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    Visionary Culture :: Jasmuheen, Kevin Danaher/Green Fest, Rock The Bike

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    Visionary Culture Radio with host Laura Fox presents a Green Festival-Earth Day Sandwich Show. Fresh back from Green Fest SF, Laura looks forward to speaking with its founder Kevin Danaher about the Green Movement. Next weekend, the Visionary Culture Stage will host Jasmuheen at Earth Fair, the largest Earth Day event ...ever, with more than 80,000 attendees. Special thanks to Kennedy and Sarva Dharma for producing the Visionary Culture Stage. We'll also speak with Paul Freedman of Rock The Bike on Thursday's show. Green solutions, activated awareness. These are the ingredients for our paradigm shift.Jasmuheen will discuss solutions to global hunger issues, breatharianism, cosmic awakening and more. We'll give a special report on the SF Green Festival, and speak with a few of the presenters at next weekend's San Diego Earth Day Festival in Balboa Park, where Laura Fox is MC'ing. speakers Visionary Culture Radio with host Laura Fox examines the state of the worlds :: our inner world of personal growth, spirituality, and transformation, and our outer world of community, activation and living our highest destiny path. Featuring conscious, world-service oriented musicians, artists, scientists, leading edge social thinkers and social architects, visionaries,and people making a difference, Visionary Culture Radio is your portalway to activating 'possibilities' into manifestation.

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    Jasmuheen Living on Prana ( (Doesn't Need to Eat and Lives on Love)!!!!!!

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    Metaphysical author and researcher Jasmuheen on various subjects, from the Embassy of Peace with its personal, global and universal harmonization programs, to creating healthy, happy successful lives, to living on prana and alternate nutrition sources to eliminate world health and hunger issues, breatharianism, plus co-creating paradise, inner and outer peace, inter-dimensional field science and how it applies to extraterrestrial intelligence and Beings of Light and more.... Also Jasmuheen on tour and videos in various languages. French, German, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and more.

    Data on the above can also be found at her websites - the C.I.A. or Cosmic Internet Academy at www.selfempowermentacademy.com .au and www.jasmuheen.com.

    A lady who avoids the word "Breatharian" yet whose journey on the spiritual path has tremendous implications for a suffering world, addicted to power and passion and whose accomplishment points to the importance of being able to love with the power of God.


    Join Us As We Dive Into Infinite Waters!!!!

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    Vickers Tree , Shamanism welcomes Melchizedek144

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    This show provides an in depth view of modern and ancient shamanism, energetic healing practices and study. Cynastry is an avid student of metaphysics presently studying shamanism and look forward to sharing my journey with you. This week Cynastry and Melchizedek 's topic is his light work.
    From Melchizedek, "I am Emanuehl servant for Unconditional Love & Limitless Light. I am here to assist with the ascension process of our dear Mother Earth. She is in the process of transforming her self into a radiant star of 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond."

    "I am here as a way shower and here to assist with the breaking of old paradigms that no longer serve us all."
    "I am here to re-mind my beloved brothers & sisters that we are much more than a physical body and to accelerate our frequency-frequently back into light."

    "I love connecting with souls of like heart and mind as together we are activating the love/light grid and ushering in a new age of love -the new reality."

    "I have been involved in spiritual studies, meditation and the healing arts since my walking into this vehicle in September of 1996. I`ve been involved with the Melchizedek Method since it`s inception in 1998 with Alton Kamadon and The Kamadon Academy and have completed all 5 levels. I am also a facilitator for all levels of The Melchizedek Method."

    Emanuehl is certified Reiki Master (levels 1,2 and 3), ceritifiedR.E.S.E.T (jaw balance technique) Practitioner, Metatronic healer/activator, Light, Colour and Sound therapy Healer/Activator working with the Cetaceans, Crystal and Angel energies. He is also a facilitator of Ascension Classes & Workshops and Guided Meditations, Writer, Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach.

    In Jan-Feb`99 completed the 21 day process to Living On Light shared by Jasmuheen through her experiences & guidelines in her book, Living On Light-A Personal Journey.

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