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    Independent Everything: LIVE with R&B/Rap Sensation ~ JC DaSINsation

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    Jeremy Jones, also known as JC DaSINsation was born with promise. Although he was plagued by typical adversity endured by many bi-products of ‘single parent’ households, he faced the odds, confronted the odds, and eventually triumphed over the odds. One of two children born into chaos and less fortunate, poverty stricken circumstances he was submerged into a life of adversity and hardship. Often, he and his older sister were left unattended for days at a time, lacking the essential elements of survival and nourishment. Although his roots are traced back to Petersburg, Virginia where his mother pushed him into this world on the living room of his aunt’s home; shortly thereafter, they relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to reside with his maternal grandparents. In 1986, a year after arriving, his mother was found deceased in the West End district from an apparent drug overdose. With losing his mother to death and his father serving consecutive life sentences, he was left to discover his own identity and sift through life’s tumultuous journey on a quest for self-discovery. Along the way he encountered the good, the bad, and the very ugly aspects of growing up without a mother, a father or an encouraging family structure. During this time the only viable outlet he had was music. Gangster Rap along with Rhythm and Blues(R&B) were his surrogate parents. From NWA to Anita Baker, he absorbed both ends of the spectrum. While being an avid fan of the culture practically his entire life, only in recent years has he began to pursue his passion for music and its creative process. Continuing to perfect and hone his craft, he also has thespian ambitions. Determined to become an admirable human being he remains humbled with humility. Seeking to enlighten, educate and entertain, Jc DaSINsation maintains a full load juggling music, acting, family as well as ensuring a stable environment is kept.




  • Flava's Listening Party Vol.7-2015

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    It's time to sit back and relax to great Indie Music coming to you from Flav's House.

    No talking, no phones, no chatroom...Nothing but music, music, music for your listening pleasure!

    Host: Lady Flava 

    Sponosred by

    JC Flow www.jcflow.net

    Unity Through Arts Exchange (UTAE) Artist Gifting Program


    Flava Coffee House, LLC


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    WTR: Travis Arnold (No Old Men Video) & Chris Aronson (JC Arms & Ammo)

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    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn & Lance Taylor are really excited to have both Travis Arnold and Chris Aronson on tonight.  We are going to talk about some pretty serious matters and then we are just going to have some fun!  Lance and I will talk about the community program we are putting together to build a relationship between the veteran and LE community.  And, Lance will be kicking off his Old Man Hats Challenge to all of our veterans!

    Travis served 4 yrs in the Marines as an 0331 machine gunner. He deployed twice while serving in the Corps.  He deployed on maritime security in the Persian Gulf and another deployement to Afghanistan. He also served 6 years in the US Army as an 11B.  He deployed twice in the Army, both times to Iraq.  Travis was medically retired for PTS.  Please watch his video (https://www.facebook.com/travis.m.arnold/videos/vb.1437176824/10206489015530964/?type=2&theater)

    Chris served within the Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve components from 1993 through 2014 with a majority of my service in the Army reserve in a 37 series MOS "PSYOP/PSYOP officer."  In conjunction with his Reserve career he worked within the U.S. Intelligence community as a Human Intelligence Asset Developer.

    In 2010 Nicole (wife) and Chris wanted to start a family and decided it was time for him to transition out of the military and government sectors to a career more suitable for raising a family.

    In 2014 they formed JC Arms Ammunition in order to fill a growing need for high quality economically priced training ammunition for LE and DOD contractors as well as the general public. JCAA was founded on the principals of giving back to the military and LE communities that they once served.

    Don't miss the show!  Guest Call in 646-595-3504

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    Beta Episode 1

    in Wrestling

    In this episode, TJ and JC talk about the last week in WWE and try to find a rhythm for how to do a show together. It's their first shot at this, so plase be kind.

    We'll talk Cena's busted nose, the absence of Roman Reigns, Rollins v Cesaro, and the continuing #DivasRevolution. Oh, and "Dog Ziggler."

  • Tough Talk Christian Radio

    in Christianity

    Tough Talk Christian Radio hosted by Tony Gambone with special guest Jan Coverstone and John Hayden:

    Jan Coverstone - I am a pastor and have founded two churches. I am a martial arts grandmaster and have my own unique style of martial arts. I own my own martial arts studio which has been open for 35 years. I am an author. I was asked to leave the first church I founded so I devoted the next 20 years to martial arts. I founded JC's martial arts in 1982. The initials are mine but they also refer to Jesus Christ. Martial arts are a long term discipleship program where you teach students to reach a physical level and also strive to reach that level in every area of your life. I never left the ministry the focus was changed. 

    John Hayden is a certified fitness professional that has a wide range of experience training clients such as professional athletes, adults, youth, and children. as a former collegiate athlete, John’s passion for fitness and wellness has been an integral part of his life. His approach to fitness is humble. Stay fit to SERVE others. (Galatians 5:13) John is a former collegiate athlete, father, husband, dog owner, and a guy who loves watching Indiana basketball almost as much as he loves the great outdoors. He has a BA degree in exercise science from Anderson (Indiana) University, and enjoys using his degree and experience to help others discover how they can “connect the dots” between fitness, their hobbies, and a life devoted to service in the name of Christ. He is a forward thinker, extrovert, leader, follower of Christ, and the creator of GODFIT.

