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    The Empowerment Show with Irene Roth.

    in Motivation

    Please join Irene Roth on Friday June 20 at 4PM EST  3 PMCST  2PM MT  1PM PST for a wonderful show that will help parents understand what to say to successfully empower their children  Irene will be doing a step by step discussion that will be easy to follow and helpful. 

    Topic:  The Importance of Empowering Teens

    Show Date and Time: Friday, June 20th, 4 pm EST.

    Here are a few ways that parents can empower teens:

    Talk to your kids a lot about what their beliefs and values are as opposed to what the culture is dishing out to them;
    Empowering our children to be the best that they can be by believing in them and helping them be more responsible;
    Not beating them up when they make mistakes but to talk to them at length and try and correct them in the future;
    Developing a relationship of unconditional love with our children and teens;
    Developing honest and open interaction with our teens by having face to face chats on a consistent basis.

    for more info on the show



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    Rebekah Roth ~ On Truth

    in Current Events

    With improved audio, Rebekah and Ramjet delve into the subject of truth and what it means in today's world where talk has taken the place of truth and words wither under the weight of consequences.  So much of what the truth movement has become is ego wrapped in a theory with a total disregard for the facts.  No wonder people are confused and searching, but never sure of what they have found.  Truth sheds light onto all that it comes in contact with and Rebekah's light will never dim or diminish.

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    Are you Overscheduling your teen? on The Empowerment Show with Irene Roth

    in Self Help

    This is The Empowerment Show on Blog Talk Radio's Featured World of Ink Network. Irene Roth is the host of this show as well as an author, editor, and freelance writer. She has published an empowerment for teens entitled "Seasons of Empowerment for Adolescent Girls" and also has a picture book published entitled "Courage." Learn more about the host at https://irenesroth.wordpress.com

    This week on The Empowerent Show Irene Roth and Traci McDonald will be chatting about if we as adults are overscheduling our teens.

    When kids and teens complain of being overscheduled and overwhelmed, we should definitely pause to take a new look at our lives and reprioritize them. Our kids are way too young to feel overscheduled. And if we, as parents, teach them that it is okay, or worse, meritorious to be busy all the time, we can be setting them up for a life time of exhaustion and lack of success. Not only that but they will feel dissatisfied and stressed out all the time.

    Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your teens or kids:

    What does your child enjoy? Does she/he enjoy playing sports? What kind of sport?

    Does your teen enjoy music/dancing? What type does she/he enjoy?

    Does your teen do extracurricular activities?

    Does your child/teen feel overwhelmed at school?

    The World of Ink Network brings you shows each week on topics such as books, writing, interviews, self-help, empowerment, families and much more.

    Follow us at http://worldofinknetwork.com, our blog http://worldofinknetwork.blogspot.com, and on Facebook and Twitter. 

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    Interview with Rabbi Dan Roth - Torah Live

    in Judaism

    Rabbi Dan Roth believes there is nothing more exciting than Torah wisdom and is devoting his life to bringing that excitement to Jews around the world. A revolutionary educator, he is the founder and director of Torah Live (www.torahlive.com), an organization that creates multimedia presentations and teaching resources on both halachic and hashkafic topics.

    Raised in London, Rabbi Roth is a graduate of the Mir Yeshiva and received semicha from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. While teaching at Ohr Somayach, he recognized the need for making Torah relevant to our youth - and thus Torah Live was born!

    Rabbi Roth now spends most of his time script writing, filming, and traveling the world to inspire individuals and educators in how to utilize today’s .technology to engage people in the beauty, and relevance, of Torah in our lives.

    Our Vision is to take the entire Torah and translate it into the language of our generation.

    The Challenge

    We are living through a communication revolution. People are taking in information in a new way. This poses a huge challenge to Jewish education: In a world of fast-moving media, how can we get people to take note of their heritage and become passionate about Judaism?

    The Solution

    Torah Live is producing high-quality multimedia presentations about Judaism for both adults and children. Its mission is to create cutting-edge multimedia presentations that communicate Jewish values in a non-preachy, well organized, and energetic manner.

