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    IOM TT Travel & Accommodations. The End of the Year Ride.

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    Join us tonite as we talk about warm clothing, hot bikes, Daytona, Isle of Man TT, and various other aspects of motorcycling. Oh yeah, it really is cold outside.

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    The Know Your Rights Hour

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    Join Doctor-Attorney Mayer Eisenstein, Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, and special guest Dr. Paul King, Ph.D., analytical chemist, as they discuss a nurse's criticism of vitamin D; the reliability (or lack thereof) of the Institutes of Medicine (IOM) and other agencies; Jon Rappoport's criticism of the CDC's claim of 62,034 deaths from influenza in 2001--and how close scrutiny of that figure reveals that there was not a single confirmed case of a flu death that year; how vaccines cause chronic disease; the rapidly growing percentage of children in the U.S. who develop what will become a lifetime chronic disease; how to tell vaccinated children from unvaccinated children without testing; medical research revealing that repeated vaccination with annual flu vaccines poses an ever increasing risk of autoimmune disease; the pointlessness of continuing to vaccinate children for diphtheria when there have been virtually no cases for decades; why a tetanus shot won't help you if you get it shortly after being exposed to tetanus; why doctors stopped giving the tetanus antitoxin; how pertussis was successfully treated in the 1920's and 30's prior to the pertussis vaccine; why the healthcare system is really a disease management system; how CDC officials came to the conclusion that vaccines don't cause autism; and more!

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    An interview with Martin Townend, Course Marshall for the Isle of Man TT

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    Poet and Bird have the pleasure of sharing time with our old friend, Martin Townend.  We discuss TT history, the impact the TT has on the island, what is necessary to stage a TT, and how do you become a course Marshall.  There is a ton of data that could be deemed "ephemera" but is actually quite useful to anyone planning a trip to the wee island.

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    10,000 Motels & Where's My Luggage?

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    Tonight we have Van Roldan with Albert's Adventure lnn in Burnsville, North Carolina. In our quest for the best of motorcycle adventure lodging we found this little gem located on NC Hwy80 near the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you appreciate oldschool hospitality you will want to listen in to learn about what makes Albert's a "must stay" when you are touring the backroads of Western North Carolina.

    Then it's onto our feature segment with Michael Walshaw of BritKit LLC, exclusive distributors of Kriega luggage. Kriega is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of luggage solutions and equipment offered solely for motorcyclists. In addition to his association with Kriega, Michael has a long history in public relations and support roles with IOM TT, MotoGP, World and British Superbike teams. 

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    Dr. Fred interviews Julia Hallisy

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    Dr. Julia Hallisy is a practicing dentist in San Francisco, California. In 1989, Dr. Hallisy’s late daughter, Katherine, was diagnosed at five months of age with bilateral retinoblastoma. Dealing with Kate’s life-threatening diagnosis marked the beginning of a 20-year involvement in our healthcare system. The combination of her scientific training, her work as a healthcare provider, and guiding a child through a chronic illness has afforded her invaluable insight as an advocate for patients.


    The many lessons she learned during Kate’s life became the foundation for her book, The Empowered Patient: Hundreds of life-saving facts, action steps and strategies you need to know.  Dr. Hallisy works at The Empowered Patient Coalition non-profit organization and has worked with the California Nurses Association, the IOM Initiative on the Future of Nursing and is a member of the leadership council for the California Regional Coalition working to implement the IOM recommendations.

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    Michael Millenson, Health Quality Advisors

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    On the Wednesday, October 9th 2013 broadcast at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern our guest is Michael Millenson, President, Health Quality Advisors, LLC. You can follow Michael on Twitter via the handle @MLMillenson.

    Michael is a friend of this broadcast, a prolific and thoughtful writer, blogger and consultant and has recently penned the title: Still Demanding Medical Excellence posted on The Healthcare Blog and Health Affairs which is somewhat of a pulse check on the status of the quality movement since the IOM's landmark publication "Crossing the Quality Chasm" release in 2001.