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    Tank on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!

    in Sports

    July 22, 2015 "Strong Style Psycho" TANK is Jay's guest! Topics include: How did Tank become interested in pro wrestling? -Who were his favorites growing up? -Training to be a wrestler. -How did he get the name Tank? -How did he hook up with Iceberg? -Why didn't Tank work for ROH? -Tank in CZW. -When did Tank start working for Ian? -Working with Samoa Joe. -Thoughts on inter gender wrestling. -Tank gives his perspective on the Mike Levy incident. -Memories of matches with Brain Damage. -JC Bailey memories. -Who are the hardest hitters that Tank has ever faced? -Hardest head that Tank has butted? -Working for IWA-DS. -Thoughts on Death Match Wrestling: How much is too much? -KOTDM 2015 vs Matt Tremont. -Favorite current wrestlers to watch. -You might be a shitbird if .... -What's left for Tank? -What would a 3-match Tank compilation tape include? -Sports Talk.

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    Spiritual Reconnections: Conversations With Dr. Love Pt2

    in Relationships

    Welcome welcome welcome everyone to The ChickSHYT & Real Talk Radio Show, where these chicks'll Surely Have You Talkin...

    A couple weeks ago, SJ sat down with Dr. Jamie Turndorf, aka, Dr. Love, an impressively accomplished HAY HOUSE author. You've seen and heard her on radio and T. V. giving the world the gift of her knowledge in LIFE, LOVE and LOSS.

    If you missed last week's episode, you missed hearing Dr. Love speak about a love that had been pulling at her since the age of 12! She introduced us to her Beloved and then explained how he was taken from her, which she goes into extreme detail in her book, Love Never Dies: How To Reconnect And Make Peace With The Deceased. TONIGHT is part 2 of that amazing interview with Dr. Love. 

    In part 2 of 3 in my conversation with Dr. Love, she shares with us stories of her personal truth and proof that REAL love reaches beyond the grave. She will introduce to us some of the signs, that we may miss, that our loved ones are attempting to love and guide us through eternity.

    As usual, we'll be taking a look at What The Kat Dragged In with the Soul Kitten.

    We will have another EPIC and gut-busting Yaz Spaz with JC.

    And, the evening just wouldn't be complete without a face-splitting dose of Ain't THAT Some Shyt with DJ.


    You don't wanna miss it. 

    Tune in and join the conversation (347) 857-4326

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    Love Never Dies: A Conversation With Dr. Love Pt1

    in Relationships

    Welcome welcome welcome everyone to The ChickSHYT & Real Talk Radio Show, where these chicks'll Surely Have You Talkin...

    A couple weeks ago, SJ sat down with an impressively accomplished HAY HOUSE author. You've seen and heard her on radio and T. V. giving the world the gift of her knowledge in LIFE, LOVE and LOSS.

    She brings to us, an amazing personal story of emotional healing and spiritual reconnection when faced with the loss of her love. She's written a book about it entitled, Love Never Dies: How To Reconnect And Make Peace With The Deceased. She's alos created a groundbreaking new grief therapy method to help those that have lost loved ones keep and cultivate the spiritual connection that still exists. 

    Who is she? ONLY one of the NATIONS TOP relationship experts and creator of AskDrLove.com, Dr. Jaimie Turndorf, known to the WORLD as DR. LOVE!!!

    In part 1 of 3 in my conversation with Dr. Love, she shares with us the story of how she dreampt about, then later, met and married the love of her life...and the tragedy that took him from her. You don't wanna miss this one!

    As usual, we will have another EPIC and gut-busting Yaz Spaz with JC.

    And the evening just wouldn't be complete without a face-splitting dose of Ain't THAT Some Shyt with DJ.

    You don't wanna miss it. 

    Tune in and join the conversation (347) 857-4326

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    Ultimatums: Are The Ever Ok?

    in Relationships

    Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone to The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show...where these chicks'll Surely Have You Talking...

    Today, The Divas wanna talk about ULTIMATUMS! More specifically, the role, if any that they play in our relationships. We'll also discuss how the dynamics of a relationship changes when ULTIMATUMS are a regular component in your communication.  

    In the spirit of the great debates that can happen in our social groups. The Divas will be discussing a specific scenerio. Lol...this is gonna be fun!


    You are madly in love with a man. He's been talkin a lot about marriage lately. You've been together almost a year and his birthday is coming up. He tells you that he'd love for you to make a cake for his birthday He wants one just like his momma used to make. You've never baked a cake in your life! You know that if this cake isn't PERFECT and taste just like his momma's, he is leaving! What do you do?

    We wanna know what YOU think!

    We will also have the end all, be all in this weeks "Ain't That Some Shyt" as DJ offers a surprising and gut-busting twist about the fabulous Ms. Caitlin Jenner! You DO NOT wanna miss it.

    Tune In and join the conversation...(347) 857-4326

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    Trust: We All Have A Choice

    in Relationships

    Welcome welcome welcome everyone to The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show, where these chicks'll Surely Have You Talkin...

    There seems to be a common thread in the stories that we all weave when we are talking about what makes us happy. We all seem to want someone that accepts us for who WE are and that can love us UNCONDITIONALLY. Then we proceed to state under which CONDITIONS we can love them back! Lol. One of those conditions, everytime...in every story is TRUST! 

    But wait...you can't trust anyone, right? Trust seems to be the one thing that people want to RECIEVE, but refuse to GIVE! Which begs the question to be asked: If you don't trust ANYONE, why should ANYONE trust you? 

    The Divas wanna help. We'll give you 5 basic principles of T.R.U.S.T. as ONLY The Divas can! These principles will help you get to the real issue you may be having...trusting YOURSELF! 

    This is DEFINITELY a note-taker! 

    Also, JC is coming to us with another Yaz Spaz that will leave you in stitches! DJ has some shocking shyt to share and The Soul Kitten will be draggin in some inspiration from another land, place or time. Let's talk about it. 

    Tune in and join the conversation (347) 857-4326