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    Remembering the Holocaust and the Struggle of Israel Today

    in Spirituality

    This weeks marks the Holocaust Remembrance for the Nation of Israel, who just a few short years ago, lost 6 million plus of its own people at the hands of the Nazi regime.  Today, still attacked and oppressed, Israel stands as the only beacon of democracy in the Middle East and the single ally of the United States.  Tonight Rabbi Hilbrant will discuss these matters and much more

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    Is anti-Israel Political Correctness bringing a Potential Holocaust

    in Judaism

      It must be stated that the Holocaust did not come out of a vacuum. And it came out, not from a Third World nation, but from a first world European industrial power. It must also be stated that the anti-Semitism that caused the Holocaust had to take a hold in Germany. For Adolf Hitler did NOT begin his genocide on the Jewish people the moment he took power. First, his policies involved anti-Semitic legislation and discrimination, as well as his moves to make himself dictator. He was democratically elected in a country, where its Jewish community was fully assimilated. All the anti-Semitic arguments we hear today caused the Holocaust [or could cause] another one. For in addition to anti-Semitic discrimination and violent attacks [like the Kristallnacht], Hitler's war against the Jews also included intense anti-Semitic propaganda, which included TV programs that compared Jews to rats. But much of the legislation in Europe [such as banning Kosher slaughtering] was in place by Nazi Germany as a leadup to the holocaust. But also, with the genocidal Muslim terrorist war against Israel,the question is whether there is a potential for another Holocaust. We can see that any form of anti-Semitism gets excused if it's dressed up as criticism of Israel or if the word "Jews" gets replaced by the word "Zionists." So with the intense worship of the "Palestinian" terrorist cause and bearing in mind that the Nazis had similar type of propaganda leading up to the Holocaust, the question is: Can the anti-Israel propaganda from the left-Islamist alliance result in a second Holocaust, a goal that Israel's enemies such as Iran and the "Palestinians" clearly have in mind? Is radical Islam the new Nazism? Tune in, as I shall discuss all these questions and make the case why a potential Holocaust is in the air, as well as why Jews need Hashem to live.



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    Israel, Holocaust , Palestinian Authority

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    Obama says he will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in March because his trip to Washington comes too close to Israel's upcoming elections.

    "I'm declining to meet with him simply because our general policy is, we don't meet with any world leader two weeks before their election,"

    Bert Wiess wrote

    Israel takes a unique and strange place in history. Boehner invites an American Ally to speak to Congress, and my facebook page lights up with calls of treason. There is no other nation on the planet that could cause such a rise.

    Arabs comprise 20% of Israeli society. They have equal rights, the vote, are treated (often for free) in hospitals, and attend schools and Universities. In the Palestinian Authority controlled towns in the West Bank, there is indeed apartheid. Jews are not allowed or safe. Jews can't use transportation, won't be treated in hospitals etc. There are billboards exhorting people to run over Jews with their cars. Somewhere there is a cognitive disconnect. Too many American liberals believe the Jew hating lies, and ignore the Arab campaign to wipe Israel off the map.

    Are there problems in the West Bank and Gaza? You bet there are. Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel with the proviso that they keep the Palestinian Arabs out of Egypt and Jordan. This was done to hurt the Arabs and Israel, both. Egypt and Jordan both have majority populations related to the Arabs living in Gaza and the West Bank. Both are governed by minorities. The PLO was formed by Arafat to fight King Hussein in Jordan. Hussein killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs. The Arabs made this problem happen and need to be involved in a solution to it. Land for peace is a ruse. The Palestinian Authority was offered 93% of the land they demand, and refused to take the deal. What they really want is all the land. Why is Israel so profoundly misunderstood?



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    Author  of "Liesl's Ocean Rescue" Barbara Krasner on Holocaust Education with her thoughts on how and when to teach a very disturbing , yet extremely necessary part of history.

