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    Preparing for IPv6

    in Technology

    Cox Director of Systems Integration Richard Von Scherr discusses the IPv6 Internet address transition with Cox Business Report Host Todd Smith.

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    Rolling Coal: "Clean Diesel" is an Oxymoron

    in Politics Conservative

    Here are tenight's topics for discussion:

    The Volkswagen Fraud: Let's face it. Diesel engines stink—literally. Why did Volkswagen take the risk? How  did they get away with it for so long? What deos the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) have to do with this?

    Hillary's Server: There is a lot of misinformation going around. What was Clinton's motivation for a "private" server? What is the difference between a private server and a private email address? What cyber attacks were used? What is the FBI investigation really looking for? What are the security implications? At this point, what can the FBI learn?

    The USA is a Third World Nation: Like the proverbial frog in a boiling pot, change—or lack of change—has happened so gradually that much has gone unnuticed. Nevertheless, we are becoming more and more like Obama's ideal country.

    Another Mass Shooting: It's too early to speculate about this one. Obama's reaction was predictable.

    RINOs: Will business as usual continue in Congress? Is it time for a government "shutdown?"

    Your opinion is welcome. Call in and tell us what you think: (310) 807-5158 or toll free (877) 878-1431


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    Get Ready for IPv6

    in Technology

    In this episode, executive editor Curt Franklin talks with Tom Daly, president and CTO of Dyn Inc, about the challenges and opportunities that the Internet's change to IPv6 will bring to enterprise IT and its internal and external customers. Tom is an expert in Internet architecture and will help listeners understand how to plan for the shift, how to coordinate critical activities with their ISPs, and how to implement IPv6 in ways that will minimize disruptions and maximize benefits to the organization.

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    Interop Radio: The Network Beyond SDN

    in Technology

    If you follow the enterprise networking press (and really, why wouldn't you?) then you would be excused for thinking that SDN is the only thing that matters in the world of moving bits from place to place. The truth, though, is that the vast majority of networks deployed today are still defined by switches, routers, and old-fashioned configuration methods rather than by software.

    In this episode of Interop Radio we'll be talking about all the networks that aren't SDN and why these "traditional" networks are still important -- and still evolving. Our guest, Ethan Banks, is co-host of the popular Packet Pushers Podcast and a speaker in the conference at Interop Las Vegas. What sort of thing might we discuss? We could start with one of these:

    Improving communications between IT & business stakeholders.
    IPv6 - coming of age, finally?
    Should your network mirror cloud scale architecture?
    Troubleshooting skills matter more than ever for networkers.

    Ethan Banks, CCIE #20655, has been managing networks for higher ed, government, financials, high tech, and medical since 1995. Ethan co-hosts the Packet Pushers Podcast, which has seen millions of downloads and reaches over 10K listeners worldwide.

    Interop 2015 will take place from April 27th through May 1st at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. More information and registration details are available online! Register with code RADIO for a $200 discount on Total Access or Conference passes, or get a FREE Expo Pass. In addition, join the Interop mailing list to get the latest news and special offers.

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    IT Clan Chat: IPv6 Day: What Happened, What's Next

    in Technology

    The IPv6 Day event organized by the Internet Society on June 7 and 8 showed a lot of support for the new version of the Internet Protocol from content and service providers -- and the need for more action on the user side. IT pros worldwide are being challenged to face up to the need for dual-stack support. We'll be talking today about how they are or aren't likely to  meet that challenge, and why.

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    PODCAST: Qing Li, Chief Scientist at Blue Coat

    in Technology

    Today, we have the pleasure of speaking Qing Li who is the Chief Scientist at Blue Coat Systems.  Qing works with customers to help them transition their networks to the IPv4-IPv6 dual stack environment.  He also advocates for the security of those networks is maintained both during and after the transition.

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    IE Radio/Andrew Blum

    in Technology

    Andrew Blum is the author of Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet, the first book-length look at the physical heart of the Internet itself.
    When not immersed in the Internet’s depths, Blum writes about architecture, design, technology, urbanism, art, and travel. Since 1999, his articles and essays have appeared in Wired, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Bloomberg Business Week, Metropolis, Popular Science, Gizmodo, The Atlantic Online, Architectural Record, and Slate, among others. He has degrees in literature from Amherst College and in human geography from the University of Toronto, and lives in his native New York City with his wife, daughter, and a black shepherd mix.

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    FastForward Radio -- Alex Lightman and the 2010 Innovation Awards

    in Technology

    Phil and Stephen welcome author and futurist Alex Lightman back to FastForward Radio. Alex is one of the recipients of the Economist's 2010 Innovation Awards.
    About our guest:
    Alex Lightman is an author, entrepreneur, and futurist, who has made significant contributions to the adoption of IPv6, 4G wireless broadband, wearable computers, and augmented reality. He has authored several books on technology and society. His book 'Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and the Infinite Internet' was the first ever published on the subject of 4G wireless technology.

    In the last three weeks, he published "Reconciliation: 78 Reasons to End the US Embargo of Cuba" and, on Oct. 21, received the first Economist magazine Reader's Award, given for "the innovation that will most radically impact the world over the next decade 2010-to-2020", based on five months of voting in over 200 countries and a panel of 32 judges, in recognition of his innovation of 4G wireless.

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    Limor Schafman Presents: Dave Green Command Information-Ubiquitous Connectivity & Internet of Things

    in Technology

    A new world of connectedness and communication stands before us. Now and increasingly in the future a type of network will evolve where things are directly connected, P2P, to other things. IPv6, Internet Protocol version 6, is one of the enabling technologies that will make it happen.
    Dave Green, Vice President of R&D for Command Information (www.commandinformation.com) will discuss the Internet of Things, what ubiquitous connectivity can be if pushed to the edge of current and near future technology, and the impact it will have on Internet operations, social networks, collaborating, content distribution, and mobile and wireless communications.

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    Techies Unwind - Tech Job Advisor Show - Get An Edge Job Tips Uncut

    in Jobs

    This show is focused on the technology professionals but the information applies to most professional careers.
    Former Microsoft Recruiter and Founder of Corporate Global Technical Professionals Association (www.cgtpa.org)give raw, hardore tips about Corporate Technical Hiring secrets to give you an edge and land a job quick.
    John discusses myths about offers, interviewing, resumes, phone screens, hiring managers, recruiters, on hire shares and powerful phrase to to turn a "no-hire" to a hire. much much more

    Michael Surkan has worked in IT for 20 years. He was an IT manager, and an lab director at PC Week Labs, conducting technology product reviews and analyses. Until July, Michael worked at Microsoft for 9 years working in product and program management. He was a program manager in the networking group of the Windows division, responsible for such technologies as the Windows Firewall and IPv6. Recently, Michael has been sharing the things he has learned from his career on his blog, http://surkanstance.blogspot.com/ and to groups like this one. He is also conducting research on what long term impacts the recession might have on the IT industry.