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    Understanding with Dr. Shane Wall

    in Motivation

    Shane Wall has taught the Word of God internationally for over 30 years.

    He's the founder and pastor of The Feast of the Lord in Orangeburg, SC, where he and his wife Jasmyne reside.

    Pastor Wall is the author of the book, What Are You Doing After the Dance? and recorded a Gospel CD entitled, Conversations with God. His newest book, Understanding, is hailed as the first Bible-based book ever written on the subject.

    He formed The Church FM (Fellowship Ministry) for pastors and their congregations to benefit from the experience he’s gained as a leader in the church and in the community.

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    Expressions of Love

    in Spirituality

    Today I connect with Jasmyne BoswellJasmyne's Expressions of Love include being an Author, Transformation Coach, and Writing Coach. For over 30 years she has been a midwife to professionals in all fields, helping them successfully overcome personal stumbling blocks and to birth their businesses, practices and projects. She uses her intuitive sense and creative gift with the written word to help bring her clients ideas and aspirations into form.Jasmyne's book, What if the Problem’s Not the Problem???  reveals the simple truth about what it takes to feel free and at peace in your everyday life. The book offers four practices that will bring you a sense of well-being that won’t waiver no matter what your outer circumstances look like. The transformative teachings of relatable stories, inquiries and exercises can be applied to everyday challenges, both big and small, including relationship frustrations, losing a job, raising children and even the death of a loved one. They are profoundly simple and easily assimilated, making living in today’s chaotic world uncomplicated and effortless.You can connect with Jasmyne on Facebook and on her Website If you would like to receive a reminder email about upcoming Expressions of Love Shares, click here to be added to the email list.

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    SML 75: Crisis PR--What to do When You Need it

    in Current Events

    Meet Jasmyne Cannick --news reporters have her on speed dial.
    from Mitrice Richardson, to Gay Marriage to the White House Run and beyond,we will chop it up witjh this new media secialist, media guru and activist.
    Also, Darlene has the vivacious actress Patrice Fisher!
    Hannibal and Dr. Kwaku will be with us, so this one will be all the way live!  Skype in or dial in!  See you then!

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    SML 95: Elections, Denzel, CoCo, Brotherhood Crusade

    in Current Events

     Today's Program:  Click here to hear Show #95  http://tobtr.com/s/3911757
    10:00 A.M. Welcome with Isidra Person-Lynn, Producer and Host
    10:05: Asa Hilliard, Educator, Dr. Kwaku’s Candid Moment  www.DrKwaku.com
    10:15: Miki Turner: Journey to the Woman I've Come to Love
    10:35 Darlene Donloe: Denzel Washington -Flight
    10:45 Community Coalition:  Marqueece Harris-Dawson, CEO and President and Judge Kevin Ross
    11:35 Charisse Bremond Weaver - Brotherhood Crusade
    11:50 Getting Felons to Vote: Starlett Quarles Listen to the entire episode on L.A. Talk Live on getting the formerly incarcerated to vote. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/26225923 with Minister Leslie Watson Malachi, Director, AFRICAN AMERICAN RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS (Bio), www.VesselsVote.org
    Noon:  Out

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    SML89: Valerie Jarrett, Siedah Garrett, Roger Guenveur Smith

    in Current Events

    10:00 Intro Isidra Person-Lynn and Jasmyne Cannick Hosts

    10:10: Tech--we can talk about iPhone 5... Marques Brownlee compares the new iPhone 5 to the best Androids.

    10:30 Entertainment with Darlene Donloe. Guests: New music from Siedah Garrett and Roger Guenveur Smith's play "Rodney King."

    10:55 President Obama's advisor Valerie Garrett at the Crenshaw (LA) Obama Campaign office
    11:10 News Topics:
    Libya Tennis girl who is too fat Kobe's outreach efforts Robin Hood High Speed Chase Other news stories
    11:45 Dr. Kwaku's Candid Moments feat. Andrew Browder

    Noon Out   Program will recycle in just a few minutes for you toisten on demand.
    Did you know you can listen from anywhere at 619-996-1674?

