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    The Italian Voice Radio Show !

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    Good Afternoon Everyone And Welcome to  Spectacular Sunday with The Italian Voice Radio Show,,We Will be Discussing how Messed up this Country has been and if you see a Result to all the Maniac Terror Attacks and Murdering of Police Officers.We want to hear from you "The Listeners" to Voice your Opinions and what you think needs to be done to Finally put a End to this Disaster.So Give us a Call @347-426-3972 And get Connected with Your Host's Dominick Calvitto & Robin Curasco & Vinny De Vingo,With the Most Honest Talk in New Jersey,Only on The Italian Voice Radio Show,Brought to you by Blogtalkradio.com.Your Only Truth you will get involved with on The WEB,,

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    The Italian Voice Radio Show !

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    CLAYTON, Mo. -- A 35-year-old Missouri mother was charged Friday for felony child endangerment after allegedly poisoning her 9-year-old son intentionally with prescription drugs, KTVI reported.

    The mother and son live in the northwest Missouri city of Meadville, it was in St. Louis that doctors discovered the alleged overdoses.

    Rachel Kinsella had been taking her son to the St. Louis Children's Hospital to be treated for epilepsy, but doctors discovered that he was falling seriously ill over and over again from a dangerous combination of two prescription drugs, given to him over the course of about a year.

  • The Italian Voice Radio Show !

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    Good Afternoon Everyone,Today on the Italian Voice i want to take this time to Welcome to The Italian Voice my New Co-Host Robin Curasco,.We will be discussing lot's of Interestng Topics that will leave you in stiches and be begging for more,So get to your Laptops & Cellphone's and Log in @Blogtalkradio.com and give us a Listen and or Call in @347-426-3972 and let's hear what you have to say about our topics,.,Not only Serious but Always Hysterical on the Italian Voice,,So Join us where the fun and laughs don't stop and the caller's want to call back every Sunday,,See you on the show,, Today @2pm-3pm..

  • The Italian Voice Radio Show !

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    Good Afternoon Fans,,Today i wil be discussing the Situation about the individual that videotaped herself Sending Death Threats to Police on A Youtube Video,And Was Denied Bail by a Judge.And for some reason she believes that what she did is not Grounds for Arrest,When it's plain as day and can't be Denied,,The Proof is in The Puddin,,So get to the show today @2pm-3pm only on Blogtalkradio.com On The Italian Voice Radio Show with The Most Honest Talk in New Jersey with your Honest Host Dominick Calvitto..So Log in and Follow the show,!

  • The Italian Voice Radio Show !

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    The Officer was 100% Justified,Don't Resist and Most of All Don't Ever Raise your hands to an Officer or Assault an Officer,Regardless of the student's Age or Race the Officer handled this Situation Properly and was Dispatched to that Specific Classroom Purposely.Everyone Believes that the Officer was Wrong instead of Viewing the video from the Very Beginning then have the gall to judge.When the Officer Gave the Order to that Student (Student Should have Complied) The Orders were Ignored,And she got was was warranted,The Police aren't in uniform to deliver snacks and coffee,they are there to Maintain Law & Order and he did just that,,and Good for Him..Here is a Bit of Advise (Don't Disobey a Police Officer's Orders,And you won't end up Catching a Well Deserved Beaten) Simple and Plain as That,,It's not Rocket Science! The Parents should be Charged as well for Assault being the Student did infact Assault the Officer,,And he should Not Lose his Job over Justified Actions! This Sunday We Will Be Discussing this Topic that is Spread All Over the Web and the Mainstream Media,Don't Miss this Show as it will catch lot's of Different Opinions from people that Disagree with the People that know the truth!

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    American Variety Network Celebration: 250th Episode American Bash

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    The American Variety Network is exteremly proud to celebrate a small milestone of reaching 250 episodes!!! What started out as a small time fish keeping show known as the Aquatic Wetline has grown very well into the first original American network on Blogtalkradio  created and  operated by yours truly Alex Cardinale! The American Variety Network was created to reach a broad variety of listeners and to focus on a variety of topics, it's pretty safe to say that not only is the American Variety Network growing but we are also reaching more and more families and we are becoming friends with all of you our listeners! You are all invited to be a part of history as tonight the American Variety Network celebrates it's 250th episode with a bash and it will also lay the groundwork for future awesome expectations and for the future.

