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    Radiation Protection in Medicine - World View

    in Health

    In the U.S., when we ask about radiation in medical imaging, we are usually just told not to worry about it. “It’s less radiation than you get flying across the Atlantic.” “The benefits of imaging outweigh the risks.”

    All that is true, and yet, we can’t helping worrying a bit.

    There are people in the world who take this question very seriously, none more than Dr. Madan Rehani, Director of Radiation Protection at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Rehani and his colleagues have studied the use of radiation in medicine worldwide and are working to optimize its use.

    In this interview, Joyce speaks with Dr. Rehani about radiation in medical imaging.

    Medical imaging that uses ionizing radiation include Computed Tomography (CT), Mammography, and Fluoroscopy. The first question to ask is: is this the best type of imaging test to use to answer the medical question? Or might another modality that does not use ionizing radiation (such as MRI or Ultrasound) be used instead? Often MRI or Ultrasound will do the job just as well. But there are circumstances where CT is in fact needed:

    Dr Rehani talks about the recent advances in standardizing the terminology and calculations used by the various manufacturers of CT machines.

    CT dose index (CTDI)
    Dose Length Product (DLP)

    giving us standard measures of the radiation delivered to the patient.

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    Clear Water Radio - Ionizing for Cleaning and Sanitizing

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    The physics of water is truly amazing!

    It's the only element that exists in three forms: Liquid, Solid and Vapor, and yet, there is a third ~ ENERGIZED!

    The process called electroporation, which activates typical tap water into a powerful dirt-removing, bacteria-killing agent and is endorsed by many that claim that it cleans better than all the chemicals we are all currently using! If this process can eliminate chemicals, imagine the health benefits for our children...WOW!

    Bill Nye, the Science Guy, has endorsed a product that brings this non-toxic break-through technology right into our homes, but why has his YouTube video been taken down?

    Has Big Chemical started a campaign to dis-credit and bring down another revolutionizing product that could wipe out the chemical industry, or is Ionized Water really just another "snake oil" that many claim it to be?

    Mr. Wayne will be providing his input, as well as information from many sources, in order for YOU to decide for yourself. We hope you tune-in and join the conversation while we uncover the truth about ionized water.

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    Modern Day Spiritual Journey-Margie Lewis-Ask an Herbalist!

    in Spirituality

    I have on my shows people and places that I found interesting to me on my spiritual journey or that you might find helpful or interesting.  One thing we will all have in common is that we are on a spiritual journey, wherever we are in that process.
    Margie Lewis has been a guest on my show several times. Margie is an Herbalist and an Iridologist. She also does ionizing and makes the special candles needed for ear candling. This week we are going to talk about ionizing (a process that takes toxins out of you while doing a footbath with salt) and about ear candling. These holistic or alternative methods have helped many.              I hope you will join us!