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    SML 86 - From The Election to the Olympics w/Anthony Samad

    in Current Events

    Sunday Morning Live is a morning magazine. Here is today's schedule:
    10: Intro and Headlines with Isidra Person-Lynn, producer and host.
    10:10 It's Komplicated with Hannibal Tabu (special report)
    10:20 Darlene Donloe with Donloe's Lowdown on Entertainment. Features an interview with Spike Lee about Red Hook Summer and a review of Sparkle.
    10:50 Isidra Person-Lynn interviews Dr. Anthony Samad (more below)
    11:30-Noon: Jasmyne Cannick interviews Atty. David A. Welch re: Medical Marijuana Ban in Los Angeles.
    Our cover story is an interview with Dr. Anthony A. Samad on the next Sunday Morning Live!!
    Dr. Anthony Samad, columnist, educator and orgaizer whose Urban Issues Forum has featured International newsmakers in Los Angeles. 
    Here is one of his "Between the Lines" columns we will be discussing:
    Voter Suppression:

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    SML 77: Trayvon Martin News, Domestic Violence, & Elections

    in Current Events

    Sunday Morning Live 77:
    Who are you going to vote for Tuesday? (You DO know there is an election, right?) And Zimmerman...Will he have turned himself in by the deadline?  Join us for your Sunday Morning Magazine @10 a.m. PDT!
    Today’s Schedule:
    10:00 Intro: Host, Isidra Person-Lynn
    What’s coming up
    10:05 Hannibal Tabu, www.Komplicated.com, Candid Moments, Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn
    10:10 Jamie Nieto, Blood Brothers Webseries
    10:35 Atty. Stephen A. Smith, Florida–Trayvon Martin Case Update
    10: 50 Atty. Nana Gyamfi, Jasmyne Cannick:  What’s on your ballot? D.A.’s Race, Propositions, Political. Day’s race, President’s race
    11:30 Lisa Miller-Baldwin domestic violence
    Guests TBD
    Noon: SignOff and/or Listen again on Demand!

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    SML 68: Talking 'Bout Trayvon

    in Current Events

    10 am: Welcome, Show preview
    10:05: Hannibal Tabu's Tech & Pop: It's Komplicated www.komplicated.com
    10:07:  Darlene Donloe's Donloe's Lowdown (Entertainment) Caprice Willard, Fashion Star
    10: 22: Dr. Kwaku's Candid Moment: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
    10:30:  Talking 'Bout Trayvon with Jasmyne Cannick (Open Phones)
    Do the Police Even Know Where George Zimmerman Is?
    Does the New Black Panthers placing a $10,000 bounty on his head help or hurt?
    Is this killing about race? Did he say F*ckin Coons or not?
    Are President Obama's words a comfort (to Black people) or an offense to the Whites as Newt Gingrich claims?
    People from the man on the street to the President of the United States are Talking About Trayvon--calling for justice...and STILL law enforcement does not arrest his killer-George Zimmerman.
    Let's Talk About it! at 10 AM PST (619) 996-1674.
    Can't call Live? Call our comment line:   (213) 814-3511 and we will air them for you.

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    OMI: Rewind with Danny Dee and Kelby Cannick

    in Music

    Topspin certified music industry consultant Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo and Makin' It Magazine publisher Kelby Cannick drop some much needed and timeless knowledge about how artists can make money and make a living in this aching music industry.

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    OUTing The Music Industry w/ Kelby Cannick of "Makin' It Magazine"

    in Music

    Rescheduled from last week...

    Publisher of Makin' It Magazine, explains in the video below, why he went from being a rapper to putting together Makin' It Magazine, the website, and the On The Grind Mixtape. On tonights show, we'll be discussing the music industry, where it's been and where it's going with regards to artists. And we'll be breaking down the music industry to show ways for all artist to get heard, played, paid.

    Special Guest: Kelby Cannick, publisher o

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