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    LovLee FREE Real Deal Real talk readings

    in Relationships

    Greetings one and all im LovLee Your Personal Advisor on blogtalkradio here Where The Real Psychics Go. im your personal psychic tarot reader, real deal for your YES or NO answers. Real talk Interpretations revealing true insights for daily life. With honest, sincere, guidance and advice. TRY ME… I have been Blessed with the gift of Knowledge and Foresight.  A Healing Force, Of-course it’s up to you. Believe the Blessings that the Universe has in-store for you. Come join us in the liberations of your hearts desire, recieve your LovLee FREE reading… Have unaswered questions about life situations? Tune in to the show, Where The Real Psychics Go.


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    Utility Data Analytics - Value Drivers for End User

    in Technology

    HOST:  Alex Tomas (25 years in Utility Rates Consulting) - Join him as he sits back, smokes a cigar and discusses interesting topics with our guests.  This week he'll be opening up the mic to callers as he discusses utility analytics from the end users perspective.

    We will be discussing the key value drivers for commercial, government and end-use customers.  Most customers have no idea what they are actually looking for in a system since they actually lack the foresight of having used a utility data analytics systems.  Almost always, the evaluation process involves downloading some RFP template and throwing it out to the marketplace for pricing and some checklist of capabilities.   There's more to consider in the technologies and the fit varies by customer.  We'll dissect the marketplace and how solutions are lining up in the values they drive.  Join us tonight and feel free to call in with questions.

    SHOW SPONSOR:  UtilityTRX's unique dashboard-driven solution turns mounts of utility data into a seamless process for validating billed charges, paying bills, displaying interval meter data, measuring building performance and optimizing rates.  For more information call 404-369-0207 ext 1 or email alex@UtilityTRX.com

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    LovLee FREE telling you like it T-I is Readings featuring Tahuti Asara

    in Relationships

    Greetings One and All, Im LovLee Your Personal Advisor on blogtalkradio here 'Where The Real Psychics Go'...Featuring Tahuti Asara The Tarot Specialist. We are offering FREE psychic tarot readings with sincere guidance and stimulating liberation over doubts and fears. PsychicTarot for telling you like it T-I is, Using our hardware tools of Tarot and our software Psychic gifts bringing you the greatest quality of professional and personalized reading. Tarot Reader, Psychic,  Were here to utilize the gift of knowledge and foresight as A guiding force in life's situations. Of-Course its up to you to receive the blessings/treasures that GOD has in store for you through the spiritual and magical tools. Allow Tahuti and myself to assist you in making the proper choice in your life by revealing hidden meanings and messages that inspire, uplift and motive you to higher heights. Able to give you amazingly accurate, sincere, genuine and down to earth readings that can transform your life for the better.


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    in Spirituality

    In Universal Consciousness acknowledging the Source-Creator of and in All, Dr. Maisha offers a time for Affirmative Prayer and a Chamber for Collective Prayer. 
    Today's focus:
    I see beyond the appearances of things in the physical realm. My third-eye opens and clears, and I am able to look back to see the cause and effect relationships in occurrences in my life and in the lives of others. I can look forward and foresee the potential results of every thought and action.  I am able to see distant places and times—past and future. In the present –in my mind’s eye– I perceive with great insight and accuracy. 

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    LovLee FREE Psychic Tarot Reading featuring Tahuti Asara

    in Relationships

    Greetings one and all...I am LovLee Your Personal Advisor on blogtalkradio.com here Where The Real Psychics Go Featuring Tahuti Asara the Tarot Specialist! We are offering FREE Psychic Tarot Reading  with down to EARTH Dream Interpretations revealing true insights for daily life. With honest, sincere, guidance and great advice. Utilizing the gift of Knowledge and Foresight. Past, Present nd Future revealtind.  Healing Forces of Prohesy, Prediction and Prescriptions. Of-course it’s up to you To receive the treasures that the CREATOR has in-store for you.  HAVE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR LOVE LIFE AND WANT ANSWERS NOW?? Join us in the liberation of your hearts desire and souls deserves. ITS FROM UP ABOVE ITS CALLED LOVE.


    Qualified by the CREATOR and Universal Order of ALL Good Things


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    What tarot card are you?

    in Spirituality

    Dorothy will draw and read for anyone in the chat and of course callers. Using the Tarot effectively is a skill that can offer you much in the way of being your own advisor and working towards goals, this is acheived by knowing yourself, recognizing who you are and working to your strengths. In today's card draws you will be shown what your strength is and offered a way to use it.  Tarot expresses lifes journey including challenges and higher knowledge that reflects the spirituality in all of us, an accomplished Tarot reader doesn't need to rely on intuition to give accurate and precise information, an intuitive with great tarot skills can pull out the very depth of the cards precisely and with foresight.

