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    Making Pax Stereo iTv - The People's Internet Television

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    (www.paxstereo.tv) Weekly Network Newz - Mario and Vic hip you to all the latest 411 at Pax Stereo, and specifically invite you to join us for a truly interactive experience. Come on down! (03-22-15)

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    Making Pax Stereo iTv - The People's Internet Television

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    (www.paxstereo.tv/makingpaxstereo) Making Pax Stereo - The People's Internet Television (Recurring Series) - Weekly series that features the real time planning meetings between Pax Stereo leadership Mario Hemsley and Victor Allen.  Unscripted and Unedited.

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    Out of the Fog EXTRA: Meet the Stars of Haunting Australia

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    Meet investigator Ray Jorden and medium Rayleen Kable, two of the stars of the hit show Haunting: Australia, which gathers a team of top paranormal investigators from around the world and turns them loose in some of Australia’s most haunted locations. Viewers around the world are loving it … and those of you in the US will get to see it on the SyFy Channel beginning on Tuesday 3/24. 

    Ray Jorden is a self-proclaimed old-school paranormal investigator. He was the lead ghost hunter in the ITV series The Paranormal 5, and he’s made many other television and radio appearances (including right here on Out of the Fog). Ray brings experience and investigative insight to the Haunting Australia team. 

    Rayleen Kable is an internationally recognized medium. To her, conversations with the dead are a daily occurrence. Rayleen also uses her clairvoyant and psychic abilities to connect with Spirit. That makes her a triple threat in the world of the paranormal.

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    International Novelist Anne Perry on Second Sunday Crime

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    Join International Best-selling Novelist Anne Perry as she visits with Libby Hellmann, host of Second Sunday Crime. This is a special edition of SSC, recorded at the Love is Murder conference in Chicago, Feb 6-8, 2015. Anne’s publishing career began with The Cater Street Hangman. Published in 1979, this was the first book in the series to feature the Victorian policeman Thomas Pitt and his well-born wife Charlotte. It was filmed and broadcast on ITV featuring a young Keeley Hawes.  This is arguably the longest sustained crime series by a living writer. Death On Blackheath is the latest in the series, and appeared in the New York Times Bestseller list, In 1990, Anne started a second series of detective novels with The Face of a Stranger. These are set about 35 years before and features the private detective William Monk and volatile nurse Hester Latterly. The most recent of these (20th in the series) is Blood On The Water (April 2014). Anne won an Edgar award in 2000 with her short story "Heroes". The main character in the story features in an ambitious five-book series set during the First World War. These are being re-published internationally, starting in 2014.You can find much more about Anne at http://anneperry.com

    Libby Hellmann is the award-winning author of 11 Compulsively Readable Thrillers. You can find her at http://libbyhellmann.com.

    THis is a copyrighted trademarked podcast solely owned by The Authors On The Air Global Radio Network, LLC on the web at http://authorsontheair.com



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    Carolyn Griffey is an American female soul vocalist, and member of the soul funk group Shalamar. She is the daughter of Carrie Lucas and Solar Records boss Dick Griffey,who worked with Don Cornelius in the television program, Soul Train.

    Griffey grew up around The Whispers,Shalamar, Midnight Star, Dynasty,Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and James Brown, who all appeared on Soul Train or who were signed to Solar Records.

    In 1990 she was signed to Sony Records as part of the New Jack Swingduo called 'Absolute'.This group released one album, For All Seasons, in 1990. Their singles included "Cheap Shot" and "Gotta Lambada" (from the movie soundtrack of Lambada.)

    She has been the lead female vocalist of Shalamar for 12 years. She appeared on ITV’s Hit Me, Baby, One More Time in 2005, and has been touring the world with the Howard Hewett and Jeffrey Daniel.

    She also sings with the Andre CrouchGospel Choir, who are known for their work on Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror", "Keep the Faith" and "Will You Be There".

    Griffey currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.

    In October 2009, Griffey performed with Hewett and Daniel in Shalamar at London's O2 Arena This prompted a return for a tour in the UK in April 2010.

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    Finding That Spark Inside: Changing the Lives of Persistent Youth Offenders

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    230,000 young people are arrested each year in the U.K. The reconviction rate for those leaving prison is 76%. The annual cost of incarcerating a young person is £55,000-£206,000, equivalent to 6 years at a top educational institution.

    It’s clear a new approach is needed to support our next generation. By adapting a proven international model for reducing youth reoffending, Spark Inside is bringing innovation to the criminal justice system.

    Addressing the issues of persistent youth offenders in the U.K., 2014 Charity staff and volunteer organization award winning Spark Inside believes that when young people identify their dreams, passions and ambition, and can jumpstart into a career, education or training, they turn away from reoffending and turn towards the positive possibilities in their own lives.

    Lola Fayemi is the programme manager for Spark Inside. She holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology, and  7 years experience, specialising in new business development, and working for organizations including Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Shell and ITV. Lola is a certified Life Coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and has her own private practice.

     Suparna Malhotra is host of The Gentle World Cafe radio, and a Spark Inside coach. She is also a Certified Executive coach who provides coaching to leaders from Fortune 100 companies as well as life coaching to marginalised individuals and groups.

    This program is pre-recorded due to time zone differences. Linda Lombardo hosts.

