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    Iroquois Ironmen vs Durham TurfDogs

    in Sports

    The voice of the Durham TurfDogs Scott Arnold has the call in the last regular season game for both teams. If Iroquois wins they will guarantee themselves a spot in the post season.

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    Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou

    in Current Events

    Tonight Social Security abuses in Puerto Rico and yes, by our own COngress. Amazing. Also, was our constitution based on the Iroquois Indian constitution? More on Iceland, Monsanto, and will water be the next valuable commodity? Always an interesting perspective on everyday issues.

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    Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas - 1492 Part 2 / Iroquois / Seminole Wars

    in History

    America - Europe 1492 Part 2. Fairly accurate as best that I can tell, just not too detailed. Worth hearing. Then the Iroquois. The Creek War and the Seminole Wars.

    Previous 4 shows:





    We know now of course that these people were not in North America first: 





    We also know that most have some European DNA.

    Almost done with these topics and as I said, these are for general information as well as a prerequiste for other topics coming up.

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    The Soul Matrix: Robert Moss, Dreaming in a Multidimensional Universe

    in Dreams

    This is a replay of a previously recorded program with Pauline Capalbo, Wendy Shulman and author, active dreamer Robert Moss.

    Robert Moss describes himself as a dream teacher, on a path for which there has been no career track in our culture. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism. Born in Australia, he survived three near-death experiences in childhood. He leads popular seminars all over the world, including a three-year training for teachers of Active Dreaming. A former lecturer in ancient history at the Australian National University, he is a best-selling novelist, journalist and independent scholar. His nine books on dreaming, shamanism and imagination include Conscious Dreaming, Dreamways of the Iroquois, The Dreamer's Book of the Dead, The Three ""Only"" Things,The Secret History of Dreaming, Dreamgates, Active Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole.

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    Iroquois Supernatural: shapeshifting, vampires and zombies

    in Paranormal

    Join Supernatural Girlz Helene Olsen & Patricia Baker as they speak with Algonquin Healer and Elder, Michael Bastine and Supernatural Historian Mason Winfield about the Iroquois supernatural legacy: shapeshifting witches, strange forest creatures, ethereal lights, vampire zombies, cursed areas, dark magicians, talking animals, enchanted masks, and haunted hills, roads, and battlefields as well as accounts of miraculous healings by medicine people such as Mad Bear and Ted Williams. Grounding their tales with a history of the Haundenosaunee, the People of the Long House, the authors show how the supernatural beings, places, and customs of the Iroquois live on in contemporary paranormal experience, still surfacing as startling and sometimes inspiring reports of otherworldly creatures, haunted sites, after-death messages, and mystical visions. Providing a link with America’s oldest spiritual roots, these stories help us to know more deeply the nature and super-nature around us as well as offer spiritual insights for those who can no longer hear the chants of their own ancestors.  MICHAEL BASTINE is an Algonquin healer, elder, and former student of famous Tuscarora medicine man Wallace “Mad Bear” Anderson and Tuscarora healer Ted Williams. MASON WINFIELD is a supernatural historian, founder of Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc., and the author of 9 books, including Supernatural Saratoga. Both authors live near Buffalo, New York.    

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    Supernatural World Of The Iroquois & Cattle Mutilation

    in Spirituality

    Michael Bastine
    The Supernatural World Of The Iroquois Indians
    Assembling the lore and beliefs of this guarded spiritual legacy, Michael Bastine shares the stories of both historic and contemporary encounters with beings and places of Iroquois legend. Grounding their tales with a history of the Haundenosaunee, the People of the Long House, the authors show how the supernatural beings, places, and customs of the Iroquois live on in contemporary paranormal experience. Michael Bastine is an Algonquin healer, elder, and former student of famous Tuscarora medicine man Wallace “Mad Bear” Anderson and Tuscarora healer Ted Williams.
    Edmund Gomez
    The Cattle Mutilation Enigma
    For Edmund Gomez, the Dulce mystery began in June 1976 when he discovered mutilated cattle on his ranch near Dulce, NM. Although stating his belief that government disinformation is behind claims of extraterrestrial involvement in the cattle mutilations and finding physical evidence of classified military activities on his land, Gomez nevertheless is intrigued by an air vent he located in the Archuletta Mesa during a 1988 expedition in the area.

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    GRANDMOTHER TWYLAH NITSCH: Who am I? Where did I come from? What is My Purpose?

    in Religion


    In 1983 filmaker Adrian Esposto's mother Kristina Nomeika went and visited with Seneca Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch (at her request) on the Cattaraugus Reservation in New York State. While there she recorded with Grandmother Twylah her teachings on a Reel to Reel tape recorder. 

