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    Modern Yacht and Aircraft Interiors

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    Hello Everyone! and welcome back to this weeks segment. Tonight we're discussing yacht and aircraft interiors! How exciting and quite fantabulous I should add! Wow, creating that  home away from home and leisure time can be very engaging. Yacht interiors have come a long way from your traditional wood finishes to the modernistic and futuristic fiberglass and steel finishes. Also aircraft interiors offer special customization with incorporating that into the space and making it aesthetically pleasing and appealing as well. So tune in with us tonight as we provide exciting design ideas and concepts for leisure and relaxation.
    See Ya There!

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    Minimalist Designs in Ultra Modern Contemporary Interiors

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    Hello Family, and welcome back tonight!

    Happy Wednesday and we've got a great segment and topic of discussion in store for you tonight. We're exploring the elements of Minimalist Designs in Ultra Modern and Contemporary Interiors. So exciting, especially with summer very near and we want to feel light, airy, calm and serene! Minimalist Designs do just that because they give us the simplicity, and we can incorporate the use of our summer whites with bright and brilliant accents as well. We show various ways to incorporate them into your kitchen and office designs, and how to achieve the overall Minimalist Ultra Modern look, so stay tuned in with us tonight for this exciting segment.

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    Bungalow Interiors

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    Good Evening Family! and welcome back this week to our Clip and Tips segment. How y'all holdin up in this heat! Well we've got a great show in store for you tonight in keeping cool with bungalow interiors! Yes, they're really popular and are charming desirable spaces that perhaps, can be an attainable look that you may want to incorporate with your space. Especially perhaps if the space is smaller, but it allows for a great deal openess,and/ or open floor plan, then you may be able to gather some ideas to help your space become more aesthetically appealing. So join us tonight as we discuss various bungalow interiors!
    See Ya There!
    (10:30 pst)

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    Tish Fierro Hess & Gregory Goldman of Boxwood Interiors: Trash or Treasure?

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    George Carlin had a classic routine about stuff. Spring is the traditional season to clear the clutter of accumulated stuff. But here’s the issue: Is it trash or treasure? For many, the concept of Spring cleaning is an impossible task, and these unfortunate souls could find themselves featured on TLC’s Hoarders- Buried Alive. Another scenario is we find ourselves moving to a smaller space. Downsizing. How do we stuff our stuff into a smaller space? Many have also faced the daunting task of clearing out our parent’s homes. Some of the stuff that was uncovered in my family home included several cases of 20+ year old wine that had turned to vinegar, booze from my wedding in 1978, a hand gun, numerous unopened gifts, assorted pieces of art, and tons of knick knacks that may or may not have been valuable. So we’re back to the trash or treasure dilemma. My guests, Tish Fierro Hess and Gregory Goldman, are in a unique position to determine the difference between “get rid of it right now” ordinary stuff and “OMG, you have one of those gems hidden in your cellar” stuff. Their company, Boxwood Interiors, specializes in interior design, antiques, fine art, and downsizing. They have held Antiques Roadshow type events locally and it was amazing what was brought in to be appraised. Gregory specializes in antiques and fine art, and both he and Tish do interior design. They’ve seen it all and decorated it all. And they have advised many to toss it all. So let’s see what these experts have to say about Spring cleaning and how to tell the difference between trash and treasure. After the interview, check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more information.

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    Valentina Interiors and Designs

    in Design

    Valentina Cirasola  
    "Rules of decorating by bringing out feeling, emotions and personality"
    Today’s guest is Italian designer Valentina Cirasola, owner of her international design firm Valentina Interiors & Designs.
    Do you have challenges with your interior decorating?
    Do you have a hard time putting together a fashion ensemble?
    Are you afraid of colors? 
    Take it from Valentina, a Renaissance woman who has done it all. 
    Today, she will give her insight on “Rules of decorating by bringing out feeling, emotions and personality”.
    Sit back, relax, and take in the inspiration!

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    How To Find Security And Help With Your Home Technology

    in Culture

    Joyce interviews Seth Bailey, CEO of iTOK, a technology services company. They provide assistance, maintenance, and help you feel secure and protected when using your technology. They love working with seniors and patiently give advice for your computer and mobile devices.

    Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) Principal interior designer of Encore Living Interiors and Publisher of Encore Life Magazine hosts Encore Living Radio with her co-host Aaron D. Murphy, a licensed Architect, President of ADM Architecture and Managing Editor of EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com. 

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    What Does Your Second Fifty Look Like?

    in Culture

    Joyce and Aaron interview Frank Moffatt, author of the #1 international best seller, "Your Second Fifty - Rising Above the Myths Of Aging" and documentary of the same name. He is also a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and founder of the educational community “Your Second Fifty” - dedicated to holistically improving the lives of people in their second fifty.

    Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) Principal interior designer of Encore Living Interiors and Publisher of Encore Life Magazine hosts Encore Living Radio with her co-host Aaron D. Murphy, a licensed Architect, President of ADM Architecture and Managing Editor of EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com. 

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    Radio Show: Love Notes from Hell: Addictions and Obsessions

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    The other forms of addiction besides alcohol, food, and drugs.
    Steps you can take to begin your journey of healing.
    How to increase your self-confidence by acknowledging your desires.

    Background and Guest Information:

    When you heal spiritually, you transform.  When you transform, you are no longer in bondage to anything.  We cannot see what our negative habits are doing to us, only what they are doing for us. In other words, we think they enable us to do more and be more, but we are in denial about the toll they’re really taking on our bodies, our relationships, our finances, and our souls.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Roy Nelson as they discuss the spiritual solution to illuminate and heal the underlying causes of addictions.

    Roy Nelson is known as “the last resort” for those who cannot stop their self-destructive habits.  Living with a violent, alcoholic father drove him to pursue a life of distraction by any means possible – until he conceded that his self-imposed hell was killing him. It was then that he had a profound experience that changed everything.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that plants and herbs play in your hormone and skin care health, as well as strategies to include in your daily routines to achieve more vitality.

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    Sharing Caregiving Secrets

    in Culture

    Join Joyce as she shares her caregiving secrets with you! Joyce is a family caregiver, taking care of her elderly parents at home. We also invite you to ask questions and share your caregiving tips with us too! We're all in this together. Here's a link to some caregiving resources & helplines: http://bit.ly/carehelp.

    Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) Principal interior designer of Encore Living Interiors and Publisher of Encore Life Magazine hosts Encore Living Radio with her co-host Aaron D. Murphy, a licensed Architect, President of ADM Architecture and Managing Editor of EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com. 

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    NABWIC TALKS with: Doreen Fentress of HAWORTH in Washington, DC

    in Women

    Doreen Fentress is the Business Development Director of HAWORTH in the Washington, DC -Metro Area.

    She is responsible for business development, sales goal, management of sales team and sales distribution for Haworth Inc in Washington DC region which includes VA, MD, WVA and DC.

    Haworth, Inc., a world-class designer and manufacturer of office workspaces, is based in Holland, Michigan, operates in more than 120 countries, and employs 8,000 people.

    Mrs. Fentress experience is extensive as V.P. & Technical Director of Quality Technical Services for 19 yrs and Assistant Sales Manager for Chasens Business Interiors for 15 yrs.

    She has a Master's Degree from the University of Virginia - Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, a BFA degree in Design from Old Dominion University and an Interior design degree from the School of Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University.

    Doreen Fentress contact info:

    T: 202.478.7330 | Fax: 202.628.5235 | email: doreen.fentress@haworth.com

    575 7th Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20004 USA | haworth.com


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    An Organized Christmas

    in Self Help

    The decorations, the gifts, the dinners and guests wondering how you are going to organize it all this Christmas? Join me and guest expert Felicia Wallace Benton of Designing Your Vision as she shares ways for you to be an organized host and enjoy the season with techniques to get things done.

    Felicia’s firm Designing Your Vision is a full service Interior Design Firm that provides “One of a Kind” interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Her team feels your home or business is more than just a space – it is a reflection of you.  Designing Your Vision helps you to see the full potential and the most effective use of your space. 

    This podcast’s sponsor is Audible.com a leading provider of audio entertainment and information.  Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30 day free trial at www.audibletrial.com/getorganized

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