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    G3 Podcast - 8/14/2014 - Gamescom, Parrot Minidrones, Robin Williams, Lays Chips

    in Video Games

    We back!  Well Matt and Beau are back. Christine is busy drunk somewhere in Las Vegas, and Randal and Beau might be playing Amazing Race.

    On this edition of the G3 Podcast, we'll talk about some of the announcements this year at Gamescom, primarily focusing on Sony and Microsoft. Then, Matt took some of the new Parrot Minidrones for a test spin.  Is this worth the price of admission? 

    Then...CHIPS!  Lay's Canada has narrowed down their flavour search to the following:

    -Jalapeno Mac n Cheese
    -Bacon Poutine
    -Cinnamon Bun

    Hopefully by the time the show starts, Matt will have his hands on all four bags and will do some live taste testing on the air!  If not...uh...we'll remove this preview like it never happened.

    We'll also take some time to talk about the tragic loss of Robin Williams and chat with Beau about what's on his mind and what he's been playing around with lately!

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    Facebook: The G3 Podcast

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    Radio Show: Which Road Will You Take When You Come To That Fork in the Road?

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    How creating a roadmap for your life will help you at those forks in the road.
    How an imbalance in one area of your life can affect other areas.
    How to incorporate simple yet delicious foods into your day to help during those crossroads.

    Background and Guest Information:

    Many—perhaps even most—people who have come to embrace a healthier lifestyle arrived at their “fork in the road” because of an event in their lives. For some individuals a serious condition such as a frightening diagnosis or morbid obesity thrusts them into an I’m-willing-to-try-anything place.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Sheree Clark as they discuss the reasons that bring you to a place where you are looking at the direction you are going. A healthier lifestyle is about more than just what you put in your mouth. 

    You can sign up for Sheree’s monthly e-zine, “That’s Forkin’ Amazing,” at her website,“Fork in the Road”.  You can also get her award-winning recipe for Chocolate Jalapeno Poppers, along with the recipe of the week.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that food plays in your health, and strategies for planning your meals for you to live your life full of energy and vitality.

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    Let's Do Lunch! at Snowvillage Inn

    in Entertainment

    Let's Do Lunch! visits Max's Restaurant where guests and locals alike are welcome to dine at Snowvillage Inn in Snowville, New Hampshire. A wood-burning stove sits in the middle of the dining room to warm up diners from the snowy cold. Chef Ben Frieden looks more like a rock star with his tattoos and long hair but his skills are evident, enthusiastically serving a delicious tasting menu starting with Flatbread topped with blueberry infused sauce and pulled pork. Thai influenced, Ben creatively substitutes coconut water for veg stock. The main course was pan-roasted snapper with Tom Kha inspired flavors of jalapeno, lime and coconut over basmati rice. Green-lipped mussels are Ben's favorite with roasted garlic and tomato, and a beautiful split caesar with half a head of romaine, lightly seared on the grill topped with homemade dressing, sweet and sour pickled onions, white anchovies and oh so thin and crispy prosciutto. Dessert was a sinful hot brownie sundae and maple ginger brulee.

    Owners Kevin Flynn and Jen Kovach met saving the Eaton Village Country store. The Inn which dates back to 1902 has been welcoming guests since 1948 by Max & Greta Pluss. Kevin tells Robin there is talk that Greta has haunted the Inn, but in a friendly way of course! Ghosts aside, Kevin and Jen make their guests feel right at home, decorating it with family photos. Disconnecting from the hustle and bustle is what it's about at The Snowvillage Inn so there are no TVs but you can snuggle up with a good book hand picked by Jen's mother, 'the book whisperer.'  The Presidential mountain range including Mt. Washington which you can see on a very clear day make for gorgeous views. It is a perfect getaway from New York City but also ideal for country weddings, and parents visiting their kids in nearby summer camps.

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    The Secret Behind the Hottest Business in Fort Mill, South Carolina

    in Food

    Meet Smokin' Ed Currie, who proudly holds the Guinness World Record for hottest chili on Earth. On the Scoville heat scale, where zero is bland and a regular jalapeno pepper registers close to 5,000 units, Currie's world-record batch of "Carolina Reapers" comes in at a tongue-tingling 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units. Currie worked more than four years to produce a true scorcher of a pepper - and he regularly eats five of them a day! Join host Kelly Scanlon as she discusses peppers with the owner and proprietor of the PuckerButt Pepper Company in Fort Mill, S.C. 

