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    Purpose for Women Radio Show- Shan Stratton, Nutritionist to the Pros

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    This show is designed to provide insight inspiration and access to information for the community. It is sponsored by Purpose for Women International, a non-profit which supports the ecomnmic development of the community, women and encourages enterprise. 

    YOUR SHOW HOST: Heather L. Tapia

    TOPICS: Enzymes, Hydration & Natural Health, Guest: Shan Stratton- Core Health Products


    Purpose for Women International provides access to resources, funding, education, entrepreneurial opportunities, and empowerment events supporting an increased awareness on local, national and international issues for women, children, families and the community. We partner with other business, non-profits and like- hearted individuals to affect change on a local, national and international level. www.PurposeforWomenInternational.org

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    Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet 03112015

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    Today on Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet we talk about Time and Consciousness.  Clock Time is artificial, the circadian rhythm of our bodies go by the sun and moon and season Clock time wasn’t even aligned amongst cities until the advent of railroads. Daylight savings time artificially changes our schedule. Jet lag comes from from taking our physical bodies faster than they can travel on their own to places around the world.


    Consciousness transcends time and space yet manifests through form.  The Internet  connects us to all time zones. Technology replicates Consciousness, why we are so attracted to it, but it’s vibrationally out of sync with our bodies.


    How do we hold Consciousness in form, and in technology?


    We drop into heart space to learn about our inner sense of time.  We each have a different experience of time and flow.  When we live and work with others, we fall into a different tempo, being in anothers flow. Rather than resisting it all, we can relax into the present moment and experience an infinite amount of time!



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    Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet 03042015

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    Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Weather and Consciousness.  We're in that time of year when seasons are changing. Some people are experiencing depression, others are experiencing renewed light. Joan and Janet talk about how to having 'inner sunshine', to fan one's internal flames regardless of the external environment.

    We love hearing from you, email us and join us on Facebook and Twitter and give us your suggestions of things to talk about, and we’ll give you 15 minutes of fame by mentioning your name on the air!






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    SWAG Radio Presents: The "Shan Presents Take Over"

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    Authoress Lexxi born and raised in Chicago, IL is a 25 year old mother of three. She has been writing since elementary starting out with poetry before moving on to short stories and eventually pursuing her dream of publishing her first urban fiction love story.She is currently signed to Shan Presents where she released her best selling series A Scandalust Love.

    Natavia Stewart is twenty-six years old and from Annapolis, Maryland born and raised. She has been writing since the age of twelve. It started out in her journal and as years went by the stories became longer. She is the mother of one child, Logan, whom is her heart and because of him it made Natavia want to pursue her dreams. She gave up writing for five years. Natavia has set out to make a change in how plus-size women feel about themselves. Her writing is to inspire them to be comfortable with who they are. Also, with her being plus-size, it encourages her more to continue to write and encourage others.

    Syrius was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been an avid reader since before the age of 5. She self-published her first novel in 2005 and her first stage production in 2007. Syrius loves reading works such as Machiavelli, Socrates, Plato, Langston Hughes and various other great works.Syrius loves the outdoors and embraces her “me” moments and also enjoys spending time with her children Coco and Tre. She is signed to Shan Presents where she released Sex, Lies, and Murder: House of Croix 1 &2.


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    SWAG Presents: The "Shan Presents" Take Over

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    Jan'a Sullivan is twenty-years-old and originally from Covington, Ky but, currently resides in Cincinnati, Oh. She began writing at the age of thirteen as a outlet to ease the pain. After years of writing for closure, she decided to let the world in on her stories and talents. Her biggest motivation is my daughter, Ceriyah. When she look in the mirror she's staring back at myself. She used to be afraid, scared that people would question her about her life and her stories but she found her self. Writing is more than a hobby its her life.

    Born and raised in Detroit Michigan. Dominique has always had a love for reading and writing. She completed her first novel at 16. Dominique now lives in Michigan with her husband and four children.Nique is the author of Love’s Pain within the Game and Love’s Pain within the Game 2. Being an avid reader since she was a child, Nique’s best friend encouraged her to write due to her many life trials and tribulations. Some of her favorite authors whom she was inspired by are Shan, David Weaver, Deja Joy King, Eric Jerome Dickey, Whidia Clark, and Zane. Nique is a single mother of three beautiful girls and one handsome son.

    Born and raised in Houston Texas, a mother, a daughter, a college graduate, and now an author, Ms. Neicy has been truly blessed. She was born November 27, 1990 in Park Plaza hospital. Throughout her earlier years, she did not enjoy reading whatsoever. She excelled in school always, but never really enjoyed reading books. Shan presented her the opportunity of a lifetime when she said her story seemed interesting and she wanted to publish the book. Ms. Neicy was thrilled. She had not come up with a title or anything but was determined to make her dreams a reality.Her sister definitely pushed her work. When she just needed a listening ear she was there, so big shout outs to her.


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    SWAG Presents: The "Shan Presents" Take Over

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    This week Yara Kaleemah will interview 16 authors from Shan Presents.

    Tonight Treasure Bee, Denetra Shuntelle, and Kyra Spencer will be in the hot seat.

