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    Dr. Michelle Harris interview with Dena Burton of Dena Burton Collections

    in Christianity

    Dr. Michelle Harris will be interviewing Dena Burton. Dena is the CEO of Dena Burton Collections. As a native of Chicago and graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC, Dena moved to California to work in several capacities of the entertainment industry, including TV, short films and theatre.  It was also where she decided to pursue her dream of fashion design.  As a Karen Kane scholarship recipient at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Dena produced her first collection while at FIDM where she received numerous accolades from industry leaders and peers.

    Join the discussion to learn more about Dena Burton and the fashion industry....Including "What's hot and what's not!"

    Don't miss it.

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Comedy

    Joey talks about his Thanksgiving week, and tells his annual Thanksgiving story.

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Comedy

    Part 5 into the series.

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    George Jackson in the Sun of Palestine

    in Current Events

    Join us tonight at 8est for George Jackson University Radio with our honorary and special guest Greg Thomas, a political activist and university professor who has just returned to the United from Palestine. Mr. Thomas along with Dr. Fayed Abu Al-Hajj, the head of the Abu Jihad center, Dr. Issa Qaraka, the head of the Committee of Prisoner Affairs, and Sahar Francis, the director of Addameer (Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association) were among others on Oct. 20, 2015 in Palestine at The Abu Jihad museum at Al Quds University hosting an international exhibition titled “George Jackson in the Sun of Palestine.” It is the first international exhibit of this center for prisoner movement affairs located in the Abu Dis village of Jerusalem. The exhibition links the Palestinian prisoner struggle with the struggles of other political prisoners around the world. It aims to raise international awareness about the reality of prisoners in general and what the Israeli Occupation State is doing to harass Palestinian prisoners in particular. The ceremonial opening of the exhibition was preceded by a symposium focused on George Jackson, the Black revolutionary prisoner of North America, and his connection to Palestinian struggles, Palestinian writers and Palestinian prisoners. His belief in the Palestinian right to self-determination, a strong belief shared by his comrades, was a central topic of discussion. So tonight on air we are please to be joined by Mr. Thomas as he shares with us all the details about this monumental occasion.

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Comedy

    Joey continues his story.

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    Dr. Michelle Harris interview with Veryl Howard

    in Christianity

    Dr. Michelle Harris interview with Apostle Veryl Howard. Apostle Veryl Howard is a prophet to nation. She is in the entertainment business. She is the agent for celebrity gospel artist.

    In this segment, we will talk about ministry and the entertainment industry. Please join us. Feel free to call in and ask questions.


    Dr. Michelle Harris


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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Entertainment

    Joey continues his look back towards the last three years.

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Entertainment

    Joey continues his story of what it was like looking for a job the last three years.

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Entertainment

    Joey discusses Halloween, talks about The Raven, and revisits The War Of the Worlds.

  • The Joey Harris Show

    in Entertainment

    It's the scary season, and Joey takes a look at Halloween.

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    Real Talk 1 Drs. Dr. Harris & Dr. Kennedy Inter. Paul T. Jackson FRESNO HOMELESS

    in Politics Progressive

    Dear Rev. Harris and Other Fresno Residents Concerned About the Plight of the Homeless in Our City: On March 12, 2014, we sent a letter to City of Fresno officials after they held a "workshop on homelessness" in which the officials uttered many words appearing to express concern for the plight of the homeless. Whether these words expressed genuine sentiments or are merely part of some or other legal-defense strategy, remains to be seen. In our March 2014 letter, we homeless advocates call for "organized camps" for homeless people, since there is plenty of undeveloped land and food here in Fresno and what the people need is stability -- a stable place to live -- a home, even if in a tent.  Organized camps with tents, two-tier bunk beds, barbecue facilities, chimineas or fire pits, centrally located drinking water, and public bathrooms and cold-water showers are the cheapest solution for the people that we know of. We don't insist that the people be given facilities at the lowest cost; only that they be treated humanely as fellow human beings. At our theoretical $3,000 as the lowest *startup* cost--including the list prices of undeveloped land about two miles south of the Fresno Rescue Mission--we could envision while ensuring humane treatment, organized camps are the best option that we homeless advocates know of. We also like the idea of people (as campers) choosing to form their own communities. In any event, an organized camp can only admit someone who's submitted his or her criminal and medical histories, as required by state law. But, once admitted, the person is in voluntary association with a camp that is essentially self-governed. 

    Paul T. Jackson
    On behalf of the