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    IWFFA Radio

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    Originally from Brooklyn, New York and long time player Anna Tate - affectionately known as " TONKA" we have a fun conversation about Tonka's flag football experiences since the 90's, playing with the  New York Sharks women's tackle team and her experience coaching girls sports teams.

    Tonka has signed up and will coach one of the teams the IWFFA starts up in next year's 2016 two month promotional tour across the USA which focuses on youth and juniors.

    Then we go to Gabriela De La Mancha - of the Crimson and Tide Championship Team in the 2nd year Puerto Rico Women's Flag Football League who  describes the excitement of the game where the team is behind 1 touch down with 20 seconds left to play.

    Puerto Rico Women's Flag Football League Tournament takes place this weekend, which will be Gabriela's first experience as a loose woman. Then Gaby will try to answer this week's tee shirt contest question. It is a joyful conversation throughout.

    For our Tail Gate Pep Rally News we include final league results for the:

    Puerto Rico Women's Flag Football League

    And Tournaments coming up are:

    1st annual IWFFA / Puerto Rico Women's Flag Football Tournament in San Juan, Puerto Rico (June 11 - 15)

    Canada - In the Pacific Northwest Women's Flag Football Championship - Sun Bowl XXX (June 19 - 20)

    4th annual IWFFA / Jersey Shore, New Jersey (July 18 - 19)

    1st annual IWFFA / Norristown, Pennsylvania  (August 8 - 9)

    10th annual Kate Clinton Classic in Provincetown , Massachusettes

    Find out who wins the IWFFA trivia contest for a free tee shirt!

    This week is extra lively and fun listen - Join us for the show 

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    IWFFA Radio

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    Show Host: Diane Beruldsen and Co-Host Tamalan Walker

    We go to Key West, Florida and speak with two young flag football players:

    Gabriela and Gi Gi Sonzogni, who are sisters ages 15 yr. and 8 yr. respectively.

    They describe what it's like playing flag football, their experience in the 24th Kelly McGillis Tournament and their toughest competitors the Panama Lady Dragons.

    Our pep rally tailgate news this week includes news from:

    Puerto Rico, Canada, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania

    Also find out who won the IWFFA trivia contest for a free tee shirt!

    Join us for the show  

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    IWFFA Radio

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    "The Scandinavian way to play flag football"

    Interview with: Lena Johansson from Gothenburg, Sweden

    Hosted by: Diane Beruldsen


    From Gothenburg, Sweden we speak to Lena Johansson about what it was like in 2000 to first hear about and then learn this new and strange sport called:  flag football. Sweden did not have any teams playing the sport and this group of women take on the huge task by themselves.

    Learning the sport by reading the rules, practicing for one year with no competition, being trained by one of their own players and then traveling to their first competition in the United States to the Key West Kelly McGillis Classic where there were 48 women's flag football teams and about to compete against teams with a completely different style.

    What an experience it was for Sweden's earliest women's flag football teams called the: Gothenburg Angels.

    We talk about the tournaments in Scandinavia and how they differ with American flag football tournaments. It is an interesting conversation which you will enjoy.

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    IWFFA Radio

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    Our Friday, March 13 show features Emily Sayles, of the California Loose Women's Team.

    In the 2014 IWFFA/CA tournament, the Loose Women's team took the championship!

    She describes what it is like to be a loose women, borrow players from competing teams and still be so competitive to take the tournament.

    Show Hosts:  Diane Beruldsen and Tamalan Walker

    Technical Engineer:  Celia Arevalo

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    IWFFA Radio

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    Join your host Diane Beruldsen and co-host Tamalan Walker as we travel to Norway and interview the Stavanger Sardines (english language) and Grimstad Women Flag Football players (norwegian language).

    We have in-depth interview with Sara Harriet Pedersen as to how the Sardines were formed and what it is about flag football that Scandinavians love so much.

    Also find out who won IWFFA trivia contest for a free tee shirt!

    Join us for the show

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    IWFFA Radio

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    The International Women's Flag Football Association (IWFFA)  returns to the air as host Diane Beruldsen and co-host Tamalan Walker talk about female flag football. 


    Their discussion includes:  differences between national vs international flag teams,  the 24th Kelly McGills Classic in Key West, Florida and they give you the  2014 Team Rankings of women and girls flag football teams all around the world, Sportwomen and Sportsgirl awards for the North America, Nordic and Latin Regions of the World!


    Web: IWFFA.COM


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    IWFFA Radio

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    Special Guests: Celia Arevalo and Maria Eguigure (MJ) from the Honduras Women's Flag Football League


    We talk about last weeks Honduras Women's Flag Football Tournament - Players Clinic - Theory Clinic and special IWFFA Dance Challenge. 

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    IWFFA Radio

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    On the Air with IWFFA Radio

    Listen to interviews with professionals, players, coaches & fantastics from around the world.

    Each month our distinguished panel of radio women will be presented with a "hot topic" for conversation, 
    woman of the month, advertising & music are all part of the show.

    We will keep you up to date on news and announcements within the IWFFA bout tournaments, 
    clinics, conferences and opportunities to get involved in change.

    WE would love to know what you would like to hear, so feel free to contact us at IWFFA@IWFFA.COM 
    and give us your thoughts, comments or suggestions.

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    IWFFA Radio - Espanol

    in Football

    Descripcion del programa
    Tenemos una entrevista con Atenas Castro quien nos hablara de su experiencia jugando flag football y el torneo de Honduras este 28 de Marzo, tambien hablaremos sobre el torneo de Puerto Rico y tenemos un nuevo segmento llamado ¨Las Trivias de IWFFA¨

    We talked with Atenas Castro about the Honduras Tournament and her experience playing flag football, we talked about IWFFA statements, Puerto Rico Tournament, and we have a new segment called IWFFA Trivias.

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    IWFFA Radio Espanol

    in Sports

    El dia de hoy Viernes 24 de Abril tenemos un excelente programa lleno de muchas sorpresas!

    Tenemos entrevistas con jugadoras y el coach del equipo Gladiadoras de Guatemala, que hasta el momento son el único equipo jugando con la modadilidad 8 vs 8 reglas IWFFA. Tambien tenemos nuestros anuncios de los resultados de la Liga de Honduras y Puerto Rico!!

    Tenemos mensajes de parte de 3 jugadoras de Costa Rica!

    Si quieren ser parte de este programa o que anunciemos sus eventos o resultados de torneos, escribannos a flagfootball@iwffa.com


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    IWFFA Radio

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    This weeks show is about playing with different flag football rules, and what their differences are.


    We talk to Chrissy Hemphill - From Hollywood, Florida.

    Chrissy plays regularly on the Lady Cat 5 team for the Florida Amateur Flag Football League (FAFFL) where they play 7 on 7 . Chrissy recently played on the Loose Women's team in the Kelly McGillis Classic (8 on 8). We also talk about their Annual Florida Sunshine Cup National Gay Flag Football tournament - co-ed, male and female flag football teams which was Feb. 14 and 15 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


    In the second half of the show we join Celia Maria Arevalo from Honduras Panteras who has played with three different styles: 6 on6, 7 on 7 and 8 on 8 flag football.


    This will be an ongoing conversation from time to time, as there are so many different varieties of flag football around the world.


    Join Us for the show.