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    Jayme Joshua LIVE with DJ Aladin

    in Entertainment

    What do u talk about after you've done hours and hours of radio shows with a guest? You start talking about even CRAZIER things! DJ Aladin back on the show LIV

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    Jayme Joshua LIVE with Sonny Draztik

    in Entertainment

    Hardcore musician and personality DRAZTIK! 

  • Jayme Joshua LIVE with Saviorsoul

    in Entertainment

    Saviorsoul checks in with a World Premiere off the new album DOD 2 - The Book of The Fallen 

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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen - Phil Catalano - Aerospace Engineer and Wizard

    in Spirituality

    This weeks guest is Phil Catalano, Phil is a Renaissance Man, holding multiple and diverse degrees as well as being a practicing Wizard and student of Ancient Wisdom. I've known Phil personally for a number of years, and his breadth of knowledge is amazing.  Tonight he would like to talk about the WingMakers, and maybe a bit about Magickal practices in our complex and changing world!

    Phil has 5 BS degrees from U of Massachusetts – the Multidisciplinary degrees including:  Parapsychology, 2 in Engineering - Electrical & Mechanical, Anthropology and Psychology. Phil has been a student of Alchemy,  Ancient Wisdom & Knowledge, & Occult Sciences, and ET/UFO research & investigations for 50+ years, he has studied with several Ancient Mystery Schools and has practical experience in research, field investigation, teaching and lecturing - and has a great deal of personal practical experience and application.. He has a personal passion for all New Sciences, Metaphysics, Alchemy, Psychic & Paranormal, ET/UFO Phenomena, Magick, and all Occult subjects.  He practices Magick in his daily life as well.

    Phil is also an Aerospace Engineer and worked for NASA/JPL; Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace, Raytheon, and Sierra Nevada Corp. Phil was recently an Engineering Manager with Colorado Energy Research Technologies working with Alternative Science & Technology.

    As always, it promises to be a very interesting evening. Please join us with your questions.


    Listen on line, or call 1-646-478-3085 to listen, and press 1 to be put in the que to ask a question.

    Join Sierra and Don in Egypt this month. http://galacticu.com/sacredjourneys.html

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    The Solar Storm: Jayme Louis Liardi

    in Politics

    Kyle talks to Jayme Louis Liardi about his new book Revelation: A Return to Virtue. Topics include: the indoctrination system that imprisons our bodies and minds, the plastic consumer culture all around us, awakening the true spirit, finding ways to live a virtuous life, the reality of racial differences, seeing the signs of synchronicity, and organizing our opposition to this system of enslavement.

    Website: JaymeLiardi.com

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    Jayme Joshua LIVE with DJ Aladin (Trump Edition)

    in Entertainment

    DJ Aladin's makes his 8th appearance, Donald Trump makes his first lol

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    Cheesehead Radio: Shattered Dreams with ESPNWisconsin's Bill Johnson

    in Football

    It all could have been so beautiful...another Hail Mary, another amazing win, another charmed playoff season on the road....until Larry Fitzgerald single-handedly stole the Packers' mojo and ended their season, leading Packer fans to turn on the nearest available targets to take out their frustration: Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson, Eddie Lacy, fellow Packer fans.... But one person is clearly free of any blame for anything: JEFF JANIS. Janis Truthers, you were right.

    Someone else who is always right is the amazing Bill Johnson of ESPN Wisconsin,back to talk all things Packers as we head into an uncertain offseason. Don't miss a minute of this week's Cheesehead Radio!

    Cheesehead Radio is brought to you by PackersTalk, featuring Jersey Al Bracco, CD Angeli, Jayme Snowden, and John Rehor. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, and YouTube.

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    The What is Art? radio show with guest Jayme Catalano

    in Art

    The What is Art? radio show is a lively and entertaining 30 minute discussion on everything art.  Topics include current art movements, the business of art and art industry topics.  Your hosts Michael Harris, art collector and Sharon Hawkshawe, acclaimed artist, will take you on the fun, yet informational ride.
    This week, Jayme Catalano owner and co-founder of Canary Public Relations, joins the conversation.   Canary Public Relations was started to help small businesses, artists and creative professionals reach their professional goals.  They have helped clients to increase sales, develop and maintain cohesive branding, attract national press coverage, exhibit internationally, and to amplify their internet and social media presence.
    Canary Public Relations count among their clients; fine artists, designers, and a range of small businesses.  With a constant finger on emerging trends and markets, Canary Public Relations pride themselves on their innovative approach to promoting and marketing the work, services, and goods of their clients.  Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Canary Public Relations was started by two women with a combined 25 years experience in the industry.
    Today's conversation is about how to market yourself and your artwork.
    This is a DO NOT miss episode.  Tell your friends.
    As always, if you are looking to join an art gallery, or looking to purchase a piece of artwork, visit us online at www.contemporaryartgalleryonline.com.

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    Cheesehead Radio: Back From The Brink with ESPNWisconsin's Jason Wilde

    in Football

    If you turned off the television after Aaron Rodgers was sacked for a safety on Sunday, you missed one whale of a resurrection by the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay dismantled Washington and now move on for another road playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals this Saturday. Have the Packers found their mojo? Will Rodgers stay in the pocket and hit guys in stride? Will Dom Capers' defensive schemes continue to dominate? Wait, what?

    The Cheesehead Radio gang welcome back ESPNWisconsin host and Twitter must-follow Jason Wilde, who will talk about where this team has been, and tell us where it is going. Could it be Super Bowl or Bust? Listen in LIVE at 8:30 PM on Thursday night to get all the best Packers Talk!

    Cheesehead Radio is brought to you by PackersTalk, featuring Jersey Al Bracco, CD Angeli, Jayme Snowden, and John Rehor. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, and YouTube.

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    Jayme Joshua LIVE with T-Whyz3

    in Entertainment

    Tonight i'll be conversating with and playing music from the artist that will be headlining The Newport Music Hall next friday night July 10th, T-Whyz3

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    Cheesehead Radio: That's How You Know You Messed Up

    in Football

    You were undefeated
    Divison foes were not competin'
    Until you couldn't score
    A touchdown without cheatin'
    You're all sick of negativity
    Fans all lost their festivity
    You're a sixth seed wild card now...


    Yes, the Green Bay Packers laid another egg, finishing 4-6 in a devastating loss to the Minnesota Vikings at home, and drag themselves into the playoffs on the road as an underdog in the wildcard round. How could things have fallen apart so fast and so completely? Listen in as the Cheesehead Radio gang break it apart and give you their chances for the Pack to make it past Washington and play another week in the post-season in which they were once favored to win it all.

    Cheesehead Radio is brought to you by PackersTalk, featuring Jersey Al Bracco, CD Angeli, Jayme Snowden, and John Rehor. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, and YouTube.