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    Just This Word - The Audacity Of Hope - Dr Jamal Bryant

    in Christianity


    Elder Michael Holman of A Wealthy Place COGIC (http://www.wealthy-place.org/ ). The Jurisdiction is the 1st Jurisdiction of East New York of the Church Of God In Christ where the Jurisdicitonal Bishop is Bishop James Gaylord. The Jurisdictional Supervisor is Mother Marcelle Harris. The International Bishop of The Church of God In Christ (http://www.cogic.org/ ) is Bishop Charles Edward Blake. The International Supervisor is Mother Willie May Rivers.

    Elder Holman Shares in a series called, "Just This Word with Elder Holman". We share a message from Dr Jamal Bryant, " The Audacity Of Hope". We will whenever possible try to Broadcast Audio via BlogTalkRadio and Broadcast Video via our ComF5 Live Broadcast Channel

    Go to the link to enjoy a short clip from "Wealthy Place" by LaShun Pace and Edwin Hawkins based on Psalm 66:10,12 which is also our Ministry, A Wealthy Pace ® and Registered Trademark

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    You Can Make A Difference - Dr. Jamal Watson

    in Motivation

    We are living in a world that is fraught with dangers and all sorts of personal and global challenges. Today's show, featuring the award winning writer and lecturer, Dr. Jamal Watson, is designed to empower and inspire you to make a difference in whatever way you can.  Let me stress that change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.  A favorite example is Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat on a city bus to a white person. The rest is history.  You, too, can make history.

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    A Dominanting Artist "JAKEEM JAMAL JORDAN with Apostle Natalie Young

    in Lifestyle

    Join Apostle Natalie Young  hosting "A Dominanting Artist "JAKEEM JAMAL JORDAN "  @ www.RHLMinistryRadio.com Ja’keem Jordan  his stage name “The Psalmist” Ja’keem Jordan his stage name “The Psalmist” is an American gospel singer, composer and arranger. Ja’keem’s mother is the Founder/Performing Arts Program Director of Community Outreach Youth Program, Inc. COYP). . Ja’Keem composed songs such as gospel- r&b, pop, rap and contemporary gospel songs, one of them being, “J.E.S.U.S.” In 2011, Ja’Keem began touring independently around South Florida with his two hit singles “J.E.S.U.S.” and “Impossible”. In 2012, his single “J.E.S.U.S.” and “Impossible both” aired on 104.7 the flame and 91.1 radio stations. In 2013, Ja’keem opened up for “The Heart of the Champion” at the Sunrise Theatre a promotional movie premier, alongside Ryan Toby best known for playing Wesley Glen Ahmal James in the 1993 film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit and Jo Marie Payton, television actress, and singer, who starred most notably as Harriette Winslow in Family Matters. Thereafter, Ja'keem appeared on Remnant House Living Inc., International Radio Show hosted by Natalie Young. In 2015 Contact Ja'Keem @ (772) 267-3121 or email me at jakeemjordan@yahoo.com




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    " The Joy of Kingdom Dominion " with Godz Messenger Jamal Seymour

    in Lifestyle

    Join  Apostle Natalie Young as she host The Joy of Kingdom Dominion with Dr. of the art "Godz Messenger Jamal Seymor. " Pastor Seymor is multi talented including a gifted Talk Show Host, a Christian / Gospel Recording Artist, Rapper, Teacher, Preacher, Dancing, Song Writing, Acting, Basketball, Spokes Model, Chess, Xbox, Playstation 3 playing. Master! He makes an All-In-One Dominion Kingdom Christmas Gift to RHL Ministry Radio. Find Jamal Seymour at: http://www.godzmessenger.com / http://Myspace.com/godzmessenger@yahoo.com

    http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore / http://facebook.com/GodzMessengerJamalSeymour


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    Radio Drama "Seymour: The Guinea Pig" - 3pm PST

    in Entertainment

    From May 26th, 2012


    Synopsis:  Seymour, A laboratory Guinea Pig, is adopted by an Animal Rights Activist.  In his new home, he rooms with two other Guinea Pigs that have started a special fraternity called "Kavy Kappa".  To earn his place, Seymour must undergoe an initiation ritual.  But can he survive living up to their standards?  Along the way, he receives help from an unlikely spirit.

    Rated:  Public for all ages

    Written By:  Phoebe Murer

    Adapted By:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Starring:  Phoebe Murer and Tim Pylypiuk

    Music By:  Tim Burton, Gavin Friday & Maurice Seezer, Tennesse Earl Ford, Chris Montez, and The Carpenters

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    Seymour Snott rejoins Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    Making his way back to Turnbuckle Turmoil is GOUGE star Seymour Snott. He is coming off of a big win against Priest at the GOUGE show. You see his autographed picture each week on The Sign of the Times. He is the original breaker of John Cena's nose. He's one of our favorite guests. Get ready to have some fun as we welcome back Seymour Snott.

