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    Each week we bring you some of the best Jazz musicians out of the Caribbean. Join me @ EST.   9pm Caribbean

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    Tune in to the best in Caribbean Jazz music. after a bit of a hiatus we are back .

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    Dessy Di Lauro brings her "Neo Ragtime Jazz" to CoffeeTalk JAZZ Radio 11/17/2015

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    Dessy Di Lauro brings, neo-ragtime soul to CoffeeTalk JAZZ. We'll chat about her music backround, upcoming tour dates in London and what's next for the amazing performer.

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

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    This evening, I will interview and share the music of Laurie Dapice jazz vocalist, lyricist, musician and an arranger. In 2008, she was one of the top four finalist in the annual New York Jazz Mobile competition.  Laurie has won awards from ASCAP, Billboard Magazine, ASCAP Plus awards and USA songwriting competitions. She has performed with and for Billy Harper, Barry Harris, George Mesterhazy, Michael Kanan, Rufus Reid, John DiMartino, Santi Debriano, James Weidman, Paul Lieberman, Elias Bailey, Benito Gonzalez and many others. Join us at Jazz Notes as we strive to keep jazz alive.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Nancy Lane!

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    First, let me say a sincere thank you to Kari Gaffney, who introduced yours truly to Nancy Lane.  Kari-On Productions has given "Hybrid Jazz" new breath - since the company is intent on fabulous artists.  To keep UP with the stable of talent that they offer is a formidable task.  But there's no doubt that we should cross paths with Nancy.  She's so beautifully natural in her delivery.  There's nothing staged or phony - she means every line in every song - but she's having a BALL while delivering the message :)

    Turns out that it MUST be hereditary, this musical talent.  Nancy's Grandmother was an opera singer - her Aunt was a Jazz entertainer.  Dad used to play sax at home as his enchanted daughter danced.  AND brother managed a record store in Montreal - which paved the way for many a musical style to be heard throughout the house.  

    To show you how intent little Nancy's heart was - at TEN - her dance instructor invited the class to perform any piece that they desired.  While classmates chose the latest Pop offerings, Nancy selected Stan Getz's "Reflections."  Can you just see them stopping in their tracks?  Hah!  

    At 18, a sound engineering student asked Nancy if she would record a Jazz standard for his final.  Unknown to her, he submitted her voice to "Downbeat" Magazine - who recognized the teenager publicly for her intonation and interpretation. So, you might figure that Nancy Lane's future would be bright.  And it IS.  She has done radio jingles, soundtracks, and has been the station ID voice for the now CKLX in Canada.  

    We'll talk about Nancy's songwriting, too, for sure - and this wonderful debut.  "Let Me Love You" is peppered with the kind of songs that we heard growing up - in a whole new way :-D  You'll LOVE Nancy Lane!

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    "Jazz Ubiquity" With DJB-one

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    If your into those smooth sounds, and not so smooth sounds of jazz music, then you'll love this show. Welcome to "Jazz Ubiquity" with Djb-one as your host for the evening. When you except the invite into the Red Carpet Room, expect to hear a mixture of diffrent tunes and sounds from some the best jazz musicians in the business. Yes this Dj definitely knows how to diversify your minds, musically. Now if you feel as if this sounds like the perfect way to shake off those Monday blues, then by all means, press play and allow your Dj for the evening, to do the rest. You'll love the experience that Diversity Of The Minds gives you!. If you'd like to interact with the host, please dial 516-531-9334. 

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

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    This evening, I will interview and play the music of multi-instrumentalist Samuel Prather. Not only is he a multi-instrumentalist but he is also a composer, producer, arranger, graphic artist, photographer, and videographer.  He was raised in Washington DC where he has developed a reputation performing with all types of acts because he is equally comfortable in Jazz, Funk, Gospel, Brazilian, Latin, Neo-Soul, and R&B. On the funk and soul side Sam has worked with YaMama’Nym, 76 Degrees West, Fred Yonnet, and Brandon Combs while on the jazz side he has shared the stage with Hugh Masekela, Pharaoh Saunders, Greg Osby, and Afro Blue to name a few.  When you hear his CD, Groove Orchestra, you will agree that it is appropriately titled.  Join us at Jazz Notes where we strive to keep jazz alive.   

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    Giselle Martin brings Jazz on the Latin side to CoffeeTalk JAZZ Radio 10/21/15

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    Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy our award-winning Radio broadcast with my very special guest Jazz vocalist Gisselle Martin. I'm Ms. Bridgette Lewis aka the Coffeelady welcome to the CoffeeTalk JAZZ party. "

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

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    The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has many gifted young jazz artist and amongst them is Herbert Scott.  This evening, I will interview and play his music. Herbert Scott is a native Washingtonian saxophonist who attended Duke Ellington High School for the Performing Arts.  He has released his first CD entitled, Introducing Herb Scott on Alto Saxophone, A NU-Jazz Collective and has begun leading his own group Herb Spice and the Cinnamonstix. Join us as we learn more about the NU- Jazz Collective.  Jazz Notes striving to keep jazz alive.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Fred Hughes!

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    This is a return visit from the beautifully talented Fred Hughes - and the reason for our get-together now will make you smile (hopefully!)  Fred's "Love Letters" project has done really well - but NOW?  It's time for an early peek at the holiday season - with Fred's soon-to-be-released "I'll Be Home for Christmas!"  Yes, you heard me :)  We'll be enjoying some tunes with maybe a hot toddy in The Chat Room.  Hah!

    The background that Fred has is deeply impressive.  A pianist for decades, he showed strong promise as both a keyboard master and a conductor - in his 20's.  In his Pennsylvania circles, he was known as an artist to watch.  Involved in both the First Army Band in Maryland and the Eighth Army Band in Seoul, Korea, that reputation became etched in stone.  In 1981, Fred formed a Jazz group called "Just Friends" - playing to sold-out houses throughout the Korean peninsula.  At the same time, he served with the MBC Pops Orchestra in Seoul.

    Returning to Lancaster, PA, the early roots of his trio were formed - then he joined the U.S. Army's touring ensemble, The Jazz Ambassadors.  He was able to travel to all fifty states - and overseas, too.  Amazing opportunities have found their way to Fred through the years!  He has performed with orchestras and symphonies all over the globe; he has worked with Arturo Sandoval, Roy Hargrove, Toots Thielemans, and has been music director for Three Mo' Tenors.  

    Fred has found the time to become an author, educator, and those conducting skills never got rusty!  "I'll Be Home For Christmas" is his 7th release - and he shares the joy of the upcoming season with Bassist Amy Shook and Drummer Frank Russo.  These three have been playing together for a while - and their chemistry is delightful.  You'll FEEL it!


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    Fran Shaw, PhD: Lord Have Murphy

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    There is almost nothing more difficult than to open doors in the sleeping soul with humor, but Fran Shaw is a genuine master, and does it with grace. Every page of her book, Lord Have Murphy, contains a small shock, pleasurable, surprising and joyous. Whitley Strieber, the host of the hugely popular Dreamland podcast and Unknown Country website, praised Lord Have Murphy on Goodreads: "Exquisitely conceived and executed. If the deity of your life has a sense of humor, you’ll want to participate in this show. Don’t forget to call in, toll-free (888-498-0570) to offer your comments and ask your questions. Let’s laugh all the way to Halloween together!

    A man I know is creating a comic book of sorts about spiritual matters. It’s quite exciting to have access to spiritual concerns without is being so somber and depressing as it sometimes can be. Fran Shaw has created Murphy, who demonstrates what works—and what doesn’t—in our crawl toward Enlightenment. Listen on Thursday. Click here to visit Fran Shaw's website!