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    Talk of the Town - The NAACP , what does it mean in Paterson N.J.

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    This is a long awaited show that has had so many changes that it had to be postponed twice but it is ready to air now..

    Brent Nation and Dave Gilmore will discuss the organization and what it means in Paterson N.J.

    The election for a new president!

    The effectiviness / ineffectiviness of the currant present!

    The direction the organization is headed in it't currant state.

    With election to select a new president for the city’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) just two weeks away, some African-American community leaders say incumbent president Kenneth Clayton has a thin record for action.

    Clayton, who has been president for two-terms, has been absent from major community issues, said David Gilmore, city activist. Gilmore said the organization has been silent on too many issues: the shooting death of Jacoby Hyatt, who was wounded in the abdomen, according to police reports, but was shot in the back, said the activist; the death of Randolph Waddy, who was chased while on a motorcycle by two volunteer auxiliary police officers resulting in a crash – the two officers were never charged with causing Waddy’s death.

    Gilmore also stated that the chapter has not been taking an active role in increasing educational attainment in the community. “Where is the NAACP in terms of voice for the lack of educational outcomes?” asked Gilmore, citing the 19 students, who were deemed college ready.

    Former state senate candidate Lynda Gallashaw said the only two issues the organization played an active role in was in boycotting a local tabloid and standing on the side of two youngsters involved in an animal cruelty incident. “When the incident with the Rutgers girls’ basketball team was under attack by a radio announcer, the Hackensack chapter had to take on the issue for Paterson players

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    Yankees sign Ellsbury - 12/4/13

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    Jacoby Ellsbury signed with the New York Yankees. My reaction on Wednesday's show, and some inside information on how much the Red Sox pursued re-signing him. I was joined by CSNNE.com columnist Rich Levine, NY Yankees writer Neil Keefe, and Comcast SportsNet Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely. Listen every weekday from Noon-2pm on the new DigRadioBoston at DigBoston.com. The replay of every show is available on iTunes.

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    YGY Series Preview Show: Orioles-Yankees (9/22-9/25)

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    On this episode of the Yanks Go Yard Series Preview Show, brought to you by Knoda.com, host and senior staff writer Ricky Keeler recaps the New York Yankees' past series against the Toronto Blue Jays and gives his thoughts on Masahiro Tanka's first start since he partially tore his UCL back in July. Plus, with the injuries to Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, and Mark Teixeira, who should fans be keeping an eye on for the offense in the final week of the season. It will be an emotional final series for fans as Derek Jeter will be playing his final home series as the Captain and shortstop of the Bronx Bombers. 

    Then, Domenic Vadala, the editor of Birds Watcher joins the show to look ahead to the Orioles' final series against the Yankees this season. Baltimore is already in the postseason after clinching the AL East title for the first time since 1997. What are Domenic's thoughts on the Chris Davis suspension and how big a hit is it for Buck Showalter's lineup, the O's potential playoff rotation, and what roster spots are potentially up for grabs for that postseason roster? Plus, what will be his memories of Derek Jeter? 

    You can also voice your opinion during the LIVE Show by calling us at (347)-324-5455 or tweeting us at: @YGYRadioShow! 

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    Tuff-N-Uff Jamie Moyle, Glory 17 Dustin Jacoby, TUF Brazil, Bellator 121

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    Fight Fans lock it in to Iconici Radio MMA Thursday at 7:30pm MST with hosts Naiya Marcelo,  Syndee and Poetrynmotion as they bring you the latest ufc news, mma fight news and MMA rumors this week. Special guests Tuff-N-Uff WMMA fighter Jamie Moyle and Glory 17 Dustin Jacoby.

    Jamie Moyle will be fighting for her chance to win an Invicta FC contract on June 7th for Tuff-N-Uff's 20th Anniversary. Jamie will be facing Molly Wren-Holmes in a Strawweight bout. She trains at non other but Vegas top gym Syndicate MMA some of the best MMA and WMMA fighters out there. Jamie has some of the sharpest technique in amature MMA.

    Dustin Jacoby will be fighting in Glory 17 on June 21st in Los Angeles, California. He is of a rare breed of fighter who is looking to excel in multi combat sports. Dustin's love has always been in MMA. He is currently fighting under the World Series of Fighting banner. However, Feburary 2013 he found success in kickboxing also and is rising up the ranks in Glory. Dustin trains out of Factoy X in Englewood, CO with coach Marc Montoya.

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    TechReact Enterprise Technology News

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    Cisco, HP Use Shadow IT as a Roadmap

    Employees often skirt around the IT department and find their own cloud services, apps or other technologies because they need tools to do their jobs that the IT department doesn’t provide. This so-called shadow IT can be a nightmare for CIOs because corporate data could reside in insecure applications or services and be vulnerable to hackers.

    "Some organizations use [tools] so they can stop people from doing things but we use it to help shape our portfolios,” said Rebecca Jacoby, CIO of Cisco Systems Inc., speaking Thursday on a panel at a tech conference in San Francisco."