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    Today In Bible Prophecy Radio / Zechariah's Holocaust

    in Religion

    August Rosado of Today In Bible Prophecy Ministries comes to you every Saturday at 2:30 PM (EST) as he covers world events in light of Bible prophecy and the soon return of Jesus at the Rapture of the Church. August Rosado studies the prophetic Word of God for it's plain sense literal meaning. He was a student of the late Zola levitt of Zola Levitt Ministries and a Graduate of the Institiute of Jewish Christian Studies. He was also a student of Dr. Ed Hindson and gradauted from Liberty University (King Is Coming College), and is a student of Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and the School of Prophets. August travels the US speaking at Churches on current events and prophecy related to Jesus soon return. Tune in and call with Q/A toll free 1-877-659-8944 or type a question in the chat room. Send an e-mail question at august.todayinbibleprophecy@gmail.com . Visit his website at www.todayinbibleprophecy.org and join him on his Israel Prophecy Tours.

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    I was just thinking…Mind control,African holocaust and Agent Provocatuers

    in Education

    Can we believe what we see and hear in this society? Do we know the hidden history of the African Holocaust? What lies are we being told today? What are agent provocateurs? Our minds....oh our minds!

    My husband loves to keep newspaper and magazine clippings…it was so bad at one time that we had a room with boxes full…thank God for USB’s. But it is important in understanding the past to understand the future…we need to follow the bread crumbs.  We are being fed suggestions on the back of shock and trauma.

    Assassinations, threats of war, earthquakes, tsunami, floods, terrorism and constant police murders are all shocks and Trauma are followed by the Power of Suggestion to get us to believe contrived lies.

    Listen in or call...

    Friday @ 5pm pacific time or 8pm eastern time.


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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Central Florida Holocaust Museum Project

    in Politics Conservative



    The Holocaust Museum Central Florida 2015 Project reverses the trend of ignorance and denial about the Holocaust.

    This museum is unlike any other of its kind, featuring the incredible artwork of students from elementary to high school age.

    Designed to be viewed by all ages, this museum tells a heart-wrenching story through the eyes, hearts, and hands of young people dedicated to searching out and portraying the truth of this horrific chapter in world history.

    The unique interactive nature of this museum allows visitors to speak to the young artists who share the true stories of of the people and events portrayed in these artistic creations.

    Joining us tonight -- Diana van den Boogaard, Diana Watson, and Karel Reynolds.




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    The Biggest Holocaust - Not in Europe!

    in News

    The Biggest Holocaust - Not in Europe!

    The story of the untold Holocausts. Native American, African, Victorian, and Palestinian. These genocides continue to exist today.

    Book Review: Anatomica: The Complete Home Medical Reference

    Atlas of Anatomy

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    Free for All Friday! - Has a Christian Holocaust Started?

    in Religion

    It's Friday, which means that it's Free for All Friday, where we recap the news of the week and discuss any and everything that comes to mind.

    Today we will share with you some thoughts concerning the question, Has the Christian Holocaust Started?  Next Friday we have a guest who has written a book about this very subject.  With devout followers of Allah all over the Middle East, slaughtering Christians, it's hard to think that a Christian holocaust hasn't already started.  I believe it has.

    This week we saw Facebook block safe Christian content, Benjamin Netanyahu win in a landslide victory in Israel, Who the real St. Patrick was, Pastor Saeed remain in an Iranian prison, RightWingWatch continue to freak out over Christians who hold a biblical worldview on homosexuality and we also discussed "selfie" Christians.  We also began the week starting a new bible study in the book of Romans.


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    Who Are The Canaanites? (Revisited)

    in Religion

    Who are the Canaanite people in today's world? Why are they important to Israelites? What is written about them in biblical history? These are just some of the questions we will go over during this podcast.

    Feel free to call in and ask questions about IHOI and the topic at hand. Follow us on Facebook, join our discussion group, and visit the Islamic House of Israel website.