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    Black Inventors by Author Keith Holmes / Mr. Chip Coffey on Mental Health

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     Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success, highlights the work of Black inventors from over seventy countries. The author, Keith C. Holmes, has spent more than twenty years researching Black inventors around the world. Without inventions, innovations, financial resources, materials, muscle and labor saving devices, civilizations cannot exist and flourish.   Author Keith Holmes will dispel myth and outright falsehood about the contribution that the Black race has made in inventions around the world.

    My first guest for this week show will be Mr. Chip Coffey. Mr. Coffey is The Director of Theraphy Services for St luke's Behavioral Health in Phoenix, Arizona. I will be speaking with Mr. Coffey about the impact of mental illness on our society. Please listen into the show and participate


    Show time: 1pm Arizona time,  For my BlogTalkRadio audience the number is 424-222-5349  If you would like to call "The Charlie Bolts Show"  you will need call this number (408) 418-5050  once you give this pin number 81810# you can join the live show.  Any electronic device that has Internet capability will allow you to join "The Charlie Bolts Internet Talk Show".  Our web links are www.thecharlieboltsshow.com  and www.winsongentertainment.com  if you go to either of these web links you should be able to participate in our live interview.


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    Being social for inventors is important!

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    Being social for inventors is important!

    Find out why social networking is important and also what not to do on social networks. Learn more by visiting us at www.inventright.com

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    Black Businesses, Black Inventors, Black Education

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    African American Inventors

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    In honor of Black History Month, join me as I pay tribute to black inventors. Products that we use every day, were invited by some brilliant people of color.

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    Female Black Inventors Rock!

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    Yvette Kendall loves to invent things and has many patents pending. Founder of FBI Rocks! a program to honor the works of female black Inventors, Kendall looks to generate awareness for these unknown women.

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    Entrepreneurship Week - Women Inventors FYI

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    Did you know that 1 in 11 American women are entrepreneurs?   The Women Inventorz Network helps women realize their entrepreneurial dreams- we are excited to feature one of the founders and an inventors expert, Dhana Cohen as well as her colleague Melinda Knight in honor of Entrepreneurship Week February 2013.

    MyCity4HerRadio host and Executive Producer Monyka Berrocosa will talk about all the things women who are investors, or thinking of commercialising a product should know and be aware of. MyCity4HerRadio is produced by MyCity4Her Media - which also publishes MyCity4Her.com.

    Women Inventorz Network (W.I.N) is the only independent organization for women inventors in the US and Canada.  Founders and inventor experts, Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight help women inventors by evaluating products based on 10 points of retail readiness, marketing, logo design, website effectiveness, etc and provide guidance in making necessary improvements.  W.I.N. is a connector and launch pad for women inventors to get their products found.

    For more information about W.I.N. visit their web site at: 


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    Black Inventors, Innovators, Pioneers, Luminaries

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    Please join us as we discuss Black inventors, innovators, developers, pioneers, and luminaries.
    The call-in number is 310-982-4273. You can also Skype into the show.
    Time: 10AM PST/Noon CST/1PM EST.

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    Jody Blankinship Harris on Tell Me a Story

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     Jody Blankinship Harris is a hero to many people even though she might not know why…  Jody has dealt with a situation hundreds of thousands of people experience daily and when she felt enough was enough, she invented a product that is an answer prayer!  Tune into Tell Me a Story today to find out about ZippedMe and why YOU will be singing the praises of this mother, grandmother, business woman, INVENTOR!  Visit Jody's website www.zippedme.com as well as find her on Facebook, www.facebook.com/zippedme .Tell Me a Story is LIVE every Friday 1:30pm EST and here is where you go to LISTEN and CHECK the SCHEDULES www.blogtalkradio.com/themagichappens.  Also READ the TERRIFIC ARTICLES we post every month www.themagichappens.com and be sure to check out the archives as well!  We are also on Facebook, Twitter, YOU Tube and Pinterest so CONNECT with The Magic Happens!

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    Keith C. Holmes - Black Inventors Crafting 200 Years Success

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    Join Paul Lawrence Vann as he hosts author, Keith C. Holmes who shares his incredible book, "Black Inventors Crafting 200 Years of Success.
    Keith C. Holmes is goign to provide a behind the scenes look at black inventors and how their inventions make our daily lives better each day.
    Mr. Holmes book documents quite a few inventions, patents, and labor saving devices conceived by Black Inventors. This book provides insight on Black inventions from around the world.
    Keith C. Holmes introduces inventions, both past and present that balck people invented and patented globally and multiculturally. There is no other book like this one and that's why listeners should tune in to discover more about Black Inventors Crafting  200 Years of Success.
    Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (877) 404-1615 or join us in the web chat room: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paullawrencevann

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    Pets Teach Us So Much 149 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

    in Pets

    We talk with Dee Wingfield about the Free the Kees project.  Plus we have all the latest news and celebrity gossip from around the globe!

    Always fun and informative, this dynamic couple from the #1 rated web tv, blog, radio and podcast show for animal lovers, Pets Teach Us So Much, Robbin and Joseph Everett entertain millions of people from all over the world with segments about:

    -Pet health and nutrition

    -Pet behavior

    -Learning from our pets-how to have better relationships with the people in our lives with The Love Genies segment

    -Animal stories from around the world

    -Guests include, authors, veterinarians, bloggers, celebrities, product inventors, charity spokespersons and animal behavior experts.

    For more information about the global leader in pet related new media entertainment, Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, Podcast, Blog, web tv, Robbin and Joseph Everett, or to book an appearance, go to http://www.TPPC.tv.

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    Food Invention Show_ Casting Call with Eyeworks Casting Producer, Blair Franklin

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    Join me for this exciting interview with Blair, Casting Producer with Eyeworks USA working on a new “Food Invention Show.” He is searching for entrepreneurs with unique food related inventions that are looking for investors in order to take the next step! The Eyeworks team is coming to Chicago on December 5th & 6th to hold on-camera auditions. If you are selected for this show, business owners will have the opportunity to make a presentation in front of a panel of investors who are ready to make a deal. All the investors have experience and investments in the food and beverage industries and are always looking for new businesses to work with. We are trying to get the word out to anyone with a business that would be interested in this opportunity. They are looking for businesses in ANY stage -- prototype, beginning online sales, just opened their doors, been around for years and looking to expand, etc. 

    Tune in and find out more! Then REGISTER to be the next "Food Inventor Extraordinaire!"

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