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    #206 Living as Sacred Dreaming with Jai Cross

    in Spirituality

    Living as Sacred Dreaming (December 12) – We live on multiple planes simultaneously. Many people energetically anchor themselves in consensual reality, which greatly limits their ability to think for themselves, to explore different ways of being, and to activate their visionary potential. Life is most magical and rewarding when we dream big and then manifest those dreams into physical reality.

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    #197 Cultivating Sacred Passion with Jai Cross

    in Spirituality

    Cultivating Sacred Passion (October 10) – Most Westerners carry a backload of repressed emotions, as if dragging a heavy sledge behind them. By clearing out this unacknowledged and unexpressed baggage, we can live in wonder in the present moment. Once freed from old emotional residues and taints, an innate sense of wonder encourages us to fully feel our emotions as they arise, to express our feelings without guilt, and to live from our passions.

    Exploring Sacred Topics with Jai Cross is a deep investigation into parameters that influence our lives every day. Each month, you will be encouraged to deepen your relationship with the monthly theme by assessing your current situation and making conscious choices concerning how you wish to relate in the future. We will focus on each specific topic by

    * discussing its importance and relevance to daily life

    * performing specific energetic practices to awaken appropriate perceptions and awareness

    * activating our personal potential to become and express more of our true selves

    * promoting balance between body, heart, mind, and spirit

    Every one of these Human Spirit Radio Network presentations will be available in audio and video formats, and you can listen to them in the archives at your convenience. As true of all HSRN offerings, these broadcasts are offered without any charge or obligation.

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    The Golden Age Music Show with Jai Uttal-4 Nov

    in Spirituality

    SuNite, 4 November 2012
    From 7 – 8:30pm AZT
    On Spiritual Image Production’s BlogTalkRadio
    Call in & Win a FREE album!
    ***The Aloha Special!!!  The first three callers to make a song request will get a copy of “Queen of Hearts” by Jai Uttal
    “The Golden Age Music Show” is dedicated to featuring spiritual/inspirational music with the focus of sending love, light, blessings, healing and Angels of Light/Love to your family, friends, etc. in the form of song requests…so stop by and make your song requests.
    This month we’re featuring Jai Uttal’s “Queen of Hearts” (Nutone Records) which has a musical ‘style’ of mixing reggae, ska and samba rhythms used as a backdrop for call and response, dance-oriented traditional Bengali Kirtan.  Along, with the marriage of India and Brazil put together, and you’ve got Queen Of Hearts!  Grammy nominated Jai Uttal (2002 Mondo Rama) is a pioneer in the world music community with his eclectic “East-meets-West” sound.......for more on this story go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/TheGoldenAgeMusicShow
    For more on Jai Uttal’s “Queen of Hearts” go to www.jaiuttal.com
    For More Visit Us @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events

    Additionally, join Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head in the Crystal Skull 2012 and Beyond Online Conference on December 1st & 2nd

    Andrew Aloha

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    #201 Exploring Sacred Topics with Jai Cross: Developing Sacred Power

    in Spirituality

    Developing Sacred Power (November 14) – As young children, we are so receptive that we absorb beliefs and behaviors without much filtering or conscious choosing. When our core beliefs come to include doubts around our self-worth, our connection to sacred power is greatly compromised. Luckily we can purify that divine channel and reclaim the full measure of vitality that is our human birthright.

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    Tantalizing Tuesday; Special Guest Judi Jai

    in Music

      Tantalizing Tuesday. This week Hype Mic Radio will be talking to the fabulous  the beautiful  Judi Jai  The Voodoo Vixen. STAR of Bad Girls Club: New Orleans Season 7 ,BGC LOVE GAMES, BGC ALL STARS  and BGC Redemption, . I GOT THE VOODOO FOR YOU B*****!,,,Yaasss!!,,,She will be on the show talking about her latest grinds,,,hot topics,,,,and we all wonna know whats up with the new BGC Redemption Tho!!!! Tune in to find out!!!! also be sure to check out BGC REDEMPTION,,,Every Tuesday at 8/7c I got da exclusives only on Hype Mic Radio!!!!

    Like Hype Mic Radio

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HypeMicRadio

    Twitter: @ladyflame11

    Stay Connected with da #1 Vixen herself!!!!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialJudiJai

    Twitter: @JUDiJAiKRAZi

    Instagram:IG: missjudijai

    Website: http://www.sojudijai.com

    Season 13,,BGC Redemption



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    2 minutes with Actor Michael Jai White

    in Entertainment

    Michael Jai White was one of many celebrities that stopped by radio row during The Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards. Press play now to find out about life on the set of Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married and the chemistry on screen chemistry he shares with actress Tasha Smith. White has a new movie that you won't want to miss. Listen in now for all the details.

    Show host: @AlysseStewart


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    Full Sport Press: NBA Scandals/ 2014 NBA WAG's- 12.8.2014

    in Sports

    Join Coach Lock, Jai-Hov and the producer of the show @howezzy26 as they analzye the biggest NBA scandals like Malice in Palace, Sprewell choking PJ Carlisemo, Tim Donaghy fixing games, The Atlanta Golden Club and many more. The guys at FSP will also rank the NBA's Top 10 WAGs and last but not least discuss the hottest sports topics of the week.  #fsp #fullsportpress #nba #podcast #sportstalk #entertainment

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    Everything with Kathy B The Ladies Lounge with Denisha Hardeman & Latise Howie

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! It's going down in The Ladies Lounge tonight.

    Up first we have Hollywood Actress of Django Unchained, Denisha Hardeman.  Denisha is doing it all. An Executive Assistant to Paula Jai Parker, a Producer who has produced and cast pilots, features, and tv shows including TV One’s new show “Hollywood Divas" & much more. Denisha continues to write and recently formed a production company with her manager Azim Latif entitled “Kiss and Tell Productions.” Denisha is starring in many movies being released later this year and early next year. Join us to hear Denisha's amazing journey.

    At 7:15, one of our favorite Authors is back in the studio to continue the discussion of her recently released book from her, "The Chronicles Series" Side Tracked- Ms. Latise Howie. Tune in to see if you relate to one of Latise's characters from her book.  You don't want to miss this show.  Two Dynamic Guests, One Dynamic Host.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.


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    Books Talk about The Hustle: A Means To An End with Authors Donisha & Jai

    in Books

    Host Sapphire J. Blue reviews and gets into The Hustle: A Means To An End with authors Donisha Council and Jai Darlene. They will talk the inspiration for this new release and what brought the two together to form this wonderful collaboration. On the hills of their Spotlight Week in the FB book club Fun4DaMentals, our listeners get a chance to meet these two dynamic and power lady authors and to be inspired and motivated by their awesome story.

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