm and Blues(R&B) were his surrogate parents. From NWA to Anita Baker, he absorbed both ends of the spectrum. While being an avid fan of the culture practically his entire life, only in recent years has he began to pursue his passion for music and its creative process. Continuing to perfect and hone his craft, he also has thespian ambitions. Determined to become an admirable human being he remains humbled with humility. Seeking to enlighten, educate and entertain, Jc DaSINsation maintains a full load juggling music, acting, family as well as ensuring a stable environment is kept.




  • Spirit Journeys Radio Show with Rita Ricks

    in Self Help

    SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio’s  guest for Tuesday is Antoinette Archer.  She is perfect to discuss TAKING RISKS  because one of her favorite quotes is from Ray Bradbury “Sometimes you have to jump out the window first and grow your wings on the way down”.  Antoinette has experienced challenges in her life, but based on her favorite quote, she continues to grow…….

    She is CEO and founder of the Archer Consulting Group, LLC.  Antoinette works with individuals to assist them in defining (or redefining) their career goals to ensure they maximize God’s opportunity for their professional lives.  She also is the real Careers member of EBONY 7, a Richmond based community service organization geared towards empowering women to live, work, play and enjoy all things RVA. 

    Dial 646-652-2512 to listen live or chat with us Tuesday 8:00pm EST.  Listen to the link live or whenever it is convenient.

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    Halfbreed Billy Gram on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!

    in Sports

    Aug 19, 2015 -Tonight's guest is the leader of Cult Fiction, "Halfbreed" Billy Gram! Topics include: -What did Billy like as a childhood wrestling fan? --His favorite wrestlers/managers? -What steps did he take to break in to the business? -How did his music background help him in wrestling? -Having liberties taken on him -Seeing IWA-MS and CZW for the first time --Meeting Toby Klein and Deranged -Working TOD 4? -Memories of working IWA-MS --Favorite experience in IWA-MS -Thoughts on working for CZW and John Zandig. --Bringing JC Bailey back to CZW -How did Billy create Cult Fiction? -Thoughts on the lost art of being a manager -Billy's current run in SoCal's UEW promotion -Thoughts on Hulk Hogan and racism in wrestling. -On losing Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes -Thoughts on Bobby "The Brain" Heenan -Jay recaps Pepper Pong --What happened when Jay Cat met the Peach Ghost Scorpion?

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    Melanie Shifflet Ridner-Warner

    in Writing

    Melanie comes to us from Milan, Indiana.
    She is a handicapped seven stint heart patient that writes for a living.

    She is a diverse writer in all areas:
    Short Stories
    Children’s Books
    Newspaper Columnist
    Ray Bradbury Short Story Winner

    Received Poet Laureate April 3rd, 2003. The International Library Of Poetry. Poet/Author/Short Story
    Writer/ Songwriter/Poet Laureate/Stage Play writer/Screen Script writer.

    Over one hundred something songs nationwide
    and internationally.

    She is also an ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Award Winning Songwriter. She has multiple sites running her works and music.

    Several Stars worked with her including Richard
    Melvin, brown-former band member to David Foster, C.J. Rielly-
    Nashville, Tennessee and the famous Donna Frost and Roy Stuart has
    worked with this Artist/Writer.

    Melanie has several books under her belt and selling on the Markets.

    Melanie is also proud to be known for her Cousin the late the great “Patsy Cline”.




    Twitter:  @ladyloves77

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