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    Stress Resiliency

    in Nutrition

    In this episode of Stark Naked Radio, Brad Davidson and Todd Vande Hei discuss “stress resiliency.”  They also discuss various tools which can be used to help with highly stressed individuals.
    Technology discussed:  the emWave by Heart Math
    Supplements:  OptiFiber by Xymogen and SerenX by Xymogen
    Recommended reading:  Why Isn’t My Brain Working
    Recipe of the week:  Jalapeno Dove Poppers
    New term:  ”Brain Plasticity” [...]

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    Cooking with Cleo: What's She Cookin' Up Now?!

    in Cooking

    Hello My Dears!!  It's been quite sometime since we've gone into the kitchen together!!
    LIVE from my home kitchen to your living room! And if you love to cook, tune in and cook with me.
    I've got a few SURPRISES under my skillet so make sure you tune in!
    Much Love,

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    in Education

    30 Min Show - Each week the experts will pick one disaster scenario and equip you with the gear and tactics to research and develop to survive and thrive.
    https://www.gear2surviveshop.com/   On Tonight's Show: Mora and Svord Knives - 'Swedish and New Zealand Made' Our gear supplier is one of the top in the country and out tactics instructor is prior sf who has been performing tactical training for over 20 years.
    Special Guest: Jalapeno Gal of  http://jalapenogal.blogspot.com/
    Andre of
    And More...
    Madtown Preppers eStore: http://astore.amazon.com/madtoprepp-20

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    The Business Forum Show live from Pour! Wine Bar and Bistro

    in Business

    Join Kevin Hunter, David Ford, Amy Nelson, and Jeff Johnson as we broadcast live from Pour! Wine Bar and Bistro in Otsego, MN. If you haven't visited this fine new restaurant yet, you're missing out! Join us from 5 - 8:30pm as we visit with Phil Lutgen and his staff, and many of the dining guests during this onsite broadcast of The Business Forum Show!
    Ever had a glass of 'Hell Yeah'? This is the place to do it! The most popular wine on the menu here at Pour! Wine Bar and Bistro, and 60 other amazing wines to choose from.
    Start off your meal with something off the SMALLS menu, like Avocado Wontons with Cream Cheese and Spicy Strawberry Tarragon reduction, or Walleye Cakes with Panko, Fire Roasted Pepper, and Creme Fraiche. For you beef lovers, there's Korean Town Beef Skewers roasted in jalapeno, with a Ginger Scallion Dipping Sauce. Is your mouth watering yet?
    Too many Mediums and Entrees to mention, and a kids menu to boot. Bring out a business guest for a stylish place to chat and make that next great deal... and you'll wind up with an opportunity to chat with our show hosts.
    Tonight only here at the Pour! Wine Bar and Bistro in Otsego, MN. 5-8pm Wednesday, May 15th. We promise you won't be disappointed!

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    in Education

    LOST THE FEED AND BOARD WITH SERVER... SORRY, CATCH US NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! Gear 30 Min Show - Each week the experts will pick one disaster scenario and equip you with the gear and tactics to research and develop to survive and thrive. https://www.gear2surviveshop.com/ Our gear supplier is one of the top in the country and out tactics instructor is prior sf who has been performing tactical training for over 20 years.
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    Contact: info@nebudchenezzarshipworks.com

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    Carolyn Brown is the Queen of Cowboy Romance

    in Books

    New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author and RITA Finalist, Carolyn Brown, has published more than sixty books. Brown writes both historical and contemporary sweet romance books for Montlake Romance and cowboy and country music romance books for Sourcebooks: The Lucky Trilogy, the Honky Tonk Series and the Spikes & Spurs Series. The Cowboys & Brides series will kick off in June with The Billion Dollar Cowboy. Recently she made her fist foray into women's fiction book with a humorous friendship novel, The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee. Sequels, The Red Hot Chili Cook-Off  and The Yellow Rose Barbecue Ball (TBD) will follow!

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    Situational Preparedness

    in Education

    Join us Live Wednesday 5P CST - Call in Skype or Chat
    Seismic/Nuclear Update - USAEBN News Hour Review
    Asteroid Update - madtownpreppers.blogspot
    Tim from Honeyville Grains - Long Term Food Supplies - www.HoneyvilleGrain.com
    Jalapeno Gal from
    Jalapeño Gal's Way of Living
    News and Alert Updates
    +Situational Preparedness +Madtown Preppers
    FB: Madtown Preppers madtownpreppers.blogspot.com
    "There's a Difference between Knowing the Path, and Walking the Path." - Morpheus
    We will follow You,
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