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    How do you feel about interfaith marriage???

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    The Constitution of these United States guarantees the right to marry, with no mention of religion. With the the US being a blend of different religions and cultures it's understandable  of all the interfaith marriages. Many religious leaders have stated that this will eventually lead to the "breakdown" of organized religion, as we know it. The Rebellious Rev and The Doc have a lot to say about this from personal experience. How about you???  Please call us with your comments at 646-595-3275 and share your views with our audience. Remember, coffee is a must!!!

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    THE REAL CHURCH (UNCUT): Interfaith Relations

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    Call In (646) 929-0300 TONIGHT @ 7:00PM(E) for the Vibrate and Elevate Network’s newest  segment: THE REAL CHURCH UNCUT! Host Pastor Tray of Experience The Mission and co-host Ms. Controversy Byrd of PNC Consulting Firm and of the Vibrate & Elevate NETWORK will deliver a supernatural show about "Interfaith Relations!" Be sure to tune in for our current event spill, Angels & Demons of the week, our Highway to Hell lesson, T.A.B.U [Telepathically Assertive Bold & Unapologetic] excerpts, & Community Connection highlights.

    Call 786.972.8695 or mail mscontroversybyrd@yahoo.com to be a featured guest, to advertise or to partner/network-

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    PTRN-Circle Talk( Interfaith Awareness)/Pagan Music Project (Tuatha Dea)

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    Pagans Tonight Radio Network presents:

    8PM CST - Circle Sanctuary's Circle Talk:  Interfaith Awareness - Join Deb Rose and special guests for a discussion on building Interfaith relationships on this anniversary of the signing of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. 

    9PM CST - Pagan Music Project: Tuatha Dea needs a NEW TRAILER in order to continue to tour and perform for our fans in the US!The Tuatha Dea family has come leaps and bounds in it's short life span and we never thought we'd find ourselves touring about the US (and beyond) when we started making noise 4 years ago...and 2015 is gearing up to be our biggest year yet! However, we remain self produced and self operated. This means skating by on a shoe string budget just to get to our fans. Our poor, decrepit borrowed trailer is now on its last leg (or wheel) and we finally have no choice but to upgrade to move our gear and ourselves if we are to continue to take what we do to our friends, fans and family about the states. The funds we are seeking will be directed entirely toward a new trailer capable of making this happen. Due to the amount of equipment and gear used to produce the Celtic, Tribal, Gypsy Rock experience we will be seeking to purchase a double axle 14 foot trailer that can move it all without the constraints and problems we contend with at present. Though we've made every show to date, breakdowns, flats, and constant repairs have been constant issues and we can't continue unless we upgrade. So we turn to you to help us make our continuing tours a reality.


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    INlightenUP! Amy Edelstein Interfaith Minister, Founder Emergence Education

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    INlightenUP! Radio is a proud co-sponsor of the Building the New World conference, taking place May 28-31, 2015 in Radford, Virginia.Barbara Marx Hubbard and 50 luminaries from around the world will speak about the “Wheel of Co-Creation” and how to manifest it! You can join Lisa Sahakian and hear her speak at this evolutionary event by registering for the conference here: www.BTNW.org

    Amy is an interfaith minister, clinical chaplain, and the founder of Emergence Education, which produces educational materials for individual transformation and cultural development. She has a background in Judaic philosophy and Eastern thought from Cornell University. In the early eighties, Amy did intensive practice with a number of preeminent Eastern teachers in Asia. Then she spent the next 27 years doing indepth work in evolutionary spirituality and collective emergence with EnlightenNext and as a senior editor of the award-winning magazine of the same name. In recognition of this, The Order of Universal Interfaith honored Amy as their Wisdom Chair of Evolutionary Spirituality. She is an ordained interfaith minister of Evolutionary Spirituality, and now applies her Clinical Pastoral training, mindfulness experience, and other spiritually-based tools in innovative programs for the Philadelphia Public Schools and for corporate staff. Amy maintains an active teaching schedule and contemplative practice and is author of Love, Marriage & Evolution and Great Awakenings: Radical Visions of Spiritual Love & Evolution  www.amyedelstein.com amy@amyedelstein.com   Landline: 1 215 278 7718 

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    Interfaith, Social Justice, and Atheism

    in Atheism

    Please join us Sunday at Noon CST as we discuss interfaith, social justice, and atheism. 

    Can they co-exist? 

    Can we work with progressive, liberal churches for the betterment of the community?  If so, how do we proceed?  If not, why not?

    Let's talk about it. Dial 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the hosts, You can also Skype into the show.

