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    Living, Caring,. Learning and Sharing W/DON DURANT

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    The chaos of statements from the Ferguson Police Chief is disrupting the peace of the protests in the community.  It seems intentional. The heavy armament trained on the protestors and the Smoke Bombs, Rubber Bullets, and Tear Gas, is an incitement to violence along with the release of video that does not pertain to the shooting incident.  Many on the GOP Right have stated that Jesse, and Rev. Al, are participating simply for the glory and not the results.  Tune in to interne: blogtalkradio.com /don-durant and hear both sides of the argument. or to hear any of our past archived broadcasts.  To listen on your phone while we are live on air: 718-305-6322

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    Test Run

    in Christianity

    Test run with new interne

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    Where Can I Find Hopelessness

    in Lifestyle

    Is it hard for an individual to spot hopelessness on a daily basis? Are we so caught up in ourselves that we can't see the forest for the trees. Let's Talk Truth will examine the ups and downs that occur in a person's life that causes that feeling of hopelessness. Please listen live by dialing 323-580-5712.

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    Hey, it's Hump Day, and we have things on our mind.  So let's talk about whatever.  It's open mic for the next couple of hours.  

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    My Beauty Angel with Audrey Quinn & Cindy Herman

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    Join us this week for our super special guest and bestselling Autho; Terry Cole-Whittaker; dynamic Goddess, Spritual -Teacher and one of my favorite powerful and LOVING ladies on the planet!   After years of teaching metaphysical principles all over the world through her seminars, books, church, and international television ministry, Terry Cole-Whittaker realized that there was something extremely important missing from her teachings.   Divine discontent led her on an amazing spiritual journey that eventually yielded all that had been missing plus the sacred wisdom whereby everyone can enjoy the benefits of ever-increasing bliss, prosperity, and love. Terry shares this most empowering knowledge, the knowledge of who we really are — perfect souls possessing godlike powers and qualities.   Website: www.terrycolewhittaker.com   Join "Beauty Angels": Audrey Quinn and Cindy Herman as yours hosts of the spiritually inspiring and life celebrating interne

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     should there  be  hard gun law  and  should be  law when  buy gun on internet call in 646 4783364

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    Cargo Crime

    in Entertainment

    How safe do you feel about the cargo and football picks

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    Episode 1 : 2011-10-14 15h GMT

    in News

    1er Talk-show Info360 en partenariat avec BlogTalkRadio; 1 autre convergence  de l'audioanimation sur la Toile.
    TAG I: EVA JOLY : Mirage ou réalité durable ?
    TAG II: PARTI D’ETAT SOCIALISTE : 1 leçon de démocratie interne pour Qui ?
    TAG III: CÔTE D’IVOIRE : L’intrigue LAURENT GBAGBO « Ses procédures en France sans fondement ou non ? »
    TAG IV: ECO : DEXIA ou l’assainissement public novateur pour le contribuable - consommateur... 1 CAC40 à la recherche de nouveau repère !
    TAG V: CLAUDE GUEANT : Rappel sensé !

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    Je Vois Ma Beaute

    in Spirituality

    Cette leçon est sujet à notre être interne. Sachant que vous êtes digne et méritants de toutes les choses que vous désirez.

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    Podcasten wat kun je ermee?! met Wilco Turnhout

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    Wilco Turnhout is oprichter van onder andere Rapid Circle en Gespod. Rapid Circle is een bedrijf dat organisaties helpt te innoveren in samenwerken en communicatie, bijvoorbeeld door het inzetten van Interne Social Media platformen, veilig binnen de muren van de organisatie. Hij richtte Gespod samen met Marco Langebeeke op in 2005. Het is momenteel de enige PODcasting website in Nederland, met een trouwe groep fans die maandelijks gemiddeld 3 keer langskomen om podcasts te beluisteren, bekijken of gewoon te zien of er nieuwe podcasts uit zijn gekomen. Voor de nieuwkomers: Podcasts zijn audio-uitzendingen die je kunt beluisteren wanneer jij wilt. Ze worden automatisch op je computer en iPod geladen. Tegenwoordig worden podcasts meer gezien als audio fragmenten die online beluisterd worden. Gespod zal binnenkort een relaunch doen en zal zich daarmee verbreden.

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    #5 Block Social Media - Employer Branding og Sosiale Medier

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    Fredag 28. mai, Kl 15.00: I 2009 eksploderte bruken av Sosiale Medier i mange land, og ordet ”Social Media” ble et buzz. Men dette førte også til at mange virksomheter mistet kontrollen over hva som ble sagt på Blogger, Facebook og Twitter. Den interne kulturen i selskapene ble over natten gjennomsiktig og transparent. Alle kunne lese om interne problemer. Reaksjonen på dette ble at 54% av virksomhetene i USA sperret for bruken av sosiale medier på arbeidsplassen i 2009. Men er dette riktig vei å gå? Bruken av smart phones med applikasjoner gjør det vanskelig for mange å forhindre bruken av sosiale medier på arbeidsplassen. Bør vi derfor heller åpne opp og motivere alle til heller å ”spre” det glade budskap? Carlo Duraturo, Direktør for Norden i Universum, og Michael Holm, Employer Branding Manager i IBM Danmark, deler sine erfaringer med hvordan sosiale medier kan utnyttes i ”employer branding” arbeidet.