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    Lauren Jawno - Author of Change4Good

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    This is an interview with well known and cutting edge wellness and lifestyle coach Lauren Jawno.
    Over the past 5 years, Lauren has been a highly sought after keynote speaker for hundreds of public and private events across Canada, and is a frequent guest on both television and radio as an expert on the subjects of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. She is well known for her interactive presentation style and ability to make complex information practical and easy to understand.
    Lauren is a regular columnist for iRun Magazine and has also written for and been featured in numerous national publications.  She is professionally affiliated with a select group of leading sports and health and wellness facilities in Toronto.
    She is the creator and author of Change4Good - The Ten Essentials for Food, Fitness and the Good Life. This weight management and wellness program, and now published book, focusses on changing habits around attitude, behaviour, nutrition and fitness in order to achieve optimal health.
    "Lauren has accomplished in Change4Good [her program and book] what few nutritionists and/ or personal trainers have:  a portable, intelligent, and compassionate guide to managing not just your weight, but your overall welllness and lifestyle attitudes."

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    #23 Solar Eclipse Marathon, iRun.org.au & Bucket Lists

    in Fitness

    November 2012 sees a once in a lifetime opportunity to run the Solar Eclipse Marathon in Far North Queensland. In this weeks Partnerunning Show we find out what it is all about.
    iRun.org is a great resource for runners and a must for anyone planning to run in Australia. Project Director Richard Welsh tells us what it involved.
    Many runners include a marathon or two on their Bucket List. In a snippet from a forthcoming feature episode the Bucket List Guy introduces us to the Bucket List concept.
    Also on the show
    Over The Shoulder Ask Sue Marathon Man Minute The Road Ahead

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    #22 Richard Walsh Special Hobart Marathon & iRun.org.au

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    Richard Walsh is the Race Director for the Cadbury Hobart Marathon and the Project Manager for Running Australia.
    In this special feature edition of The Partnerunning Show Richard talks about:
    Running in Tasmania; The Cadbury Hobart Marathon; and, The Running Hub - irun.org.au Richard also takes part in The Partnerunning Dash and gives listeners an insight into his approach to running.

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