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    Prof. James Small Interview

    in Culture

    Prof. James Small will be our guest to talk about the "No Indictment" decision in the murder of Eric Garner in New York and some of the early history of Islam.

    The African History Network Show can be heard on Thursdays, 8pm - 11pm EST.  For more information please visit www.TheAfricanHistoryNetwork.com or www.youtube.com/mjrob1914 or give us a call at (313) 462-0003.  You can listen to the show LIVE at 914-338-1375.

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    Jess Jones & Jayali Interview

    in Music

    Jess Jones & Jayali stop by FSC Interview Hour to break in this very new show to talk about their 6TH ANNUAL G.M.S.H. 50-CITY TOUR @ BOURBON & BRANCH IN PHILADELPHIA DECEMBER 12TH

    ‘Get Money Stop Hatin’, the innovative national tour produced by DBBS Entertainment, is currently undergoing its 6th consecutive installment. This critically acclaimed annual tour is producing 57 concerts in 53 cities this year starring Jess J (www.JessJJones.com), Jayali (www.Jayalimusic.com), and some of the most talented artists in independent music.? The fifth date of the tour is Friday, December 12th at Bourbon & Branch in Philadelphia, PA.  This year is making history again as the premiere platform for showcasing independent artists in the United States. Since the official launch in 2009, this tour has produced over 325 concerts in 80+ cities with over 125,000 concert attendees.

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    Author,Wellness Entrepreneur James M. McLester stops by Good Deeds w/Dr. Sunday

    in Motivation

    James Michael McLester is in need of a life-saving kidney transplant.To know James is to know he loves music.  He attended his first rock concert at Tarrant County Convention Center in 1978 at age eleven in Ft. Worth, TX. From that point forward, he knew that is what he was born to do and so he set out to follow his dream to become a 

    rock star.  Those were some turbulent days but, through the grace of God, James has reconciled with his family, long-term girlfriend and is a professional drummer/musician with his Christian band SuperNova Remnant, Temple of BOOM with DJ Drue Mitchell of JUCE TV, 

    Manafest, and the worship team at Crossroads Tabernacle Church. However, when James was in his early thirties, he had a near-death experience soon after being diagnosed with end-stage renal disease.  It was due to mercury toxicity leaching from the many silver fillings drilled into his teeth at a young age.  Fortunately, James has been placed on the list for a kidney transplant at the Texas Transplant Institute in San Antonio.  Though lifesaving, transplantation is enormously expensive.  A campaign has been established in James’ honor with HelpHOPELive, a nonprofit organization that has been assisting the transplant community for 30 years. If you are able and would like to help, please consider making a contribution by calling 800.642.8399 or visit helphopelive.org and search for James 



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    The Sanuces Bloodline Brotherhood Part 17 interview Professor James Simms

    in Sports

    Tune in Monday 12/15/14 to listen to the last episode of the Sanuces bloodline series at 9pm.
    Topic: Final Call
    Exclusive Episode between Professor James Simms and Furqan Shabazz.
    Note: This is the Final Episode of the Sanuces Blood Line series. starting in January 2015. We will start a new series call Doc Magazine Monthly Review where we high light one World Class Sanuces Martial artist or Martial artist from our Urban Street Base Magazine that specialize in Streetology Combat Systems.
    Call 646.716.6825

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    the interview

    in Entertainment

    Why there was such a weird vibe about the movie the interview

  • 01:16

    Interview with the "James Brothas" @ 6:30pm CST

    in Blogs

    Meet the James Brothas...they are definitely the duo you would want to pair up with, they have a lot of projects they are working on, from doing shows, collaborating with other upcoming artists, and promoting just one of their new songs.

    "Oh Yeah".

    The James brothas are very talented and they describe their inspiration of getting into the music industry and how they get their drive to write their music.

    Check out their interview Tuesday- Opentalk2 @ 6:30 pm and nowhiphop.com .- Friday@ 2 pm.

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    M. Bowden: Sunday Sermon

    in Sports

    Start your Sunday off with a little inspirational  sermon by M. Bowden. As he will try to help you get a closer relationship with God.

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    Setting Direction and Managing Change with James M. Kerr

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts Interviews James M. Kerr

    A rapidly shifting and complex economy is ushering in a global restructuring of the business world. In order to keep their organizations vital for the future, executives must respond to this new commercial age by re-imaging their organizations' structures, enhancing product and service offerings, and leveraging emerging technological capabilities.

    Today I am speaking with James Kerr. He is is a management consultant, organizational behaviorist and partner at BlumShapiro. He specializes in strategic planning, corporate transformation, and project and program development. Consulting with many Fortune 100 firms, he has worked with diverse organizations as The Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase, Mitsui Sumitomo, IBM, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    James is the author of The Executive Checklist (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014) as well as three other business texts.

    In The Executive Checklist: A Guide for Setting Direction and Managing Change, James provides a primer for how to set direction and manage change within the 21st century enterprise and he is here to share examples of new organizational concepts being implemented in businesses today and how it's helping them to be better and stay better.

    Today, James is going to share some great stories about his work with companies that we all know, love or loathe.

    Why Cigna made a critical error by letting go of its customer service employees when trying to innovate
    How Dominos, Microsoft, and Nike are using gamification
    PIXAR as the first office built to foster collaboration
    Whole Foods re-envisioning corporate culture through capped executive pay and holacracy
    How Costco and Trader Joe's taking business away from Walmart

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    Interview with James Buffin

    in Self Help

    James is a filmmaker with over 26 years experience and in 2012 has become an advocate for adult survivors of child sexual abuse,James has made a documenary called Dead End Alive. He has much to share with us I look forwared to my Interview with him.



    Please listen to my show you will not be sorry.


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    The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab - Packers Superfan Steve "The Owner" Tate

    in Sports

    "The Mad Scientist of Sports" Nick Ficorelli returns. However, this is not the average everyday sports show he is bringing back to the air waves. "The Mad Scientist" has created his own personal sports lab, and you, the audience, as well as many of his special guests, will be his test subjects. He will throw theories out, and you never know where they will be coming from. He will keep everyone guessing, and he will open his lab to any and all comers. Be prepared for "mad science" of sports at its best.

    This week on "The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab", our special guest will be the one and only Packers Super Fan, Steve "The Owner" Tate (@SteveTheOWNER) to talk about his beloved Green Bay Packers, as well as give a testimonial on the passing of Packers legend Fuzzy Thurston. Also on the show, we have Allie Fontana (@AllieFontana) back for her "Allie's Fantasy Alley" segment at 10:00pm EST, renowned NHL expert and Amazon Best-Selling author Russ Cohen (@sportsology) at 11:00pm EST for some NHL talk and another upcoming book, and FFToolBox's Scott Atkins (@FFToolbox)  at 11:30pm EST to talk about the final leg of the Fantasy Football Word Championships and more.

    The beacons are lit, the experiments will be plenty, the test subjects are ready, and "The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab is open for business.

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    King James Digest

    in Radio

        The King James Digest returns for an update on exactly what's happening with the King James Radio Network in the coming weeks. For more information, you can always visit the King James Radio Network at www.jamesisking.com.


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