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    KITM/News/Jay King Sr Is 76 yrs old today/Life & Death/Waking Up & Living/Music

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        Full speed ahead group, ROBERT REDWINE is not a KING in the morning.  He's not even a Prince in the morning, and just like the recent sexual aura change of Bruce Jenner to Caitlin Jenner, Robert Redwine is not a QUEEN, nor a princess in the morning.  Just heard that Robert Redwine was fired from Honey Hush.  We'll have to see about that.  347-205-9366.  KINGS IN THE MORNING, yep - and ROBERT is not a KING, nor a QUEEN, PRINCE or PRINCESS, he is just butt out.  347-205-9366.

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

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    Happy Friday!

    My focus on this evening's show will be these three articles that have been published this past week:

    The Summer 2015 edition of the quarterly journal, The Social Contract, just published my in-depth analysis of the nexus between immigration and national security and the threat of terrorism, “The 9/11 Commission Report and Immigration: An Assessment, Fourteen Years after the Attacks.”

    On June 28, 2015 FrontPage Magazine published my article, “Illegal Aliens Are Not 'Law Abiding' - The vital importance of America's immigration and inspection laws.”

    On June 27, 2015 CAPS (Californians for Population Stabilization) posted my article, “Heroin Epidemic: The Real Metric for Determining Border Security.”

    We will also consider what Rick Perry had to say when he appeared on Fox & Friends this week and was asked about his position on “in-state tuition for illegal aliens.”

    Democracy is not a spectator sport- get involved!

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    Parent Unafraid - From the Campaign Bunker of Jay Davis

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    Tonight's show is guaranteed to top the downloaded podcast charts.... It's all out war as Jay Davis brings in a special co-host to gain some fresh perspective after a dangerous run in with some undesirable CPS types. Plus Jay Davis will reveal some other kick ass developments that you won't wanna miss! Listen in Live or catch the podcast. You'll be glad you did. 

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in Politics Conservative

    Today we will be focusing on Immigration and how the Administration is failing to protect America and Americans.

    We will consider my latest articles and much more!

    Today, June 26, 2015, CAPS (Californians for Population Stabilization) posted my article, “Prosecutorial Deception: The $21 Billion DHS Betrayal” in which I focused on the testimony of the DHS Inspector General at a Congressional oversight hearing. That hearing and the Inspector General's testimony was also the focus of my June 24, 2015 FrontPage Magazine article: “Obama’s Actions on Immigration Lack Accountability » An Inspector General’s warning about Obama’s amnesty insanity.”

    We have a year and a half of this administration remaining.  Certainly much can happen in the next 18 months.  What we also should now be focusing on is how the Presidential candidates are likely to address the monumental failures of the immigration system that undermine national security, public safety, and the plight of hard working Americans and our nation's economy.  So many other issues are also getting hammered- yet most mainstream news organizations fail to properly cover what is no less than an immigration crisis. 

    My program will not mince words- Please tell your friends and neighbors to tune in!

    Democracy is not a spectator sport!


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    Parent Unafraid - Episode IV - We Don't Approve of You, Jay Davis

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    The title says it all.... NFC and DHHS don't approve of what we are doing, but 300 plus downloads don't lie. And neither does Ernie Chambers. He loves what we do, and apparently, so do you! SO, prepare for more of the same show you've grown to love - and more Jay Davis and Jaycob Curran. Starting Now>....

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

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    My focus today will be on Immigration and the impact of the failures of the administration to enforce our immigration laws and secure our nation against those aliens who would enter the United States illegally or with the goals of violating our laws after being admitted into the United States.

    This evenging we will begin by considering my two most recent articles:

    On June 18, 2015 the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s FrontPage Magazine, published my most recent article: “Theft By Deception: The Immigration Con Game » How politicians are robbing citizens of access to the American Dream.”

    On June 16, 2015 Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) posted my article: “Immigration System Must Work for Best Interests of Americans.”

    Additionally.you may be shocked to find out what the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security, or as I have come to refer to it, the Department of Homeland Surrender said during his testimony on June 17, 2015 when the Subcommittee on National Security and the Subcommittee on Health Care, Benefits and Administrative Rules conducted a joint hearing concerning “A Review of the President's Executive Actions on Immigration.”

    I have written a commentary about his testimony that will be published next week- tonight I will provide you with some incredible information that every American must have!

    Democracy is not a spector sport!  Please get involved!


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    Jay & Sirocc Interview Comedian Loy Lee

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    Jay & Sirocc Interview Comedian "Loy Lee" / Photographer on the Real Talk Zone,

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    High Powered (CCHi Radio Episode 20) Jay Dillinger

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    Jay Dillinger Black Thought Album Release Party at the Milan Mansion - aka Ganja Queen Paradise

    TRiP is still in #LostVegas news is he is washing dishes at TGIFridays...

    Stay Tuned for updates !!!

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

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    Today's show will focus on the H-1B Visa Program that betrays highly skilled and highly educated American STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) professionals 

    Politicians  insist that we need to import hundreds of thousands of additional high-tech foreign workers so that "America can lead."  I noted in my article for FrontPage Magazine,  Immigration Reform: Behind the Bumper Sticker Slogans »  That America is more than mountains, forests, cities, rivers and lakes, that America is comprised of its citizens of every race, religion and ethnicity.

    The title of my recent article for Californians for Population Stabilization sums up the reality being ignored by all too many politicians, “For America to Do Well, Americans Must Do Well!”

    On my program today, I will be joined by a guest, Gene Nelson, PhD and our focus will be on the H-1B Visa Program.

    Here is my guest's bio- in his own words:

    Brief Bio: I've been an activist for the employment rights of experienced American citizen technical professionals for over 3 decades. I'm a prolific writer. I've testified twice in the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the harms of the controversial H-1B Visa program - and twice to the National Academy of Science on the same topic. I earned a natural science Ph.D. in the field of radiation biophysics.

    Remember- Democracy is not a "Spectator Sport!" Make you voice and your concernes heard!


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    Jay & Sirroc Interview 2008 Miss California - Summer Lofts

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    Jay & Sirocc Interview Summer Loftis - 2008 Miss California, a Model Hollywood Actress and her new career as a Behavioral Therapist.

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    Parent Unafraid Episode IV - Happy Birthday, Jay Davis! Ernie Baked You a Cake!

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    Tonight's show is a condensed, pre-recorded episode, as Jay Davis will be busy celebrating his latest birthday. Or will he be? Ernie the Intern presents our host with a Birtday Cake and Jay Davis is just crazy enough to try it! Tune in for the 30 minute, Jay Davis Solo Birthday Special!!!

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