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    Vickie Reynolds shares about the business of barter and exchange for payment.

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    Business InSight with ITEX Barter Company

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    Join me when I bring you ITEX, the largest barter company in the US.

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    Husband & Wife CRUSH IT with Barter Arbitrage

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    Three years after purchasing my legendary Barter Arbitrage course, a husband and wife team discuss how they are crushing it years later.
    Barter Arbitrage 2.0 will be released in October of 2013 at a fraction of the $297 it has ALWAYS sold for.
    Go 2 http://barterarbitrage.com for a ton of FREE gold and actual case studies.
    THIS REMAINS THE TOP SELLING PRODUCT OF IT'S KIND in regards to exploiting the trillion dollar trade industry.
    Stay Legendary!
    Vegas Vince

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    Barter Is Better

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    "Barter is Better" How trading your products and services can be better for your business.
    Join host David Wojcik and his guest Michael Muzzin of ITEX Canada
    You can improve your bottom line by bartering your products and services.  Michael Muzzin is the founder of ITEX Canada and explains how the system works and how you can use it to your advantage.
    Connect with David and BiZ Radio Canada -  Website, Facebook and Twitter

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    Conserve Your Cash

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    Join guest, Sarah Reynolds, as she and Mike Hartman discuss how to Conserve Your Cash! Sarah is a broker with ITEX Corporation - a cashless marketplace, commonly known as a barter organization. In today’s struggling economy, small business owners and entrepreneurs seek opportunities to improve their cash flow. "Why pay cash, when you can trade?"
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    Go Go Boys and Soldiers and HIV Testing... Oh My!

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    SnowbizNow with Nicholas Snow. "Small screen. Big queen. Worldwide audience!"
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    In the first on-location live remote broadcast of SnowbizNow, producer/host Nicholas Snow takes you to the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs California for the "Do Ask Do Tell" Midsummer Dance Party (with headliner Kristine W.) benefiting the Desert AIDS Project.
    The Desert AIDS Project is one of the most comprehensive HIV/AIDS services providers in the U.S. We are one of only a handful of agencies operating an on-site medical clinic, a full range of client support services, and a comprehensive HIV education and prevention program, including free and confidential HIV testing.
    Producer/Host Nicholas Snow is a person living with HIV, and a grateful client of the DAP.
    The VIP Suite at this event was sponsored by ITEX (www.itex.com), owned by Gordon and Amanda Smith.

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    Adding value to people's lives through health, finances, and time freedom.

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    Today's show is sponsored by ITEX - http://itex.com, The Health and Energy Center of Wisconsin http://www.healthandenergycenterofwisconsin.com/, and True Image Photography Studio http://trueimagephotography.com/

    The content of this show does not necessarily represent the ideas or suggestions of our sponsors.

    With our organization, we look to proceed as Phil Pinkus would say, "out of love, not greed". Like Zig Zigler reminds us, "help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want".

    With the HeyWhatEver Concept, we are literally established to provide the global community with Hey, WhatEver is needed. It is our structure to respond to any challenge. We have HeyWhatEver Consultants to be the intake on any request you may have. Focus Consultants follow-up and execute specific commitments specified in our contracts.

    We are a worldwide online and localized in-person subculture and tribe of the world. My (Kurt Roskopf) personal approach is to balance our strategy in respect to the five major sociological institutions of the world: Religion, Family, Education, Government, and Economy.

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    How To Use Barter As Your Way To Ride Out The Recession

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    Now is the perfect time to get into a barter exchange program because they
    offer so many powerful opportunities to stretch every dollar—especially if
    you own a small business. You can pay employees in part-cash and part-barter.
    You can put together employee benefit packages using barter, or just pay
    for your next vacation with your barter bucks. And in this interview, you’ll
    hear exactly how it works.
    Donahue is a broker for the Itex barter network, so he knows everything
    there is about barter and how to take advantage of it. And according to him,
    Itex is ideal when the economy is poor because you can “buy” goods and
    services, promote your business, obtain new customers—all without using
    Key Concepts
    ?? Creative ways to use barter in your everyday life
    ?? All about some of the exciting products that come up on Itex
    ?? How to use barter to create incentives for your employees
    ?? How Donahue used the barter exchange program to land a huge
    $100,000-a-year contract for his business
    ?? How much barter programs cost—it’s cheaper than you think
    ?? All about the advertising co-op Itex offers – Pay for your advertising
    with barter dollars, include the Itex logo in your ad, and Itex will
    reimburse you for half your costs!
    ?? How this is all perfectly legal

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    13 Roadblocks That Can Stop You From Buying Trade Dollars

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    This consultation is an update to my product, the Secret Loophole dealing
    with trade and barter. I admit trade and barter, as well as the “secret
    loophole,” can appear confusing at first. A gentleman named Marcello had
    purchased the Secret Loophole package and called me for clarification. This
    was a wonderful opportunity to create this update with clear explanations of
    dealing with trade organizations using easy-to-understand examples.
    Using Marcello’s own business need for radio advertising as an example,
    listen as I explain how he can buy that radio advertising time at, for example,
    20 cents on the dollar. He first needs to find a member of a trade
    organization such as ITEX, one that is sitting on many trade dollars that he
    is willing to sell at 20 cents on the dollar.
    You’ll also get some tips on how the IRS considers these types of transactions
    and how you can write off anything that the IRS considers income. I
    hope that this audio will clarify any questions that you may have had but
    contact me if you have any other questions.