    "It’s a much bigger challenge inside a non-technical organization where we don’t want to have a proliferation of non-standard technologies,” he said, implying that non-technical employees have less of an understanding of the apps they are using."

    The Techreact team is made up of seasoned professionals who have been friends for over 10 years and have worked in the technology industry since the dawn of time. Think punch cards, tape drives, commodore64, trs80, vic20, sinclair, kaypro, cpm, early dos days. We have seen the market develop from centralized enterprise computing to the dawn of the web, cloud computing and enterprise mobility. The Techreact Panel has a real passion for technology and the consumption and evolution of technology by the enterprise. Each week we will be insightful, witty, reporting, interviewing and commentary of the top initiatives of CIO and CTO in the Enterprise.

    Marco Giunta CompuCom SYS, Financial Services, New York City

    Chris Kieff Director Sprinklr  Marketing and Advertising San Francisco

    David Levin Strategic Alliances Director, Americas, Push Technology New York

    Stephen Webster MRE Consulting CTO Datacenter Cloud Oil & Energy Expert Houston

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    NY Jets Football Talk; Roster Cuts, Dimitri Patterson, Geno Smith & More

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    This week on JetNation Radio we will discuss the recent roster cuts as the Jets released several players to get down to the league mandated 75 player limit. Our hosts Brandon Dowling and Joe Blewett give updates on who is in and who is out. The cuts mean that the Jets have a new punt returner in Jalen Saunders and a new kickoff returner in Saalim Hakim. The final set of cuts will happen on Saturday so there will be plenty of roster talk.

    Joe and Brandon will also take your calls and look at what we learned about the Jets so far this preseason. We want to hear from you, tell us what you think about the Dimitri Patterson situation and how Geno Smith and the offense looked against the Giants.



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    Christian Devotions Speak UP! with Justified & Todd Waites

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    Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! when Scott welcomes a four-guy quartet and a one-armed blessing to the show.

    Justified is a Christian quartet that has been together since November 2011. These four gentlemen have either sang or played with other gospel quartets over the past twenty years and have now come together to spread the word through song and music. Singing with the blending of their voices, as well as their hearts, are Tim Caldwell, Mark Jacoby, Carl Ledford and David Potts. Discover them at http://justifiedqt.com.

    Todd Waites is not only a survivor . . . but a THRIVER. After losing his right arm to cancer at the age of fourteen, he has made the most of his life and is on a mission to encourage others to do the same. The father of two grown children and a young stepson, Todd currently tours across the country as a professional keyboard player and has played over 1,000 live shows since losing his arm. He's been featured in national magazines, is a key character called "Tenacious Todd" in an internationally released Amazon best-seller motivational book, has written/recorded several songs (including soundtracks and jingles), and has performed speaking engagements at various venues. A real honor for Todd was when he was able to give some keyboard playing tips to Bon Jovi's keyboardist David Bryan when he lost the tip of his finger.

     Find Todd at http://www.toddwaites.com.

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    Google Partners Workshop Update

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    A follow-up show to the Google Partners workshop we ran this week. We will take questions from some of the people who attended and discuss some technical and busuness issues they encounter. With Janice L. Blake, jockey and author, Tom Jacoby SEO expert and Mildred M. Tassone, Marketing and BlogTalkRadio host. 

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    NY Jets Training Camp Preview

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    New York Jets football is here and JetNation Radio has you covered. Training camp starts on Thursday July 24th and this week Brandon Dowling and Tom Shane take a look at the team as training camp begins. 

    Give us a call and let us know where you stand on Geno Smith vs Michael Vick and how you think Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory should be handled at running back.

    NY Jets football begins this week.

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    B's win Game 3 in DET - 4/23/14

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    My reaction to the Boston Bruins' Game 3 win over the Detroit Red Wings. Is this series over? And taking a look at Jon Lester's struggles against the New York Yankees and Jacoby Ellsbury's return to Fenway. But was Tanaka the biggest story of the night? And a look at some of the biggest national storylines. Listen every weekday on iTunes.

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    In 1994 Brother J formed a new group, Dark Sun Riders, that released the full-length Seeds of Evolution in 1996. In 1995, long-time group member Sugar Shaft died from complications of AIDS. Brother J was an early and valued member of the worldwide Hip Hop organization called Ill Crew Universal.[2] X Clan reunited in the late 1990s but did not release any new material. Brother J assembled a new crew that he calls X Clan Millennium Cipher and released a vinyl single for "The One/Blackwards Row" in 2004. Professor X died from complications of spinal meningitis on 17 March 2006.

    A new X Clan album, titled Return from Mecca (originally titled The Trinity), was released in 2007, featuring Damian "Jr Gong" Marley, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, RBX, KRS-One, Daddy X of Kottonmouth Kings, and Jacoby Shaddix, lead vocalist of the rock band Papa Roach.[3] Also, Tech N9ne is featured on a hidden bonus track titled "Respect."

    X Clan opened for Insane Clown Posse's Tempest Tour and, in January 2009, released an album titled Mainstream Outlawz.

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