    Young Adrian discovered the recorder and the tape in storage, which began his career as a filmmaker. Adrian's video Bury My Heart at Tonowanda is acclaimed by many traditional Native People.

    Here is parts 1 and 2 of Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my purpose in this Life?

    Part 3 is The Purpose of the Council of Men, Women, Wee People and the Elders.

    Visit Adrian Esposito's YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ae44

    Daughter of a Seneca mother and an Oneida/Scots father, Grandmother Twylah is a direct descendent of Chief Red Jacket, a renowned Seneca orator whose discourses are still studied by scholars today. The Seneca are one of the original members of the Five Nation Peace League known as the Iroquois Confederacy and are the acknowledged philosophers of the League. Seneca society is composed of various clans. Grandmother Twylah’s clan, the Wolf Clan, teaches the wisdom, philosophy, and prophecy of earth history, namely that all creatures — all creation — are members of the one family born of Mother Earth, and that our destiny is to reclaim that Oneness. Her family has been teaching the wisdom-traditions of the elders since the 1700’s.

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    Red Elk's Blessing of Prophecykeepers Radio on Blogtalk Radio 5/31/2012

    in Religion

    Prerecorded... no call ins please!

    Red Elk's Kickoff of Prophecykeepers Radio on Blogtalk Radio

    May 31, 2012

    Red Elk of www.RedElkSpeaks.com is our guest tonight! He is very highly respected amongst the traditionalist Cree of Canada... and many other nations. Red Elk's buddy Heather Dalberg is producing the show.

    How did Prophecykeepers Foundation come to exist? Mad Bear Anderson was the founder of the Indian Unity Movement... and its child, the American Indian Movement. He was a Lord or "Faithkeeper" of the 6 Nations (Iroquois) Confederacy.

    He said, "Someday someone will collect all the Native People’s prophecies, myths and legends, and would publish them in one place, so they could be compared with those of all Native Peoples worldwide." “...and then we really will have something!” 

    Someone HAS collected Native People’s prophecies, myths and legends, and published them in one place. That someone's name is Will "Blueotter" Anderson... an associate of Mad Bear Anderson's close friend john "Rolling Thunder" Pope, the most famous medicine man of the 20th century. These prophecies are contained in the 1000 pages in the four e-books to the right! If you study them, you will discover a pattern of recurring events... and how to prepare for them. 

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    24/7 Hockey Show with Kris Barclay & Cory Marquardt- "Life on the Road"

    in Hockey

    On July 30th, the 24/7 Hockey Show will have on former NOJHL'ers Kris Barclay and Cory Marquardt on the show.

    Barclay finished his junior 'A' hockey career with the Soo Thunderbirds 2011 - 2012 NOJHL season.  The former Thunderbird defenseman has traded in travelling on buses from rink to rink and has hit the road performing with his band "Highway 12". Cory Marquardt, the travelling junior 'A' hockey player made stops in Temiscaming, North Bay, Iroquois Falls and Elliot Lake to before hitting the highway to chase his dream of becoming a muscian, check out the 'Canadian Rock Outlaw'.

    24/7 Hockey Show will unleashed! It is news, talk and round table discussions that will revolutionize the way that you will look at junior hockey.

    Get your junior hockey news every week with highlights, analysis, scores, statistics and all the junior hockey information you’ll need and get set up for what lies ahead. The 24/7 Hockey Show will take you rink to rink, joined weekly by the game’s biggest names and controversial discussions on what is happening in the junior hockey world. It’s the perfect way for the hockey fan to drop the puck each week.

    The 24/7 Hockey Show is brought to you by the Junior Hockey Network.

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    PPRadio Welcomes Shaman Reiki Master Veronica

    in Spirituality

    FREE READINGS!!! Please call in EARLY!!!
    Veronica Tioicha is a Shaman, Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna® Reiki Practitioner serving the Los Angeles and Orange County area. She lives in Long Beach and is considered the “joyful living expert”. She began her spiritual practice nine years ago after no longer being able to ignore the push and pull of the universe around her. She has studied at The Institute for Mediumship, Psychic, Astrological, and Reiki Training (IMPART). She has practiced with Shamans throughout the country. Her teachers are Native American Shamans who have lineages in the Apache and Caddo tribes. Veronica herself has a lineage in the Iroquois tribe. She specializes in Soul Retrieval and Negative Entity Removal. She created her own form of Chakra Healing based on a very old Shaman tradition that is no longer practiced. This spiritual tradition is used to heal the chakras on a deep and powerful level. As a Shaman and intuitive healer Veronica taps into your energy field to find where you have blockages and imbalances in your life. She will give you insightful messages and take you on a journey that will restore balance, clarity and vision to your life path. She will teach you how to make a stronger connection to your own unique spirituality.
    For more information, please visit: http://fireinthelotus.com/



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