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    Willie Lawson Show - What IS Our Purpose?

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    Tonight we explore the purpose of the Willie Lawson Show mission and talk the direction of the Independent Conservative Movement.  With the 2014 election looming, the importantace and the effectiveness of the ICM is indeed in question. Tonight we make an appeal to cover our budget shortfall of $301.00. to help us tonight go to www.willielawsonshow.com


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    Willie Lawson Show - $5 Friday

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    Today we wrap up the week.  We also spend some time challenging my listens to 5 dollar Friday.  give $5 to the Willie Lawson Show Fundraising effort and then challenge your friends to do the same.  Positive peer presure is always fun to watch.  It made millions for ALS.  We are just looking for a couple hunded. 

    So, if you are a member of Americans for Prosperity American Majority, Liberty News, Tea Party Express, Urban Game Changers, Republican Party, Libertarian, this is your chance to put up or shut up. 

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    Jake Ryan Fancalls

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight for fancalls with Actor || Model || Host • Just a boy on an adventure who cares enough to try Jake Ryan.

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    Willie Lawson Show Marathon - Fundraising Thursday Part One

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    TOday we here at the Willie Lawson Show are ready to put in our work with six hours of broadcasting to bring attention to the importance of independent media and the Willie Lawson Show.

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    Willie Lawson Show - Obama Dogs Out Illegals And they are pissed!

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    Be calm everyone, President hs decided ro use immigration as a 2014 election issue.  He has announced that he will not continue to break the law with another executive action, to act on illegal immigration.  And boy the tribe is pissed! Well, Willie has a plan, come here it today and share it with your friends.  It is past time to take this issue away from the liberal left and put it in the hands of responsible adults.

    Today is also the start to our 10/25 Subscription campaign as well.  Be a part of history and subscribe to the Willie Lawson Show

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    The Mike Boyle Show with Special Guest Jake Vivera

    in Comedy

    Guys tonight we have Jake Vivera oriinally from Ohio this guy is currently making a name for himself in NYC...  Come see what the fuss is all about.  We also have a Mike Boyle Show exclusive interview with Dave Attell.  Join us tonight 9PM Eastern!!!  Click the title link to listen live, call us at 310-807-5150 or listen to the archives anytime.  See you there!!!

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    Ep 3: College, Social Issues, and Professional Tarot with guest Jake Kent

    in Spirituality

    Join us Thursday Dec 18 7pm EST (Friday 9am Japanese Time) at Divination Radio with your hosts, Fiona Benjamin (Chinese-American Diviner) and Houngan Michael Lennon (Cartomancer).

    This week we are joined by young professional tarot reader and college student, Jake Kent who will touch upon some of the struggles he has dealt with being a reader of younger age trying to balance having a job and getting a college degree. He will share some of his personal experiences of sensitive issues with us from coming out of the tarot closet to how it has affected some of his personal relationships and how it has helped shaped him to the young professional he is today. 

    Jake Kent has been reading Tarot since the age of thirteen and fell in love with the metaphors and symbolism found in them. Jake has a love of creating spreads for his sessions and using the cards in a myriad of ways, from writer’s block to predictive readings. Jake believes that the cards are a direct link to spirit and that readers interpret the messages in them for their clients. Over the years he has explored his intuitive and psychic readings and found great success in connecting these readings to the Tarot.

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    Willie Lawson Show - What Can We Do From Here?

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    It's National Podcast Day!  Although the Willie LawsonShow is not by defitiion a podcast we are going to talk about the power of this medium in changing the conversation in America.

    Thank you to DraftKings  www.willielawsonshow.com click on the DraftKings banner and use the code "GoLong2014"

    Thank you to The Red River Chronicle. www.theredriverchronicle.com


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    URN Radio Show-Jake Fife/Savannah Paranormal Investigations

    in Paranormal

    Join Jeff, Matt, Howard & The Paranormal Outlaw as they discuss all things paranormal and seek answers into the unknown! Our guests tonight are Jake Fife and later members of Savannah Paranormal Investigations. Jake is one of the youngest investigators in Virgina and also runs Virginia Paranormal Researcher and Virginia Paranormal Assembly on Facebook.  S.P.I.R.I.T. is a Community Service organization that aides a resident or business owner in determining an unexplained phonomena. We do this by using equipement that will show changes in enviromental and nonenviromental possiblilties in and around a determined location.We do not use or allow ouija boards, mediums, tarot cards or hold a seance. To ensure the safety of clients and members against unexplained circumstances using the best possible scientific methods available.

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    The Willie Lawson Show - Wacko Network Premier

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    Today we premeir on the Wonderful Wacko Network.  Thank you Bob g. and his band of Wacko Warriors as they welcome us to the Wack Network.

    Today we give our new listeners a taste of what we do here on the Willie Lawson Show.

    We will start with some conservative coaching on strategy leading up to the November elections.

    We will also spend some time talking about Urban Game Changer - Florida


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    Conversations with Kimberla Lawson Roby

    in Entertainment

    Join the Ladies as they welcome New York Times Bestselling, Author Kimberla Lawson Roby to the show! Kimberla is a 2013 NAACP Image Award Winner for Outstanding Literary Work – Fiction, the recipient of the 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013 Author of the Year – Female award presented by the African-American Literary Award Show in New York, the recipient of the2014 AAMBC Award for Female Author of the Year, the recipient of the Blackboard Fiction Book of the Year Award in 2001 for CASTING THE FIRST STONE, the recipient of the 1998 First-Time Author Award from Chicago’s Black History Month Book Fair and Conference, and in 2001, Kimberla was inducted into the Rock Valley College Alumni Hall of Fame (Rockford, IL). Listen in and discover what makes Kimberla a positive influence in the Literary Industry, what she has planned next and why you should be reading her works. Set your reminders and get ready for another  SMOKING segment of the Truth Be Told.

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