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    **Jah-El Heru Uhuru ** aka ** JahStayingElev8ted**

    in Culture

    Greetings Dear Family ,,  Please tune in to hear one of our  extraordinary young Brothers who has a very fascinating lifestory to share with us. I was very surprised to hear that he was a gangbanger is his earlier years because he is an absolute scholarly Brother today. I'd like to refer to him as an old soul because he is thoroughly rich in knowledge of past history events and he speaks as if he was there. He is currently a college student at  Wayne State University working on obtaining a Degree in Engineering . He mentors youth who are or have been involved in gang activity, to help them turn their lives around.. Also a member of the Marcus Garvey RBG and Moderator/Administrator of TheDropSquad.com..     Join me in welcoming Jah-El Heru Uhuru *aka* JahSatyingElev8ted**

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    ** Tribute to the Drop Squad**

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    Greetings to all,   Please join me as I pay tribute to the Drop Squad**  I will be joined by the Administrators of this extraordinary website, GODZULU ( Administrator) and co- administrators** JahStayingElev8ted**, and ESTELLELIGHT... In my opinion, this is one the greatest sites on the internet.. It is Unapologetically African,, an intellectual representation of our Ancestors,, inclusive of Black/African people of all walks of life... You will find pages dedicated to some of our Greats such as Marcus Garvey, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Dr. John Henrik Clarke,Dr.Amos N. Wilson, Malcolm X,Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, and many, many more. Many of the members have created beautiful pages that take you on a journey from the Majesty of the Pyramids to events occuring in the modern times.. This site also promote many of the blogtalk shows, so to all hosts who are promoted, feel free to call in and show gratitude... 

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    in Self Help

    Given the overwhelming amount of "negativity" surrounding us as Afreekan Descendants, one has to wonder...HOW DO WE DO IT?
    Stay alive, fight, strive…for something DIFFERENT or BETTER?
    What are the THOUGHTS you have that help sustain your desire to remain on this planet? What are the ACTIVITIES you engage that feed your Afreekan SPIRIT?
    Brother JahStayingElev8ted will join M.E. in the RE~Covery Room to share his E.S.P. related to STAYING ELEVATED….SPIRITUALLY ….in this sea of shyt called racism/white supreme lunacy.
    Come on out and get some inspiration from one who stays active assuring we get the DROP on happenings in the “conscious collective” and the knowledge of those who came before us and those amongst us now. 
    He functions as an admin with the DROP SQUAD and has a power-filled story to share with us.
    Call in # 347-327-9927 to listen, ask questions or share.

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    Ban black racists day

    in Politics Conservative

    Everyday, we shall ban radical black racists. But we may hold that ban to the maximum on that day. I shall come down on the idiots like Wheelock, Jahstayingelev8ted, reali-tee, Kalaidiot, Scotty Terrorist Reid, African Bin Ladin and the New Black Panthers Party

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    Absolute and Cranberry

    in Social Networking

    Special guest: Mr. JahStayingElev8ted and his week in review.