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    "Mystro" Michael Jacksonology: In The Key of Pop (Show Concl

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    Tragedy of tragedies! My computer crashed at the end of the show on 7/1/11. Mystro was still speaking. I called him to apologize and asked if he would come back this Sunday to conclude. Thankfully he said yes. This will only be a one hour show. I am so happy to have the opportunity to hear the conclusion of this magnificent mans story!

    When I first heard "Mystro", I was floored. He is an artist extraordinaire. Not only could I hear him, but I could feel his love for Michael. He is a performer, a mentor, a teacher a Michael Jackson supporter...and above all things, he has the ability to communicate with all people,high and low. To me that is more than excellent. It signifies unity. A spirit of unity is precious, especially when you speak through music...the universal language. In addition, at Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary, Mystro played for Michael. Please listen to the 7/1/11 show as well. You will be delighted! Mystro even played for us!

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    Livin' the Dream! with impressario MENGESHA FRANCIS

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    Mengesha Francis is a dychotomy. He's classically trained on the piano, but rivals any pianist in any gin-joint in the heart of New Orleans. He boasts of his love for the masters like Bach and Stravinsky, but his latest project - perhaps his most influential - is "Michael Jacksonology, a fitting tribute to the King of Pop through Francis' virtuoso interpretations. (www.michael-jacksonology.com/pianotribute.htm)
    Francis joins us on Monday, May 2 at 2pm EST to discuss how the King of Pop influenced his own life; his encounter with the King of Pop; and how the Jackson family is supportive of his work on Michael's behalf. And other stuff too (yes, there's much more). Certainly not to be missed.