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    Ashford Radio Presents Dr Margareth Saldanha

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    Neurology is a very important field in medicine.  It deals with the brain, spine, and nervous system.  Many patients with head injuries or nervous system disorders are sometimes skeptical about going to a neurologist due to the complexity of neurology.  In any field of medicine, it is best when you are dealing with someone who is passionate about their work and is ready to assist you in becoming healthy.  It gives Ashford Radio great pleasure to introduce Dr. Margareth Saldanha, the owner of Miami Shores Neurology and Sleep, and she wants to provide the best services to her patients.

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    Suicide by Radio Show Hosts - Really?

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    With Mel and Michael being attacked by the public perception that they are the reason for the recent suicide of Jacintha Saldanha. However, this also raises the question, "What was happening in this womans life that she finally took her own life?" "What is it about this call that tipped the scales for her?"
    Mental health professions are saying that the Show hosts are not responsible for the suicide. They claim there is more to this poor woman than we know about.
    Was this a tragety waiting to happen? Was this call the breaking point? Should the Hosts suffer the loss of their careers, jobs and reputations behind this? Why should there be more suffering behind a reportedly innocent call?
    Join me in trying to make sence of it all. And help the healing begin for all involved.

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    POP2REALITY: When Radio Goes Too Far

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    Tonight Mark and Jeff discuss the fallout over the Australian radio prank that led to the tragic death of Kate Middleton's nurse. Joining us are radio hosts Tanea Johnson of POP2GOSSIP and NaVell J. Lee of BUZZWORTHY RADIO.

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    WER 12 - J Park, J Bradbury, Yukon's B Laverdure, E Sharp, T Hupe, J Gurash, B Sharp,

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    Wrestling Edge Radio Show Guest Line-up Mon Dec 20, 2010 - 7pm-8:30pm PST - 10pm-11:30pm EST *****

    1. John Park – 2-Time OFSSA & 2-Time CIAU Champ, Cdn Sr. Silver, York U-CIAU Champs & Jr. World Coach ******
    2. Brittanee Laverdure – 2010 World Combat Games & World Student Game Gold, World Bronze, Jr., Sr. Cdn & CIS Medalist 57 Kg ******
    3. Erica Sharp – Canadian & 4-Time CIS Champion & Outstanding Wrestler – 53 Kg, Sr. World Silver & Bronze Medalist ******
    4. Ted Hupe - President, Yukon Wrestling, Perennial Territory School Team Champions, Head Coach, Holy Family ******
    5. Jacintha Gurash – Yukon Wrestling Director, Assistant Coach, Holy Family School *****
    6. Bob Sharp – Past Director & Coach Yukon Wrestling, Father of Yukon Wrestling ******
    7. Marc Senecal - VP Yukon Wrestling, Head Coach, Golden Horn School
    8. Jay Bradbury – 43+ Years of Coaching, Officiating Tournaments, 4-Time Olympic Official & 30+ World Championships