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    Printing on Demand to Make More Profit

    in Business

    Aaron and Terry are back together again this week to discuss the power of adding Printing on Demand to your decorating business. They will share, tips, tricks and niche markets to target for printing on demand and doing on site printing services. They will discuss what printing on demand is and why you should look at printing on demand for your personalization business. They will also give you information about what equipment you need and why. Plus they will cover how to set-up at these events, upselling on the spot and what types of imprinted products work well.

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    Multi-Media Screen Printing Tips and tricks with Greg Gaardbo

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    On this weeks show we'll talk with Greg Gaardbo, the CEO and Creative Director with Shockwaves Promotional Products in Arlington Hts, Illinois (Greater Chicago). As many of our listeners are aware, Greg is well known in our industry for his multi-media decoration. Greg will be sharing interesting tips on some very creative techniques to use in your own screen printing shops.

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    The ABC's of Giclee Printing

    in Art

    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights ways to sell your art. On today’s show Leslie is joined by AHA May co-host Margaret Sheldon. On today’s show we will be joined by our guest Bill Wenzel, Owner of Image Resolutions in Norwell, MA. Join us as we discuss fine art reproductions, tips to photographing your artwork, printing surfaces, limited editions and giclees.

  • The Joseph Price Show

    in Gadgets

    Monday, October 5th 2015.
    Due to limited time, I am unable to accept phone calls.

    -iOS vs Android, what is the real difference and why does it matter?

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    Niche Markets for Direct-to-Garment Printing

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    Finding a niche market has two parts. First you need to determine the capabilities of your chosen decoration method. Second, what options in the marketplace are best suited to that technology? On our show this week we’ve determined our decoration method will be direct-to-garment. Part two will be a discussion of niche markets best suited to this process.

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    Turn on the Light Broadcast with Pastor Stephen and Ann Butterfield

    in Lifestyle

    Call in to hear Pastor Fair From Indiana

    Get a great word prayer and deliverance

    Get your breakthrough

    It ios here for you


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    #194 Understanding Business with John Kershaw, Creator of the Bristlr app.

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    Host Peter J. Lamont Esq. talks with John Kershaw, Creator of Bristlr. John Kershaw, lives in Manchester (UK) and came up with the idea for Bristlr whilst procrastinating at work. Prior to creating a beard-related social network he was a freelance software developer. 

    It started as something of a joke in October 2014, now Bristlr has created more than quarter of a million connections between those with beards, and those who want to stroke them. The app has grown into a fully fledged and feature rich dating service used in more than 100 cities around the world.

    Bristlr is available on the web at bristlr.com, and as a free Android and iOS app.

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  • Military Monday with John D. Gresham and Author Al Nofi

    in History

    Question: How do you take a Navy from a force structure of just a handful of wooden cruisers to the most powerful fleet in history in just two generations? Because this is exactly what happened within the United States Navy (USN) in the late 1800s in the first half of the 20th century. Along with obvious answers like having the necessary resources and industrial infrastructure, there is the question of the people who manned it. One of the keys in the development of the USN's training, tactics, and fleet doctrine were 21 "Fleet Problens," run between 1923 and 1940. Fleet Problems were a series of full-scale fleet exercises, designed to explore and experiment new ideas for the US fleet, while providing officers and crews with a chance to operate under simulated battle conditions for extended periods of time. Most of the future World War II and early Cold War USN leaders participated in the Fleet Problems, learning many of the lessons that would allow them to achieve victory in the coming "Two Ocean War" that was coming.

    To learn more about the USN's Fleet Problems prior to World War II, tune into this week's edition of Military Monday (#MilitaryMonday on the Writestream Radio Network (@Writestream)). Author, historian, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and host John D. Gresham (@greshamj01) has invited  Government Printing Office author Al Nofi to discuss his book, TO THE FLEET FOR WAR. Considered an "instant classic" within the Naval history genre, Nofi's book describes in intimate detail, the various Fleet Problems, how they were run and adjudicated, and lessons learned derived from the exercises that became the basis for the USN's World War II doctrine.

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    Kevin and the NuCompanion

    in Paranormal

    Do you know of anyone in a coma.  The NuCompanion could help them communicate with the awake world.  Most of us know that when people are in a coma they have minimal control over their body and the eyes of their soul is wide open.  They are only able to communicate by printing images of desires onto the minds and intuitions of people who are sensitive to the spirit style of communication.  In a word, Psychic Medium.

    With the help of the NuCompanion, a device that is sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF), a device that has the ability to say 100 or more phrases, the voice of the soul connected to a body in coma will have speaking ability to the awake world.  What would they say?  “I love you?”  “Feed the cat?”  “Where am I?”

    Kevin has been a professional psychic medium for ten years or more and a natural medium since birth and has tinkered with electronics all of his life.  For 30 or more years he had a career as an IT professional.

    Then NuCompanion is a culmination of the two paths into a single journey.  The psychic and the electronics.  The NuCompanion is an electronic psychic medium that anyone can use.  Even people who are not psychic.  Find ot more at nucompanion.com

  • "The Penis Factor: Women, Take Your Rightful Place under The Banner of The Lord"

    in Health

    The Penis is mighty and powerful becasue the Creator knew the deree he set forth for man and woman to multiply the earth. He also knew that special spiritual "powers" must evolve and transfer through each other when the sexual act is performed between two individuals, and the acceptance of consequences of the aftermath.

    Many Women, however, have lost their lives, their families, their children and most of their mind following the male penis of visious men into emotional and physical destruction! How can women take their rightful place before God and the community without selling out for hell on earth? 

    Our next weeks lesson will share 10 ways; uncut and incensored; to help women understand their purpose on earth, and to help them re-discover the right mind and right attitude to develop toward sex and the one who created sexual abilities FOR AN ORDAINED PURPOSE: "It is not good for MAN to be alone! Genesis 2:18 KJV  

    (also read..."21 Days With The Mistress Of King Midas", Amazon.Com) 2nd Printing out Winter, 2015) 

  • The Rebellious Rev is a Grandpa...again!!!

    in Religion

    And it is written..."I bring you good news and glad tidings!!!"  No, we are NOT talking about the Second Coming. But we are talking about a new addition to the family of The Rebellious Rev...He is a Grandpa once again!!!  As of this printing, we do not know the sex of the baby. But The Rev is here passing out chocolate cigars. From the Doc and his family, we wish The Rev and his wife a hearty Mazol Tov!!!  Also to be discussed today: Kim Davis, The Constitution, the GOP Debates and much more. Call us if you have something to say at 646-595-34275 and while you need not bring a gift, you must bring your own coffee.