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    Solutions For Our Lives, Open Forum, Not Juz Talk

    in Culture

    1st Hour: Henry Haseeb and Dr. Jamal Rasheed discuss "Solutions For Our Lives"

    2nd Hour: Rebroadcast: Open Forum

    3rd Hour: Not Juz Talk

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    RingNews24 Boxing Radio

    in Sports

    Anthony George, A.K.A. Zute, is your host for the boxing show that brings you the sweet science straight up with no twists. Ron Christian is the guest analyst. Ron is one of the best commentators in boxing and has wealth of knowledge to share about the sweet science. Ron and I will talk about the light heavyweight dvision. With Andre Ward set to fight in March, and a fight with Sergey Kovalev looming, will this be the year of the light heavyweight?  Michelle "Shelito's Way" Vincent is our featured guest. Shelly is an undefeated female boxer who is knocking on the door of super stardom. Shelly is primed to faced other top female fighter Heather Hardy in 2016. Shawn "Killer Cam" Cameron & Louie Burke are also scheduled to appear. Killer Cam is a former Iraq War Veteran and is trying to make his way on the boxing scene. A popular fighure in New York, Shawn is a fight or two away from greater exposure. Louie Burke is a former boxer who has turned trainer. Louie has faced the likes of Freddie Roach & Hector Camacho and now is a respectable trainer. We close the show Ringside With Jeff Bumpus.  Former pugilist and author of Becomming Taz: Writing From the Southpaw Stance, Jeff will break down Tuesday's PBC card on FS1. Find out what Jeff thinks of Lightweight Prospect Jamal Herring. Boxing News.

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    Big Blue Views - SB50 - Good & Bad;FLA report; UL Sanctions;Kelli McDowell-ASOB

    in Sports

    Kristin and Michele have a full slate of topics tonight, including Super Bowl 50 - what was good, what was bad and of course, commercials we loved.

    Tonight we welcome A Sea Of Blue's Kelli McDowell (@kellibeth).  Kelli has covered most of UK Hoops' games this season, so we will get her thoughts & Insights on the season thus far & how she views Coach Mitchell's chances of finally getting over the hump & getting the Cats to a Final Four. 

    UL self-imposed a post-season ban.  Was this fair to the players?  If not, how would you suggest the school handle the situation?  We want to hear YOUR views.

    Friday was the unveiling of the new UK logo & "secondary" logo.  As expected, this was received by fans with very mixed results.  Love it, hate it or just don't care?  Let us know how you feel!

    After a stinging loss (giving up a 21 point lead for crying out loud!), the Cats bounced back in a big way on Saturday when they stomped the Gators.  Kristin and Michele were there covering the game for CMR and will give you their eyewitness account of the events.

    As always, we will have talk about UK Hoops and lots more college basketball happenings.  Call in and have your views heard: 646-716-4741


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    NLP Podcast Episode 18: Do the New York Knicks Still Belong to Carmelo Anthony?

    in Basketball

    With the fourth pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks selected Kristaps Porzingis to an array of boos, and quietly reinvented their team in the process. Competing for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, the No Look Pass Podcast is curious what the team that occupies MSG has to offer to the playoff picture. Is Arron Afflalo this generations Jamal Crawford? Can Three Six Latvia kill a White Walker? Should the Knicks consider moving Carmelo Anthony?

    With the trade deadline approaching, the fellas will also build on their segment from last week, where they proposed a few teams that should make a move, and provide a couple of hypothetical trades with the help of the almighty trade machine.

    Follow the podcast on twitter @NLPPodcast and listen to archived episodes at WRSPN.com

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    THE PEOPLE vs OJ SIMPSON - HE DID IT (or did he?)

    in Entertainment

    Of all the cast members in “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” Cuba Gooding, Jr. may have the toughest challenge: He has to embody someone everyone has an opinion on. But guilty or innocent, Gooding says he’ll never reveal his true feelings about the case — or the former Heisman trophy winner, who’s now in prison on an unrelated charge. It's an ALL-STAR cast let me tell  you from John Travolta to Bruce Greenwood to David Schwimmer to Malcolm Jamal Warner plus so many others.

    This case is definetly a "where were you when that white Bronco was driving slowly down the highway?". It was just a few years after the L.A. Riots and which I feel affected why the case was aquitted. 

    Do  you have your own thoughts?? Please email The Crystal Show: thecrystalshow1@gmail.com

    We want to hear from YOU!!