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    Jim Hutchins on Alabama Horse Talk Radio

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    Join Becca Salamone as she talks with Jim Hutchins, owner of Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center and founder of the American Horsewoman's Challenge, about his experience with horses, his starting up of a natural horsemanship center at a time when the concept of natural horsemanship did not even have a name, and the upcoming American Horsewoman's Challenge, designed to show off the talents or skills of female horse trainers across North America.  He shares what folks can expect at this first annual competition in Guthrie, Oklahoma, October 3-5, at Lazy E Arena, as well as future goals and plans for the event, including plans to take it international!  The two Alabama competitors are also mentioned: Lauren Henny and Mirka Pitts. Listen to Hutch's horse story Tuesday, September 16, at 8:00 am CST on Alabama Horse Talk Radio or later on archive. . .


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    Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva with guest Jan Hutchins

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    Jan Hutchins is a new (and traditional) media consultant and producer with more than twenty years of knowledge and experience as an anchor, host and reporter on radio, TV, industrials and online. He appeared as a sports or news anchor, reporter and/or host on WIIC-TV (Pittsburgh, PA), KPIX-TV, KRON-TV, KGO Radio, HBO, KCBS Radio, ESPN, KICU-TV. He was Creative Producer for American Champion Media’s “Adventures with Kanga Roddy” starring Pat Morita, Jennifer Montana and Karen Lott. In addition, Hutchins spent four years on the Los Gatos Town Council and served as Mayor there in 1999. Most recently he left the Yoga Center of Los Gatos where he served as owner, teacher and manager for 11 years coaching one-on-one the elite of the South Bay. Having the dual experience of covering news and being covered by the media Hutchins has formed insights and understanding expressed in his blog “New Media – Art & Science”. The incentives and other forces affecting the balance between art and science are at the heart of his perspective. Jan Hutchins is newly married (blissfully) at his 64, and lives in San Jose with his 39 years old wife Olga Kostrova.

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    JAN THE WHITE UNITER premieres!

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    The premiere of Jan the White Uniter, the founder of the new professional international ethnonational pan-Aryan lobbying  organization UNITED WHITE, lays out why the salvation of our race and a future for White children is dependent on our ability to come together, to transcend nationality, native language and religion and to fight the judeo-masonic genociders of our people united as one.  United White endeavours to be a professional organization with defined goals, strict policies on member behavior and dress and stated expectations of members.   Disgruntled and dispossessed Whites in Middle America and elsewhere are ready to come out of the closet and put their boots on the street but they will never join historical re-enactors in klan garb and latter day storm trooper outfits.  They will however join an organization where professionality is demanded, where members act normal, dress normal and speak normal.  Utimately our long term goal is to retain control of historic nations in Europe and establish white ethnostates on the North American continent as the multicultural dystopias of the United States and Canada crash and burn.  But our immediate goal is to come together out of love for all those White children who need a future and to create a positive-defined white community.  Nothing strikes fear into the twisted minds of our semitic lords & masters than putting together the words 'United' and 'White'.  Please contact Jan the White Uniter at janthewhiteuniter@gmail.com.    Follow him on Twitter @JanWhiteUniter.  Facebook:  Jan Juniter.  Our motto, the Five Words, "A Future for White Children" (Latin:  Liberis Albis Futura).  Consider starting your own local chapter of UW.  The future is what we make it.  Generations of White chlildren yet unborn are counting on our sacrifice today.  We will be remembered as heroes or zeros

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    RFB Welcomes Jan Rennie of the CDL

    in Politics Conservative

    Jan is the Representative of the Christian Defence League of the UK, and a prolific Voice within ensuring our Judeo-Christian heritage.

    I relate a letter in which we SAY ENOUGH, islam... Oh, the the terrorist, Omar Khadr is geting his eye surgery done on our tax dime...

    My Solo Show where I am left to my own incorrigible devices... No apologies, Folks, as I am always fed up about something...

    I’m the Infidel your imam warned about…

    Mondays at 3PM EDT with Tim Burton, Thursdays, 1PM ET at islam EXPOSED  with Tim Burton and Dave Milner, and Fridays at 7PM where I fly solo.

    Listen to selected shows of the RFB as well at Pundit Press Radio:


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.”

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    "American Horsewomans Challenge" Mary M Jordan-Templeton Thompson-Jim Hutchins

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    Thurs. Aug. 28th Noon CST on EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO

    Host GARY HOLT  welcome singer/songwriter TEMPLETON THOMPSON, Mustang Million winner MARY MILLER JORDAN and AMERICAN HORSEWOMAN'S CHALLENGE creator JIM "HUTCH" HUTCHINS to the Campfire Cafe' to talk about this exciting, first of it's kind New Competition featuring some of the most outstanding and talented Women Horse Trainers in the world.


    Jim "Hutch" Hutchins will tell us how the "American Horsewoman's Challenge" was created and what we can expect to see.  Mary Miller Jordan will talk to us about her journey to her selection as a competitor for the finals and Templeton Thompson will provide the music for todays show and the "American Horsewoman's Challenge".

    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Worlwide Live Online and On Demand

    If you Climb in the Saddle Get Ready for the Ride on Equestrian Legacy Radio


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    Psychics Gone Wild Tuesday Jan Drake Bakke, Linda Irwin & Lynn Bleasdale!

    in Spirituality

    Jan Drake Bakke, Linda Irwin, and Lynn Bleasdale host Psychics Gone Wild on Tuesday at 9pm EST Free Psychic Readings! View www.psychicsgonewild.com !