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    Micki talks with SUSIE ANTHONY about The Super Hero Code

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    Susie doesn't call herself an expert... Multi-modality energy mastery teacher/practitioner, 

    transformational change facilitator, award winning author and mentor... Susie assists you to 

    embrace transformation, find a higher purpose, revitalise, redesign, empower and reformat 

    your life to be more successful, confident ,passionate and FUN – ‘ Harry Potter on the Road Less 


    Susie consults to people from all walks of life and all ages, the destitute to pillars of society, 

    monarchy, heads of billion dollar corporations, commissioners of police, heads of government 

    agencies, spy chiefs, MP's and the famous.... 

    Susie was singled out as one of the top three healers in Europe and the USA by Sunday Times 

    Magazine Award Winning Health Journalist and Spiritual Author, Hazel Courteney. Susie’s latest 

    project the SuperHEROCode is being serialized in BOND Magazine, a by invitation luxury magazine 

    that goes to the top 1% ultra high net worth families on earth... Susie has been approached to 

    mentor the kids of some of these families. 

    Susie has been featured in most of the UK National newspapers, magazines and on ITV This 

    Morning. She has recently been offered her own reality tv show by film maker Sean Stone, son of 

    legendary Oscar winning Film Director, Oliver Stone.

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    Radio [itvt]: "Live Sports: Justifying the Investment in Innovation" at TVOT 14

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    [itvt] is pleased to present a video recording of the TVOT 2014 session, "Live Sports: Justifying the Investment in Innovation." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

    "This session will explore new technologies and platforms that are transforming live sports coverage into an interactive, social and multiplatform experience; and--at a time when sports broadcast rights are becoming increasingly expensive--will also attempt to determine the ROI of these innovations: are they succeeding in attracting new viewers, increasing audience engagement, and opening up new opportunities for monetization?

    Panelists included:

    •    Mike Folgner, CEO, SnappyTV
    •    Chris Kuhrt, ITV Product Manager, DISH Network
    •    Christy Martin, Chief Technical Advisor, ThinkAnalytics
    •    Robert Pace, Chief Business Officer, OneTwoSee
    •    Tomas Robertsson, Commercial Director, deltatre USA
    •    Peter Scott, VP of Emerging Media, Turner Sports (Moderator)

    Note: Super-early-bird tickets for [itvt]'s next TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC 2014 (December 9th in New York City) can be purchased here.


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    Pagan Media & Olakunle Lawrence Discusses Boko Harem & Gaza

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    Olakunle Lawrence of the Nigerian Blogger and I speak about Gaza and what we are witnessing in this genocidal strike against innocent ppl.In the past few weeks the world has viewed a war that is one sided in Gaza. Where unarmed children and civillians are being EXTERMINATED by what amounts to a rogue Israel Gov out of control. Yesterday A UN School was bombed a day after the UN voted to investigate the  Israel Gov for war crimes. 
    Gaza Photos of the Carnage of unarmed children and civillians.
    Canada's Alleged Gov-Stephen Harper-John Baird's advocating inequality and hate video- http://youtu.be/hq8MN0OBEO4
    UK man expreses outrage of the violence of the  Israel  Gov against unarmed civillians in Gaza.http://youtu.be/1kGyJgDKltg
    Channel 4 News- Jon Snow 'annihilates' Israeli Gov spokesperson Mark Regev 
    http://youtu.be/M_-76H-YRjs at 8:24 in vid proof that the Israel Gov nor the Egyptians Negotiators did not speak to the Hamas Gov directly about the cease fire.
    ITV News witnesses aftermath of UN school attack in Gaza http://www.itv.com/news/2014-07-24/itv-news-witnesses-aftermath-of-un-school-attack-in-gaza/#
    Dr says Israeli army targeting children http://www.channel4.com/news/gaza-al-aqsa-hospital-israel-bombs-homes-children-video




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    Michelle Phillips & Sharon Anne Klingler, Power Words for Instant Confidence

    in Self Help

    Join Michelle and Sharon Anne Klingler, bestselling author of Power Words, as they unveil the hidden power of words and how to incorporate those that inspire and lead into our daily lives.

    This show will explore the words we use most often, the profound energy they carry and the astonishing impact they have on our lives. You'll also learn the surprising words that could be limiting your success and happiness, and, of course, the words to use for lightning-fast results. Plus, the one word to end procrastination and the secret word for instant confidence everyday! 

    Sharon Anne Klingler, an inspiring international speaker and author, is the best-selling co-author of Secrets of Success with Sandra Taylor and the author of Intuition & Beyond with Random House London. One of the world's leading intuitives, Sharon has been featured on major television outlets, including the Oprah Winfrey Network, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, and ITV London; as well as stations throughout the U.S., U.K. and Australia. She maintains a private practice with high-profile clients around the globe. Her highly acclaimed new book, Power Words, was just released by Hay House in December 2013. www.sharonklingler.com

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    ITV Ventures™ is the opportunity of a lifetime!

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    ITV Ventures™ is the opportunity of a lifetime! With ITV Ventures™ you're connected to hundreds of thousands of consumers through the millions of dollars being spent on proven T.V. shows promoting the products and services you sell. No other home based opportunity can route live calls from successful infomercials directly to you in the comfort of your home - the income generating potential of this innovative business model http://www.itvventures.com/infinitepossibilities

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