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    JARRAD HEWETT: The Gospel of You

    in Self Help

    What is the key to living a happy existence? Why are we so resistant to change, even when that change could result in the very things we say we want?
     Good questions to ask as we head into 2012 and no one can address them with greater clarity than Jarrad Hewett!
     Cindy and Linda are honored to have Jarrad close out this year’s Art of Joyful Living guest expert interviews, whose new book, The Gospel of You: The Truth about God, Religion, and Who You Really Are, has just been released in the Kindle version. It isn’t about religion as much as it is about us: consciousness and God, what both of those words really mean, freedom, limitation, and the ability to choose love in every moment.
     Dr. Jarrad Hewett is a sought after actor, voice-over artist, international best-selling author, spiritual teacher and healer.  His in-depth exploration of thoughts, energy, and the science that brings them together has earned him a reputation as one of our most thoughtful leaders of the human consciousness movement. Find out more about his work at  http://www.jarradhewett.com

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    JARRAD HEWETT: The Journey of Creation

    in Self Help

    If you want to know how the Law of Attraction really works and why it sometimes appears not to work, join Cindy and Linda for this interview with Dr. Jarrad Hewett.  Dr. Hewett is the international best-selling author of The Big E - Everything is Energy as well as the brand new Love Life God: The Journey of Creation. Through his writing, he seeks to empower others by sharing his personal humor, insight and wisdom. If it’s successful relationships or a thriving business that you are seeking, Jarrad says the most important relationship you can have is with yourself, because that's where it all comes from. The more in tune and in touch you are with your authentic self, the more you're able to tap in to your own power and live a fulfilling and successful life. Insightful, often hilarious, Jarrad will take you on a powerful journey into the heart of conscious creation and physical manifestation.

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    Jean Adrienne - Jarrad Hewett

    in Spirituality

    Jarrad Hewett is an International Best-Selling spiritual author who seeks to empower others by sharing his personal humor and insight. Through his writing, he seeks to help others reconnect with their own inner guidance, wisdom, and peace. His latest book, just out is Love, Life, God.
    Constant as the ever-present moment of now is our Source Self, and Love, Life, God is a tome to that concept. Understanding how to reach and operate from that center are the keys to uniting and healing not just a fractured culture, but a fractured self. By tapping into who we really are, we begin to see in life-altering ways that through our own actions, in-actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc, just how our world (and our perspective of that world) has come into being.

    Hewett also shows in clear and irrevocable ways how to change that world through changing the Self. Love, Life, God is a powerful journey into the heart of conscious creation and physical manifestation that you won't be able to put down.

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    Donna Eden and Jarrad Hewett

    in Energy

    Donna Eden, healer, teacher and bestselling author of Energy Medicine is one of the most authoritative spokespersons for energy medicine. Her latest book, Energy Medicine for Women is also destined to be a classic.

    As a healer, she has treated over 10,000 individual clients. She has taught over 80,000 people worldwide how to understand the body as an energy system to reclaim their health and vitality.
    Donna is widely referenced in the alternative health field, and many of her workshop attendees include physicians, nurses, and other mainstream health professionals.
    Jarrad Hewett, spiritual bestselling author, empowers others with his personal humor and insight.  His newest book, Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation charts new territory of how the Law of Attraction works and how every subject in life relates back to one subject- Love.
    The Big E book, Everything is Energy, coauthored with actress and healer, Dee Wallace, shows you exactly why things happen the way they do and how to change them.

    As an international voice actor, he's the voice behind hundreds of television, radio commercials and major campaigns for companies as Coca-Cola, Jeep, and Toshiba.


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    MsComputerLady Reality Star Sara Stokes Michel'le Monica Blaire n Howard Hewett

    in Computers


    Ms. Computer Lady already knows that it's been too long. Keeping it on the regular is the goal. Nevertheless, this is called making up for lost time. Join Ms. Computer Lady for not just one Divas' Night, not just one Gentlemen's Night, but a combined 2-night Divas' and Gentlemen's Nights. During the 2 nights (TONIGHT AND TOMORROW NIGHT), tune in as she interviews Divas Michel'le, lead singer of Shalamar and R & B Legend Howard Hewett, Detroit, MI artist Monica Blaire, and Toledo, OH indie recording artist Krystal Monique.