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    How Holistic Medicine Cured Her Cancer - Irene Greiner's True Story!

    in Motivation

    Today on Pull It Together with Erika Black - Health Coach Irene Greiner joins me to tell her amazing story of being diagnosed with terminal cancer, what the medical doctors advised, how she decided to go the holistic route and ultimately was cured of cancer.  We will also talk about her upcoming book about her experiences and what she feels compelled to tell the world.  Join me for this inspiring true story that could change your life and the way you look at health and wellness as you jump into 2016!

    Pull It Together with Erika Black - Fun, Inspiring and Practical discussions on Life, Love and Making It Count! Host Erika Black is a Transformational Life-Coach and the owner of Pull It Together. This show is all about helping people move forward, achieve their goals and dreams, live with joy, intention and make a difference!

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    Busted: Two Flight Attendants Take on 9/11 Truth

    in Current Events

    Rebekah and her friend Anna discuss aspcts of 9/11 as they relate to the airline industry.  The two of them share stories and explain what never made sense to them on that dreadful day fifteen years ago.

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    Make Your Marketing Mark w/Special Guest Irene Scott

    in Marketing

    Creating a ripple effect in your marketing and making your mark for a greater impact doesn't have to be hard. Once you learn how to simplify your marketing efforts you will be able to make your marketing mark with ease.

    In this segment of Make Your Marketing Mark, Cross Niche Marketing Journalist, Alicia Nicole Waters! introduces special guest Marketing Strategist, Irene Scott. Irene will be sharing about her services and how she is making her marketing mark.

    Learn more about Irene at www.PeakBusinessStrategies.com.au

    My Facebook page is:www.facebook.com/PeakBusinessStrategiesPtyLtd


    Twitter: www.PeakBusinessStrategies.com.au

    Google+: www.plus.google.com/+PeakbusinessstrategiesAuPtyLtd/





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    A Brief Update on All Things Rebekah

    in Current Events

    Emerging for their sick beds, Rebekah and Ramjet will have an abreviated show to inform you of what is happening with the new book, the continued research and some new developments surrounding more podcasts on timely subjects.  It will be short, but sweet.

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    "SHOW UP DAY" ~ Visit your Rep 1/11/16 ~ Irene Pi with Host Sallie O. Elkordy

    in Politics

    Guest Irene Pi ~ Specifics on "Show Up Day" 1/11/15 here: www.showupday.com

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC asks you to send a photo of a person (yourself or another) holding a candle to honor a vaccine injured or dead loved one.  "ONE LIGHT...ONE NIGHT" continues until everyone affected is represented. http://billiontoddlermarchforsurvival.blogspot.com

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    Learn What Feeds You—On Plate and Off w/Irene Ross (Coach Highlight Episode)

    in Lifestyle

    Irene Ross knows what feeds us. She's dedicated more than a decade to studying and coaching what nourishes  us, what we crave, and why there is often a difference between the two. “In order to thrive, we need emotional, financial, spiritual, career and community wellness," Irene says, "and every one of them ties in to how we feel physically. The idea that the food that we eat is separate from the rest of our experience has not only led to our collective weight and health challenges, it has fed our sense of shame and guilt, which drives much of our eating—round-and-round the cycle goes. If food were just food, it would be easy to eat only what we know to be good for us.”

    Listen in as our host, Kristine Burke, interviews long-time friend and fellow wellness coach, Irene Ross. Irene is offering a SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL COACHING PACKAGE to our BTR audience. Enjoy the opportunity to feel greater peace in your body as Irene shares her wisdom as well as some of her many client success stories about how she has helped her clients to make peace with the food on their plates by focusing on how well they nourish themselves off-plate.

    For more information, please visit Irene at:  www.irenefross.com (under construction) and www.ifrmarketingcommunications.com.


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    The Alternative Media ~ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    in Current Events

    Rebekah and Ramjet explore the explosion of alternative media formats and how it has changed the landscape of presenting informaton to the world.  They will also discuss the benefits of this kind of media as well as the downside of irresponsibility and lack of accountability.  Since anyone can now grab a microphone and say whatever they want what kinds of issues and problems does this present?   Rebekah will draw from her own experience, both good and bad, to paint a picture of the future and where she believes alternative media is headed.