    He describes himself as a 'Quality-of-care evangelis't via his consulting, writing and speaking, and is an early, vocal and loud advocate for better, safer, patient-centered care.


    Join us for an encore chat with this talented and thoughtful voice in the health innovation conversation.



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    Entry Level into the Nursing Profession: What are we doing?

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    The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has made recommendations to increase the number of baccalaureate prepared nurses by 2020. As associate degree programs are not closing (yet) what are educators, health care organizations and you doing about this? Let's talk about the issues on NIPAA Talk

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    "LIFE" Your Malpractice Central Station

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    The Second Victim
    Since the release of the 1999 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report to Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health system, much attention has been focused on medical errors.  This report estimated that up to 98,000 deaths from medical errors occur annually in the United States. Also gaining more attention and emphasis in recent years is the impact that medical errors have on health care providers, deemed the “second victim.”  It is said that health care professionals involved in medical errors oftentimes are greatly affected both emotionally and personally.  Feelings of isolation, shame, guilt, anger, loss of confidence, loss of empathy, and depression are all possible responses.  As I read the several articles about second victims it was clear that the medical industry wanted people to feel sorry for them. No one suggested the same issues they were feeling the first victim was too.  What happens when there isn’t a feeling of shame of the doctor?  What about the first victim? As I look at this there are hurts between both parties, but if the upper management has nothing on their mind but money how can anyone be safe? Is this really hurt or is it cover-up?
    Dr. Fred Southwick once doctor now a victim will be the guest who can answer some of these questions we want to know.  Is this really a two-fold problem?
    Phil Hall CEO of docnosis.com will also be a guest who can tell you the facts about the doctors who may claim to be second victims.
    Tune in Thursday 5:00 PM (CST)
    Don't miss this show.

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    Kyla Carpener - Lorie Neal - Gallia Camber Jan 9 2012 at 4

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    1 Minute Promo   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFbc1M6DiR4
    A Chamber of Commerce is consider an important hub in any community
    This week, it is our pleasure to feature Kyla Carpenter, Chamber President ALONG WITH Lorie Neal, IOM, and Executive Director with the Gallia County Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday January 9, 2013 at 4:00 in the afternoon on our Pod Cast and Educational Access Radio and TV Network channel.
    Kyla and Lorie will discuss:
    What is the Chamber of Commerce? Chamber Membership - Why is it important? Network Opportunities that help Businesses. FIRST FRIDAY’S – What are they? Getting involved. The Gallia County Chamber of Commerce promotes, supports, and strengthens business and economic development throughout the County and provides leadership through networking and education to improve the overall business environment for Chamber members.
    You will find our discussion of great value.
    www.facebook.com/theosurio http://sbdc.osu.edu/pdonline/

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    Treating Distress Facilitates Healing

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    In 2007 the Institute of Medicine (IOM; 2007) issued a report Cancer Care for theWhole Patient: Meeting Psychosocial Health Needs. This report focused on ways to increase the quality of care provided to cancer patients.  The challenge they issued was to devise methods to screen patients to determine their level of distress and to provide intervention as needed.
    In 2011 the Commission on Cancer issued guidelines for screening cancer patients for a new aspect of their condition: Distress.  Since the issuance of this Screening method there has been considerable discussion among oncology social workers (OSW's) of the processes of implementation of distress screening in cancer centers, screening policies and protocols, screening tool choice, and oncology social worker professional identity.
    Professor Mary Ann Burg of the University of Central Florida analyzed the postings of OSW's to a professional listserv and published her results.  Joyce and Mike speak with Dr. Burg about her findings.
    The article: Mary Ann Burg PhD, MSW, LCSW, Gail Adorno PhD, MSW, LCSW & Jorge Hidalgo BA (2012): An Analysis of Social Work Oncology Network Listserv Postings on the Commission of Cancer's Distress Screening Guidelines, Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, 30:6, 636-651 To link to this article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07347332.2012.721484

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