    JOIN THE PARTY!!!! What's planned for the 250th Episode:

    -3 Special Surprise Guests, 1 of whom will be BROADCASTING LIVE from the 2015 Ohio Cichlid Association Extravaganza!!

    - Comedy jokes and plenty of Laughs and fun!

    -Blast from the Past audio clips...... funny moments, good past callers, and more!

    -Topics to be discussed: what I am thankful for, who has helped me in podcasting career, and more!!

    Enjoy the 250th episode, listeners you and I both celebrate some awesome episodes!


  • The Italian Voice Radio Show !

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    Today i will be broadcasting about the Muslim Kid bringing the Clock to School and getting Rewarded for it,So bring your thoughts to the Show and let's hear what you think,So get to your cellphones and laptops and join in with the Most Honest talk in New Jersey with your host Dom Calvitto only on The Italian Voice Radio Show,Call the Studio @347-426-3972 at 1pm today see ya there,!!

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    Chef Cardinale Cooking Show on AVN: Parmigiana Entrees Chat and Recipes

    in Cooking

    Parmigiana is an Italian entree made famous and popularized in the United States with the creation of Chicken and Veal Parmigiana! In Italy, Parmigiana is most commonly known for being served with Eggplant. What is Parmigiana? Parmigiana is a italian dish consisting of either veal, chicken, or eggplant coated in breadcrumbs fried to a golden crisp then topped with Marinara Sauce and ooey gooey Mozzarella cheese! 

    Can you imagine a nice crispy breaded chicken or veal cutlet topped with Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella and Parm cheese served with nice Aldente pasta?? Well, you can put your imagination to rest because Chef Alex is going to teach you how to make some awesome homemade Parmigiana!

    You are all going to learn about tthe Awesome Parmigiana entree on this show!!!

    Topics for discussion include:

    -The History of Parmigiana

    - Types of Cheeses to use for Parmigiana

    -How to Serve Parmigiana

    - and much more!!!

    Plus Chef Alex will give out some awesome recipes including:

    -Marinara Sauce

    -Chicken Parm

    -Eggplant Parm


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    American Freedom Watch Radio - Agenda 2030 and EPA

    in Politics

    Welcome to American Freedom Watch Radio with Karen Schoen and John Estabrooks

    Topic: Agenda 2030 and EPA "I will Bankrupt the coal industry." per Obama

    Guest: M. Lee Hausenaur  Born on a farm and ranch in Nebraska and grew up on values of Christianity and small community.  He moved here to Cheyenne 25 years ago and began looking for a change; that change led him to the Pentecostal church.  His values are based on God, love of country, and honoring that country.  His Dad was a Reagan Democrat who was totally sick of the way the government was heading. He always used to say, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me,” and that’s when the Hasenauers came to a more conservative Republican type of government. Visit http://hasenauerforcommissioner.com/Home_Page.html

    Get Involved - Take Action

    Constitutional Accountability Coalition http://www.cacfl.us/

    Join the movement.  Join The United Saints of America. Be proactive not reactive.
      http://theunitedsaintsofamerica.us/Beast.html or facebook.com/theuntiedsaintsofamerica

    karenschoen .com

    Like us on Facebook American Freedom Watch Radio and Agenda21enders

  • The Italian Voice Radio Show !

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    Introducing My 2 Special Guest Callers ll Italian Chicks Looking Forward to Having you on The Italian Voice Radio Show,Saturday 4pm we will be live on air so don't forget to tune in @Blogtalkradio.com, Give us a Call in studio @347-426-3972 and get involved with the most honest talk in New Jersey with you're Amazing host Dom Calvitto,

    We have a Special Show Scheduled for you today,Don't forget to Log in and catch a listen to Us Italians Bring the Italian Voices Special Guest's to the top,See you On Air Everyone !

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    American Tragedy Hour on AVN: Tragic Mcdonald's 1984 Massacre

    in History

    On this episode of American Tragedy Hour LIVE on the In Your Face Talk show on American Variety Network, Alex Cardinale will be discussing one of the worst Massacres in United States of America History! Alex will be talking about the San Ysidro McDonald's shooting outside of San Diego. Shooter James Huberty shot and killed 21 people and injuring 19!!!!! 40 people were shot in this horrific attack! While this tragedy is over 30 years old, it has a huge impact on the United States to this day!

    Topics for the show:

    -Information about the tragedy

    -What caused James Huberty to commit this horrible tragedy?

    And more!!!!


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