    Treasure Bee is 25 years old. Born and raised in Jersey City NJ she has always had a passion for writing even as a young girl. She is a dedicated Mother and soon to be wife who takes joy in her family. She signed with Shan Presents and released her first book In Love with a Dope Boy in 2014. Treasure is new to the urban fiction. In Love with a Dope Boy 2 and 3 are currently available on Amazon.

    Denetra Shuntelle 28 raised in Jupiter Fl. she graduated from Fort Pierce Central High School in 2004 and started a career in Banking. In my younger years her uncle inspired her to write poetry. She would write to express her feelings. Like most people Denetra Shuntelle had a few tragedies that hit close to home. She started reading books to help her escape her reality. This past summer she got a grip on life and channeled all of her anger, energy and emotions into writing her first book ‘Team Us’.

    Meet new upcoming author Kyra Spencer, born and raised in the dangerous streets of Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in one of the most dangerous cities in the world Kyra figured she probably wouldn't be as successful as she would like in a city that she once trusted, the only city that she knows so well, she felt it was holding her back. Although she loves her city and knows it will always be home sweet home she had to find her way out. She is now 25 years young and recently moved to Dallas,Texas for a fresh start and new beginnings

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    This Bold Journey! Dialogue with Shan Davis

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. Undrai Fizer and Dr. Shan Davis of Houston as they discuss his recently authored books, Vision, and The Power of Taking Strategic Chances in the advancement of Vision.  Don't miss this powerful 15 Minutes of Dialogue!

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    SWAG Radio Presents: The "Shan Presents Take Over"

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    This week on SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be interviewing 16 authors of Shan Presents.

    Tonight, Trinity, Desting Raysor, Lucinda John, and Mz Lady P will be in the hot seat.

    Trinity Stevens is 25 born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. She started writing in the 7th grade after reading Omar Tyree’s fly worker. She currently works as a Parent Educator helping pregnant moms and when she’s not doing that she’s writing her next novel. After reading a Shan presents book and saw that they were taking submissions she decided to submit her work. She’s currently working on the sequel to her first book Love From a One Night Stand as well as working on a new series.

    Destiny Raysor was born and raised in downtown Jersey city, NJ, Destiny lived in the struggle, learned from her struggle,  and built an empire with her struggle. Everything she ever wanted, she pressed her way through it.

    Lucinda John, is a 21 year old,resident of Florida. . After reading numerous book from various of authors, that is when she realized that she should put her gift into use. With the help of Myss Shan she was able to release her first book Fallin' For A Boss, and Finessers all in one month! Nothing stop her from pursuing her dreams and making huge accomplishments. 'With God everything is possible' is the motto that motivated Lucinda to always aim high despite any circumstances.

    .Mz. Lady P  was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Patrice grew up in the ABLA Homes. A housing project located on the Near West Side of Chicago. In her teenage years she discovered Urban Fiction and became a fan of the genre. She found what it is to relate to the characters and the plots. This encouraged her to start writing Urban Fiction.



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    Flaco 7pm and Shan @ 7:30 PM

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    New cast member on Oxygen show Sisterhood of Hip Hop, currently working with Island Record Group Maliibu and Helene. Working with former B2K member and Love & HipHop Hollywood cast member Fizz. New single on Houston Texas legend artist Z-ro "sweet james" under rap-alot-records produced  by Flaco Da Great. Producer Of Tyga & Chris Brown "Regular Girl". Producer I Engineer. FiyaHouse Productions Under Sesac Publishing


    Shan Rob is a native of Atlanta where she attended North Atlanta High School of Performing Arts in 2002. Shan joined the band where she played the flute and piccolo and she also participated in the dance magnet for their ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop programs. At the age of 15 she attended an audition for a local teen rap group looking for back-up dancers. She made the audition and immediately started touring with the rap group. In 2005, she went back to high school where she graduated with her class. Upon graduating, Shan continued to tour with other artist such as Ciara, Teairra Mari, Sammie, Latoya Luckett, Neyo and many more.
    Touring with those seasoned artists inspired Shan to put all of her talents to use. She decided that she wanted to become an urban/pop artist. Shan applied everything she learned from touring around the world as a professional dancer and her experiences from high school and went straight to the studio. She aspires to create a sound that’s innovative, energetic, dance driven, fun and stylish.

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    Magicians Without Borders: Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks

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    Sharon Weil talks with Magicians Without Borders' Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks. Together they travel to refugee camps and orphanages around the world bringing magic and laughter to some of the most war-torn, forgotten places on Earth. Magic brings the hope that change is possible, even from unseen places.

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    Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet 011415

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    Today on Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet, Joan and Janet talk about time and space and imagination! What if your imagination was really information in alternate realities waiting to be brought into your current one? What if it is only information separated by a different sensory mechanism? What if our language limits access to what is always within the field of the heart?  "Time and Space are not linear, they bend and distort in the presence of matter and energy" ~ Neil DeGrass Tyson

    We LOVE to hear from you!  Email us your comments, questions and suggestions of topics to talk about!

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