    Linda Irwin is a paranormal and metaphysical specialist in contact with helpful extra-terrestrials.  She can be found on Continuum X Headquarters on Facebook as well as "Unseen World" group and show on Blog Talk where she is co-administrator and co-host.cntnuumx@frontier.com and http://cntnuumx.wix.com/lindairwin

    Jan Drake Bakke Intutive, Professional Dancer, born into an environment of gov't investigation with a mystical path of extensive experience from the brevity of life and living in the moment to genuine true love and spiritual insight. Ask Jan about personal totems, being "in the zone" and the intuitive abilities of Finding Missing Persons! jandrake007@hotmail.com

    Lynn Bleasdale is an artist, musician, natural healer, and intuitive. She has been in touch with the spirit world since childhood. Lynn and Linda Irwin have been friends for four years with actual work in the astral realm together the last three.  Lynn is a gifted medium open to spirit and guides, and is always there to help give messages to those seeking answers, proving that love never dies and they are always with us and ready to help.  You can also contact her at worklight99@gmail.com and find her at http://lbleasdale.wix.com/lynn

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    Psychics Gone Wild Tuesday Jan , Linda Lynn Guest Cherokee Billie

    in Spirituality

    Linda Irwin is a paranormal and metaphysical specialist in contact with helpful extra-terrestrials.  She can be found on Continuum X Headquarters on Facebook as well as "Unseen World" group and show on Blog Talk where she is co-administrator and co-host.cntnuumx@frontier.com and http://cntnuumx.wix.com/lindairwin

    Jan Drake Bakke Intutive, Professional Dancer, born into an environment of gov't investigation with a mystical path of extensive experience from the brevity of life and living in the moment to genuine true love and spiritual insight.Persons! jandrake007@hotmail.com

    Lynn Bleasdale is an artist, musician, natural healer, and intuitive. She has been in touch with the spirit world since childhood. .  You can also contact her at worklight99@gmail.com and find her at http://lbleasdale.wix.com/lynn

    Cherokee Billie is a world renowned Spiritual Advisor who works with serious individuals interested in their search and quest for information. She offers help through the lens of clairvoyance, self-help, wisdom, philosophy, and spirituality. .http://www.cherokeebillie.com

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    720 Degree Tennis - Jan Brogan - Education of a Tennis Player

    in Sports

    Jan Brogan - Head Coach Women's Tennis Emeritus UC Berkeley. 30 years. Team ranked in top 10 22 years. 1 NCAA singles champion, 4 NCAA doubles champions , numerous PAC 10 championships. Coaching philosophy ; college tennis is a team sport and as such the culture is centered around functioning as a family . I developed personal excellence on and off court.

    Bill Patton is a 26 year veteran of the Tennis Industry. He has a B.S. in Industrial Psychology from CSUEB, and has written a Masters Thesis in Education at National University.  As an Author, Coach, Thought Leader, Tournament Director, etc. he has never stopped working to branch out and learn new things. Bill has written two books so far with more on the way, The Art of Coaching High School Tennis, and Playing Sports Right: Your Way on Amazon.  You can also contact Bill directly for discounted and signed books.  Aside from that Mr. Patton also is an account manager for TennisConnect Professional Services (TCPS, LLC), which provides incredible website services and power components for clubs and tennis professionals.  You can follow Bill on Twitter,  Facebook, and WordPress

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    Jan Ruhe; Wild Horses Cannot Stop You

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    Jan Ruhe started her amazing career in Dallas, Texas. She was a single mother of 3 children and 6 figures in debt when she joined Discovery Toys. Jan became the all time top paid Legacy Diamond in that company over a 30 years career. She has written 14 books on the dynamics of Network Marketing, has been interviewed for numerous magazines and books and has trained over 300,000 distributors all around the globe. Jan is an expert in Network Marketing and shares a treasury of ideas to reach the pinnacle of success in home based businesses. Jan left Discover Toys in 2010 and lives either in her home in Aspen, Colorado, or Sarasota, Florida when not traveling the world. Today Jan is helping her daughter Ashley build a global business in Forever Living Products which is looking to be another huge success. You can learn more about Jan HERE and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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    RPAC: Are We Losing Access to Records? with Jan Alpert

    in History

    Jan Alpert, the chair of the Records Preservation and Access Committe (RPAC), joins Jane this evening to talk about the organization and its mission to preserve open access to records around the country. Jan will discuss the Genealogists' Declaration of Rights, which was announced at the NGS Conference in Richmond, Virginia in May 2014; what it means to genealogists as records are increasingly being closed to the public; and what we can do to help keep records available to us and maintain privacy as the same time. She'll tell us where the current hot spots around the country are.


    To sign the Genealogists' Declaration of Rights: http://bit.ly/gen-declaration  

    "60 Minutes" episode on tax refund fraud:  http://www.cbs.com/shows/60_minutes/video/RzmZGQTr7RPHG2pfxMj4ufrsdTRnQXPd/biggest-irs-scam-around-identity-tax-refund-fraud/

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    The Original BevNat Classic Jan'14/Righteous Consciousness - by Darlene Lawrence

    in Politics Progressive

    Light skin vs Dark skin/ Does Intraracial colorism still exist in modern society (Originally Aired January 13, 2014) join us

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