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    Project Empowerment - Kim Corbin

    in Self Help

    Project Empowerment is excited to have on Kim Corbin, creator of iSkip.com.   Kim Corbin is a Senior Publicist and Social Media Manager at New World Library, publishers of books that change lives like THE POWER OF NOW, CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, and THE WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR. She's also the world's most vocal advocate for the benefits of adult skipping!  in 1997,  she started skipping and felt called to invite the rest of the world to join her.  She created the iskip.com website and kickstarted an international skipping movement which has been featured in USA Today, Time, People, and Newsweek Magazines.    You can find Kim online at http://www.iskip.com.    Also, here's a link to a longer description of her skipping story...  http://iskip.com/blog/about-iskip/  

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    Bringing In The New Year With Kim Skipper Corbin!!

    in Spirituality

    San Francisco’s Kim Corbin created the website, iskip, in the spring of 1999 when she became so inspired after skipping for the first time as an adult that she decided to invite the rest of the world to join her.
    As skippers from around the world heard the news and began contacting Kim, she quickly realized she was not alone in her love for skipping. Free spirits from all walks of life and in all shapes and sizes began contacting her through the website.  Some had been skipping for years. Others were just finding the courage to give it a go again as adults.
    Much to Kim’s surprise, the fitness community also took her skipping idea quite seriously. Prevention Magazine researched the benefits of skipping and wrote a highly favorable article about the benefits of adding a skip to our steps. There’s no doubt about it — skipping is good for the body, mind, and soul!
    Completely consumed by her passion for skipping, Corbin quit her corporate job in January 2000 to pursue her dream full time. She poured her heart and soul into her vision, recruiting head skippers in as many as 60 cities and attempting to start a writing and speaking career. Unfortunately, Corbin ultimately skipped herself into financial ruin. She would spend the next several years doing her best to skip gingerly through the shards of her broken dream.
    Ten years later, Corbin is still passionate about skipping. Her own skipping life has become more of a personal past time than the evangelical mission that it once was, but she continues to celebrate and honor the efforts of passionate skippers everywhere.
    Kim is the Senior Publicist for New World Library.