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    Celebrating JAWS

    in Movies

    The Movie Geeks celebrate the recent blu-ray restoration of Steven Spielberg's landmark film Jaws with screenwriter and actor Carl Gottlieb, and three key members from The Shark is Still Working documentary team - director Erik Hollander, producer James Gelet, and co-producer and composer Michael McCormack.


    To purchase the Jaws blu-ray, which features the debut of the in-depth documentary, ckick here.  You can pick up the latest edition of Mr. Gottlieb groundbreaking The Jaws Log, a inside look into the production of the film, by clicking here.


    To purchase the official soundtrack to The Shark is Still Working, featuring original compositions from Michael McCormack, visit his official website at www.michaelmccormackmusic.com.


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    Jaws Updates

    in Entertainment

    There has been a lot developing lately and I think it needs to be covered, especially with the latest Jaws rumors going around... 

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    Jaws Weekend

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    After some recent news in the Jaws world, it's time for an update! Call in and voice your opinions and discuss JAWS!

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    The Gang Talks Movie Sequels

    in Culture

    Was Aliens better than Alien? What was the best Nightmare on Elm Street?

    How does Fast & the Furious keep getting made?

    How about the new Teminator?

    Its all about Movie Sequels tonight.

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    Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You!!

    in Christianity

    So many times people forget the person God used to snatch them out of the enemies jaws. Instead of being grateful, they turn around and betray the very one that helped them. YIKES! That can hurt. Am I talking about you or do you know someone like this? No more ignoring, but allow God's grace, mercy and favor to be appreciated. Allow the Word of God to restore your heart and mind so that you may recognize that it is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in your eyes! Feed who feeds you. This message will mend broken relationships that you have taken for granted. Start today building the bridge to relationship restoration.


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    #216 HumanSpirit Radio with Sarah McCroskey: Living Future Now

    in Spirituality

    As humans, we’ve learned to live in a time loop, unwittingly projecting our past into the future. If we resist and regret our past and/or fear or feel “the future” is just coming at us, out of control – we relinquish our conscious, creative power. We can heal, align, envision and co-create the future we intend. Outside of time, as constructed by our collective agreement, in THIS NOW MOMENT, Humanity CAN summon the consciousness and well-centered clarity to BE THE BRIDGE between the Ages, creatively co-authoring the last act – Humanity’s heroic and triumphant return from the gaping jaws of our own miscreations.


    Shall we?




    Let’s discuss -

    What is “the default future”?
    Who’s in charge of “The Future”?
    What does time have to do with it?
    Time as an “app”
    How do we stand in “the Future” now – anchoring v. waiting?
    What does The Future mean to you?
    A new story to lead the way…


    HumanSpirit Radio is an energetic broadcast and conversation to ignite and inspire Who We Are as evolutionary beings on an unstoppable path of self-discovery and awakening. HumanSpirit Radio is an exploration. What does it take to anchor our Spirit, our full, multi-dimensional Self, into our body and become the living future now ~ HumanSpirit?

    You will be en-couraged to BE YOU ~ with a full heart and no apologies.

    And then to express your unique gifts into the world. We’re walking this path right alongside you…ALL the way.

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    February Sweeps has officially begun… and already, jaws are dropping and tongues are wagging! Join Soaps In Depth’s executive editor, Richard M. Simms, as he talks about the stories that have everyone talking and offers up some preview as to what will happen next! Now that the truth about GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Fluke appears to be unfolding, we’ll get your feedback on the big reveal. Plus, has THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Rick gone too far? And how will Brooke’s return impact events at Forrester Creations? And at long last, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS is poised to turn Neil’s life upside down by revealing the truth about Hilary and Devon’s affair. But should their betrayal be rewarded with a happily ever after? And is the return of Kristen exactly the boost that DAYS OF OUR LIVES needs? Given that it’s a short-term stint, what is the long-term fix to the boredom many viewers are feeling of late? All this and more on this episode of Tune In Tomorrow!

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    The Jaws Ride Closing

    in Entertainment

    Tell about your Jaws ride memories and you feelings about Universal replacing the ride with Harry Potter.

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    The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.8: Michigan, Indiana and Purdue

    in Sports

    SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH. Penn State basketball went out and Penn State basketball'd all over the place over the last two weeks. The Nittany Lions fell to Michigan, Indiana and Purdue by a combined 19 points and generally found ways to clench defeat from the jaws of victory. We're gonna try to cheer you up with the latest episode of the BSD Basketbro Show, in which Bill DiFilippo and Chad Markulics are joined by Onward State's Noel Purcell. The guys talk about the losses, preview the next week and try to figure out what the hell is wrong with Pat Chambers' squad. There may be some Flavor Flav talk in there too. Ugh. This is sad.

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    Introduction To Jabber Jaws Talk Show

    in Entertainment

    Host Maria introducing "Jabber Jaws Talk Show".

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    Dawn Shaw on Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    Today on Women of Wisdom, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes inspiring author, horse breeder, and in-demand speaker, Dawn Shaw to the program.  Dawn was born with a fast growing tumor, a teratoma which had to be removed immediately so as not to compromise her windpipe.  This surgery left the left side of her face permanently altered, with misaligned jaws, hearing loss and paralysis. And while many have been exceedingly cruel to Dawn throughout her life because of the outward appearance, many have showered her with acceptance, respect and love, including her husband, Ian.  In her book, “Facing Up To It” Dawn tells her emotional story and shows us that what some would consider a deformity has never stopped her from living! She is also the author of another remarkable book titled: “Friending the Mirror”. Get to know MORE about Dawn’s rich, full life, her growing list of accomplishments and how to access her books and services at her website, www.facinguptoit.com. You are invited to connect with our host, Win Charles @ www.authorwincharles.com and when YOU are ready to be a guest, email her w.charleswisdom@gmail.com  and put GUEST in the subject line, we will get right back to you.  FOLLOW this program @ www.blogtalkradio.com/wcawomanwithcp

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