    So when will they be interviewed, and when will [for those who know the Ms. Computer Lady Show] the listeners get to hear some live singing?  As you know, and for those that don't, gotta tune in to find out.


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    The Oyster's Pearl by Adele Hewett Veal

    in Women

    The Oyster's Pearl is recited by the writer, who is an incredible author; Adele Hewett Veal. Her best selling novel is called Shadow in the Mirror. You can purchase online; Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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    Positively Autistic: The Poet's Interest

    in Lifestyle

    January 10, 2016 at 3:00 pm EST, 2:00PM CST, 12:00PM PST, AND 8PM UKT

    Today's show will feature Rob Tracy**,  Randy Nye, Travis Breeding and O'New Williams to talk about there books.
    Let's also give a warm welcome to poet Robert Hewett and songster Collin Brennan, both of whom have featured their unique talents many times at Positively Autistic broadcasts.

    Also Joe Westlake from England,Co-Producer of Positively Autistic.
    Tune in and learn more about Autism...


    Tracy Roberts Producer

    Joe Westlake Co-Producer

    **Special Note: Rob Tracy will be unable to join us for this broadcast

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    SID-Live From Sao Paulo/Boxing Way/Panthers Lose/Merry Christmas/*TRUST*IN*GOD**

    in Sports

     Legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc''Stanley Sr.,hits the airwaves once again with his iconic and legendary award winning radio show,'Sports In Depth'.Boxing is the featured subject tonight,as'The Boxing Way With Lady A' leads the way.
     MSG's iconic and only African-American matchmaker and MSG welterweight champion,Harold Weston Jr.,joins boxing's first lady,'' Lady A'' along with the astute candid ''G.W.'' Mike and son Lil Pete and the renowned boxing and MMA intellect guru Francisco''Muscles'' Guzman,as they all talk and give their takes on the latest and hictoric 411 on the''sweet science.''
     Being undefeated is now out the door for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers while the playoff door could be wide open now for the surging New York Jets,who won their 10th game of the season today,under new African-American head coach,Todd Bowles against arch-enemy and division rival New England.
     We plan to continue our Brazilian broadcasts doing so from both future cities of Fortaleza,the capital of Ceara and Caxias.Blessed holidays and New Year to all.GOD Bless all thanks for joining us again where,we always,''Rope the Rumors,Lasso the Issues and Brand the Truth''.Oi bela Rosi e minha especial familia de Volta Rhonda.
    A problem is not always an issue, as an issue is not always a problem.They can be one and the both or neither,So don't make a problem out of an issue that really isn't a problem.

    ''Tomorrow is not bankable and today is yet fully deposited''.

    ''Sometimes the Face or representation of GOD is not what people expect or think it should be.
     Doc's Words Of Wit And Wisdom 


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    DEE WALLACE & JARRAD HEWETT: The Shift Begins Now!

    in Self Help

    Linda and Cindy are featured presenters in an exciting new teleseminar, The Magical Path! 24 leading experts in techniques to help you get back to your magical path. All free! Go here now to sign up:  http://tinyurl.com/lindaandcindy
    They’re back! Healing partners for almost a decade, and two of the most sought after speakers, teachers, and channels on the planet,  Dee Wallace and Jarrad Hewett  are Cindy and Linda’s special guests today!
    Want to know how to transform your life? They’ll be discussing how you can make “creation,” in other words the process of getting what you want, fun and fast!
    Dee and Jarrad are experts at working with energy.  In fact, in their world everything is energy!  Their latest work, “The Creation Formula,”  which they discuss during this interview, represents  the culmination of nearly two decades of work, surpassing every known modality of energy work they have ever seen.
    What does this mean for you? If you want to learn more about how to work with your energy to create exactly what you want, to learn the latest teachings of Dee and Jarrad, and how to begin your shift now,  don't miss this show!
    Learn more about Dee and Jarrad by visiting their websites at:

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    Callywood's ThrowBack Tuesday with Howard Hewett

    in Entertainment

    Callywood's ThrowBack Tuesday with Howard Hewett