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    ROI (Return on Investment). Determine to be PROFITABLE!

    in Finance

    Hebrew 6:7-8 "For the land that soaks up frequent rains and then brings forth a crop useful to its owners receives a blessing from God; but if it keeps producing thorns and thistles, it fails the test and is close to being cursed; in the end, it will be burned." (CJB)

    In business, we invest with an expectation of a return of profit on our investment. There comes a time after the investment soaks up more and more of our hard earned money, that we evaluate that investment. In some cases, we determine the investment a bust, and salvage what we can. In other cases, the investment pays off with a fantastic harvest of profit.

    The Bible constantly refers to a notion that our work is to return a profit. The story of the talent in Matthew 25, as well as the Proverbs 31 woman is applauded because she sees to it that her work is profitable (Proverbs 31:18).

    Even the government will deem your activity a 'hobby', if year after year, you fail to report a profit.

    Let's look at effort,  expenses. and evaluating our status.  Let us Determine to be PROFITABLE!

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    in Self Help

    Today on the Daily Experiment we wil explore our relationship with the Investment...

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    A Home Should Not Be an Investment

    in News

    Why you shouldn't buy a home as an investment and behaviors that could be putting your company at risk for a data breach. WSJ's Mathew Passy reports.

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    Investment Independence

    in Finance

    Jason and Jim present a special Independence Day episode of the Investment Roadshow.
    Today we're talking about our Mexican properties and international land appreciation. We address some of the key fears investors have about investing internationally, especially in Mexico right now. But also some of the astounding benefits that make it worth while.
    For Information: http://www.arizonainvestmentcenter.com/options.htm

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    WIA (Workforce Investment Act)

    in Self Help

    Individuals that have been laid off or fired have the opportunity to be re-trained using government funds.  Listen to today's program to learn more about WIA (Workforce Investment Act) and how you can obtain between $5,000-$8,000 for training to upgrade your skills.

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    5 Ways an Investment Banker Can Help Your Business

    in Business

    Welcome to Business Black Belt Radio!

    Each week I interview an investor, an expert in business development, financing, marketing or management, or an entrepreneur who offers some keen insights into building your business...

    Mark Burton is founder of ShurGrowth Advisors and a managing partner with California Capital Partners.

    Mark has headed up practice development for a boutique “Wall Street” law firm that focused on alternative investments including mergers & acquisitions and IPO transactions. He also spent a number of years heading up legal affairs and development for both a national valuation firm and a boutique M&A firm with an international practice.

    Mark quit smoking using E-cigarettes after a serious heart attack over a year ago. He recognized that the e-cigarette / vapor industry was rapidly growing, but that there are few business professionals supporting them. From his passion for "vaping" and for helping others to quit smoking, along with his love for helping businesses grow, he now provides a suite of services to E-cig companies.

    Currently, Burton is Co-President of the Southern California chapter of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). He serves as an advisory board member for Wowio, an electronic book publisher, and Deal Lounge, an internet hub for private equity and investment bankers. 

    What is investment banking?
    Why would a company use you?
    Introduce us to the E-Cig industry
    What can we learn from them?

    More about Mark Burton
    More about JIAN business apps and templates

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    Harvesting The Fruits Of Your Personal Investment with Sonia Nadina Haynes

    in Spirituality

    Thanksgiving is a time for reflection on our lives. Most think it is about what we have, ie: property and things. It is, however, a time for reflecting on the harvest. By that I mean what we have sown in our consciousness and what it is producing for us to harvest. Are we harvesting a passionate relationship from our investment in intimacy? Are we reaping the benefits from the time we have put into our spiritual growth?

    How much do you love yourself?

    Everything in our life is reflecting our investment in ourselves. How good a person do you think you are? You will find out in the people you have attracted into your life. Are you taking care of yourself? This will be reflected in your physical and mental state. Sonia Nadina explains and shares insights from the guides on the idea of harvesting the fruits of our personal investments. She is open to answer your questions on life, love, career and spiritual growth.

    Sonia Nadina is your emotional healing therapist. Contact her for guidance and emotional transformation.

    Visit Sonia's website: www.soniahaynes.com

    Email Sonia for personal guidance: contact@soniahaynes.com. 



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    Is Real Estate The Right Investment For You?

    in News

    WSJ's Bill Fantini reports on the president's new campaign to boost support for early education. Also, the WSJ Credit Minute provides questions to ask before diving into investment property.

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    It's Not Always about the Money: Real Estate Investment Tips for Success

    in Real Estate

    Kevin Guz of HomeVestors-Dallas explains why some real estate investment opportunities "are not always about the money."

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    Radio [itvt]: "Live Sports: Justifying the Investment in Innovation" at TVOT 14

    in News

    [itvt] is pleased to present a video recording of the TVOT 2014 session, "Live Sports: Justifying the Investment in Innovation." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

    "This session will explore new technologies and platforms that are transforming live sports coverage into an interactive, social and multiplatform experience; and--at a time when sports broadcast rights are becoming increasingly expensive--will also attempt to determine the ROI of these innovations: are they succeeding in attracting new viewers, increasing audience engagement, and opening up new opportunities for monetization?

    Panelists included:

    •    Mike Folgner, CEO, SnappyTV
    •    Chris Kuhrt, ITV Product Manager, DISH Network
    •    Christy Martin, Chief Technical Advisor, ThinkAnalytics
    •    Robert Pace, Chief Business Officer, OneTwoSee
    •    Tomas Robertsson, Commercial Director, deltatre USA
    •    Peter Scott, VP of Emerging Media, Turner Sports (Moderator)

    Note: Super-early-bird tickets for [itvt]'s next TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC 2014 (December 9th in New York City) can be purchased here.


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    Eliminating the Fear Factor, When Buying Your First Investment Property

    in Real Estate

    Kevin Guz of HomeVestors-Dallas discusses ways to eliminate the fear factor, when buying your first investment property.

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