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  • 01:01

    Meditation and Mysticism Part 1: The View

    in Religion

    Today, we'll be having a panel discussion about the nature and experiences of meditation and mysticism, both from an analytical, and personal point of view. Our panel includes Orbit, well named, and Windwalker.
    This is part 1 about the view.  The second part will be about practice.

    Music by Windwalker

    Photo by Dreadfish
    And iti oj's garden


  • 01:05

    Generic Episode Series, Part 1: Stuff and Things

    in Religion

    Today we'll be talking about some stuff, as well as a few things. Dreadfish will talk a little bit more about internet security stuff and iti will talk a little bit more about other things.


    Featuring The BeatDown with lewisnotmiller, and 5-Minute Philosophy with well named.

    Art by Orbit



  • 01:04

    Meditation and Mysticism Part 2: The Path and Practice

    in Religion

    Today we'll be continuing our panel discussion on meditation and mysticism with a focus on the practices of meditation. Our panel includes Orbit, well named, and Windwalker.

    This is part 2 of our discussion. The first part is on the view, and can be found here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/radiorf/2015/04/20/meditation-and-mysticism-part-1-the-view

    Photos by Dreadfish

    Music by Dionysus

    Books Recommended:

    *Meditation for the Love of It; Sally Kempton

    *Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind; Shunyru Suzuki

  • 01:28

    Religion Profile: Zoroastrianism

    in Religion

    Today we will be profiling the Zoroastrian faith, practice and culture with Mazdaian

    - Featuring The BeatDown with lewisnotmiller, and 5-Minute Philsophy with well named

    - Art by Sunstone, who will be interviewed on the 23rd about his art.


    Shoutout to Professor Starr's class.


  • 01:02

    Community and Relationships: Do They Differ Online?

    in Religion

    Happy Monday! On this special, first day of the week, we will be talking about things, and stuff.

    Stuff such as the nature of online communities and relationships. Today, Orbit, Sunstone and Dionysus will be joining us.

    Art by Sunstone

    Music by Sun Dog

    Featuring a special edition of 5-Minute Philsophy with Bruce.

    More information on the history of the American flag, which we discuss, can be found here: http://www.usa-flag-site.org/history/

  • 00:59

    Kyle's Conversation

    in Current Events

    This week on the conversation when will the people in DC who serve use be treated like us. I would be living with Bubba in Fedral prison for the same things everyone in DC does. The Christian Holocaust is here who will stand up and stop it????? The circus is coming to town and before long you will be tired of all the clowns and there attacking each other only to end up with the same crap different day. Is there anyone really that is going to be what they say and be by the people for the people? Why is everything seemingly to be government envolved. If you are gay and want to get married go a head as long as no one is forcing any one to do something they don't believe in who cares. I feel we are asking the wrong questions???? That's not a protest, it's a riot and those are not the victims, they are the criminals my view on the Freddie Grey protesters.  Again how many cars were flipped over and set on fire by whites after the OJ trial, my thoughts on that.  Also what happened to Man United this past Sunday with the 3-nil loss to Everton.   I will talk about all this and much much more so join me and be apart of the conversation. 

  • 01:01

    Spring Into Radio RF

    in Religion

    Happy Thursday! Today we talk about Dreadfish's trip to Malaysia, as well as what he is currently up to. We will also spend time talking about gardening. What do you like to grow? How long is your season? Is your garden growing already?

    Music by Red Economist, art by Sunstone.
    Featuring lewisnotmiller in The Beatdown and Well Named in 5 minute philsophy



  • 02:00

    April 22nd Home Court Sports Show

    in Sports

    Welcome to the Home Court Sports Talk Show! Thanks for joining us! Dial us up at anytime during the show, as we want to hear from YOU! Listening and call in information is below


    Tonight's topics:

    1) What do the Milwaukee Bucks need to do to ensure victory against the Chicago Bulls in games 3&4 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center?

    2) Fast forwarding to next season, which is first on the priority list: A true Center, or a scoring threat that can create his own shot

    3) If the Milwaukee Bucks left Milwaukee, what team would take their place in getting your attention in the fall/winter/spring?

    4) Playoff reactoin thus far, Rajon Rondo's "injury", Mike Budenholzer winning Coach of the Year and the firing of Scott Brooks


    Every Wednesday, listen live from 7pm CST until 9pm at www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports. If you aren't around a computer; no problem, you can call (347)945-7002 and press nothing to listen and press #1 at any time to join our discussion! Tell a friend and SHARE! 

  • 01:04

    Globalization and You!: a Panel Discussion

    in Religion

    Today we will be having a panel discussion on globalization, global governance, and cultural diversity with forum members FTNZ, gsa, and Orbit.


    Music by anonymous.

    Cover art by Sunstone.

  • 01:03

    Anthropology 101 with Orbit

    in Religion

    Today, the esteemed Professor Orbit talks to us about anthropology. Music by Orbit. Art by Sunstone

  • 01:03

    The Flava w/ Juice Riggins & Brandy BeeReal Borders

    in Radio

    We have two features tonight on this great show 

    IG @juicegodhmg FB Juice G Riggins Hmg

    Born in the 80's, Juice G Riggins (known affectionately as OJ by family and friends) was an outspoken and musical child, playing the piano for years and also being in the church choir as a child. He used to walk around with his big sisters stereo with A A batteries and aluminum foil in the back to make it work. While dangerous he didn't care just needed his tunes. Sonically he makes beats with lots of bass and intricate and unique melodies to compliment his versatile delivery. Looking to take the DMV underground scene to the next level Juice refuses to allow himself to be just another rap nigga constantly dropping thought provoking rhymes and addressing society's biggest issue. Take a listen and become a fan today.

    Brandy Beereal Borders

    Brandy (BeeReal) Borders was born in Los Angeles Ca. in 1975. He is a proud father of 3 and a professional Geek. His love for technology lead him to his career in Network Security and Administration. He began writing at the age of 17 when he started a Christian Rap group he called The Holy Profits. After obtaining a degree in Network Security he completed his first novella entitled 'The Conflict Within.' Always equipped with the ability to write essays quickly, the thought of starting a series of novellas was an exciting venture. In the midst of preparing the sequel to The Conflict Within (which will be entitled 'The Seryphium Blade') his love for rhyme returned; along with a surprising connection with his collaboration partner in life and Poetry MoniThePoet. Now as 1 half of Courtship's Love Song; he has been on a romantic high when it comes to writing. Not focused on notoriety; he desires to be able to share his experiences, triumphs and even defeats in a rhythmic way that will inspire and connect with the listener.

    We also have Kenya coming with a great topic.

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