    Learn Tarot 1on1 : http://www.energytherapies.co/Services/courses/learn%20tarot.htm 

    Dorothy's Learn Tarot book: http://www.amazon.com/Learn-Tarot-Dorothy-Holder-ebook/dp/B00EPO9FYE

    Web Site: http://www.energytherapies.co


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    Encore Presentation: A conversation with Meg Blackburn Losey, Phd

    in Self Help

    Listen in tonight to I AM U Radio, brought to you by the I AM Group University as Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant interview Meg Blackburn Losey, Phd....author of the bestselling  book "The Children of Now".  Dr. Meg will talk about her follow up book..."The Children of Now Evolution" where she revisits these children to find out who they are becoming and how their growing influence is changing society for the better.  

    She will answer questions regarding the magic of these children who embody unconditional love and have the foresight to see a new future for our people and our planet; how their minds work; our changing DNA and much more!

    Be part of the conversation if you wish.  Call in with your questions or thoughts.  

    For more information about Meg's work, go to http://www.spiritlite.com

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    Think YOU Have What It Takes To Be A Real Estate Coach?

    in Real Estate

    Being a coach takes a unique combination of experience, foresight, patience, and caring - it's something that a lot of successful agents aspire to, but few ever achieve. Today we're discussing the qualities that go into making a successful real estate coach, and why those are qualities that every real estate agent & broker should embrace, whether or not they ever plan to get involved with coaching. Being a coach is an honor & privilege in the real estate industry, and today you'll learn what makes this calling so special.

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    #11 - Rabbit Hole Podcast, Future Thought with Dr. Brooks

    in Education

    Lonny J Avi Brooks is an Assistant professor in the Communication Department at California State University, East Bay. His current manuscript is Playing@Foresight: Communicating the Future of Digital Culture (in review at MIT Press). His research of long term thinking of  is part of a larger study of how organizations (especially forecasting think tanks), interaction designers, and college youth envision the future of media and information technologies. This research brings together his interests in the social and cultural impacts of new media and the distribution of societal stories we invent to forward, mitigate, or restrain technological and scientific invention. He looks at futurist think tanks worldwide to investigate the metaphors employed in future scenarios of computing as they interact with historical, sociocultural memories, and present-day realities.  As part of his research on emergent trends in social computing and user experience research, he investigates how long term thinking can be implemented in higher education. Professor Brooks is a member of the research group, Gaming as a Lens for Learning project to investigate gaming as a platform for understanding how gaming can provide students with immersive experiences in learning about media theory and practice. Professor Brooks received his PhD in Communication at UC San Diego and an MA in Library and Information Science at UCLA. He is currently Chair of the Communication And The Future (CATF) division of the National Communication Association. 

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    in Education

    The Certificate in Strategic Foresight is being offered by Dr. Peter Bishop at the University of Houston Masters Program for Futures Studies.Peter has been a long-term partner of the World Future Society and has been offering the Introduction to Futures Studies course at the Society's Annual Conference for half a decade.This five-day program in January 2012 provides tools to create a positive future for your company and yourself in today's constantly changing world.Previous participant stated-"Strategic Foresight has helped me structure futures thinking and futures strategies into a curriculum that can be used for middle school students that will prepare these future world leaders to anticipate and cope with change, and to empower them with the ability to create solutions for a preferable future."
    One wonders if Dr. Peter Bishop realizes how much change he truly influences when he conducts the Certificate in Strategic Foresight course at the University of Houston  I left with more than I anticipated. We expected this: a foundation in framing, research, and forecasting techniques, visioning and planning approaches, and tactics for action within our organizations.But there's more. The instructors are superb, and fellow students are dynamic and hail from a range of backgrounds and locales, both international and US. In courses designed this well, there's often a synergy, even a gestalt of sorts that lasts until the course ends. Many of those involved in the course have significantly changed their careers, their positions, their influence over planning, thanks to the powerful tools gained in the course. We made permanent connections and important connections for future opportunities. All of this goodness, CEU credits, and a certificate for the wall to lend credibility to your methods. 

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    in Business

    Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.  Pro 24:27 

    The proverb enjoins a man to look well to his resources before he undertakes to build a house or to establish a family. "Without" (chuts) (Proverbs 7:12; Proverbs 8:26); in the fields. Put in due order all immediate work in thy farm. And make it fit for thyself in the field; and get ready for what has to come next. That is, in short, steadily and with due foresight cultivate your land; provide abundant means of subsistence before you attempt to build up your house. A suitor had, as it were, to purchase his bride from her relations by making considerable presents; it was therefore necessary to provide a certain amount of wealth before contemplating matrimony. And afterwards build thy house. This is, indeed, the meaning of the passage; but the Hebrew makes a difficulty, as it is literally, "afterwards and thou shalt build."