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    INlightenUP! Ruth Broyde Sharone, Interfaith Activist, Author,Filmmaker, Speaker

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    INlightenUP! Radio is a proud co-sponsor of the Building the New World conference, taking place May 28-31, 2015 in Radford, Virginia.Barbara Marx Hubbard and 50 luminaries from around the world will speak about the “Wheel of Co-Creation” and how to manifest it! You can join Lisa Sahakian and hear her speak at this evolutionary event by registering for the conference here: www.BTNW.org

    Honored internationally for her interfaith activism, Ruth Broyde Sharone, author, filmmaker and inspirational public speaker, has served as Co-Chair of the Southern California Parliament of the World's Religions since 2007 and also  served on the staff of the global Parliament.  Ruth travels frequently to college campuses to present her popular interfaith program and award-winning film God and Allah Need to Talk.  She initiated and co-led multiple interfaith pilgrimages of Christians, Muslims, and Jews from Cairo to Sinai to Jerusalem--in 1993, '94, '95, and 2000. In recognition of her contributions to bridge-building, Ruth was inducted into the Martin Luther King Advisory Board of Morehouse College in 2013.

    Her award-winning interfaith memoir, Minefields and Miracles, received 30 plus endorsements from prominent religious leaders, including H.H. the Dalai Lama.  Ruth is currently composing an interfaith musical entitled, "What If When You Awoke . . . "

    Ruth Broyde Sharone



    (310) 733-8313  (mobile)

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    Interfaith Minister discusses Planetary Spirit to reach greater spirituality

    in Spirituality

    JeffF/Jeff Ferrannini (Ferr-ah-nee-nee) is creator, producer, and host of Planetary Spirit, an internet radio program started in March of 2006. For 2 ½ years Jeff shared production and hosting with Magdalena. Since June 2009 Jeff is now sole producer/host. In June 2010, Jeff began broadcasting Planetary Spirit “Live” from ETIN (Emerson Talk & Information Network) studio at Emerson College, in Boston, MA. In November of 2012, Planetary Spirit affiliated with Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network on the East Coast and their two West Coast internet radio affiliates.

    In 2007 Jeff was ordained as an interfaith minister after he completed a two year ministerial program. Jeff feels Planetary Spirit is his ministry. “I believe Planetary Spirit offers an opportunity to connect to a deeper part of life and explore new spiritual perspectives”. Jeff is a poet, having written 400+ poems in the last 15 years, mainly spiritual. He self published two books of poems. His second book “Star Songs” is now on CD and contains 31 poems. Jeff has written feature articles on spirituality for 11:11 magazine and Body & Brain magazine.

    Jeff is on the Council for Spiritual Connection, an interfaith organization producing annual events, showcasing musical/spoken presentations to celebrate diversity, interconnectedness, and sharing spiritual traditions.

    From an early age Jeff has been on a quest to find a house of worship that welcomes all faiths traditions, spiritual perspectives, equally. This continues to be the driving force behind his work with Planetary Spirit. He believes his in-depth interviews/conversations offer listeners new ways to explore paths towards becoming fully awakened conscious human beings. 

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    Interfaith Ministries of Houston / The Man-Up Movement by Jonathan Greer / Breaking Generational Cur

    in Religion


    Show #1 --  "I Can RELATE To That" -- with Minister Tracy Curtis and Minister Tabatha Roper-Mitchell  

    Guest:  Mary Gwen Hulsey  talks about  Interfaith Ministries of Houston

    Show #2 -- On "This is MAN-UP!" - w/Minister Paul Stidam - 

    Guest:  Jonathan Greer -  In 2011, the Man-Up Movement was started by Jonathan Greer - to create Ambassadors of Manhood!

    Show #3 -- On "Tuesday Night Worship"  

    Topic:  Breaking Generational Curses / Releasing Generational Blessings

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    Saturday Interfaith Services

    in Spirituality

    Join us for Non-denominational, Interfaith Services every Saturday. Prayers and rituals from different faiths and a guided meditation every week.

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    Nancy Schluntz, Interfaith Minister and Animal Chaplain

    in Pets

    My practice is dedicated to helping animals and their people enrich their relationships, and to providing spiritual guidance for people experiencing transitions such as the deep grief of losing a loved animal companion. I am a published writer, public speaker, and have many years’ experience in professional and volunteer service of humans and animals.

    Animals are complex beings with feelings, thoughts, needs, desires, and unique personalities. Animals have reasons for their presence in our lives, as well as their own purpose in life. Our animals teach, heal and help in many ways. They communicate with us all the time, but often we don’t understand. It’s up to us to figure out the message.

    Through intuitive animal communication, I can help you understand what your animal friend is trying to tell you. Learning what they have to say can lead to a deeper, more fulfilling relationship. If your animal friend is stressed, sick or injured, or is near the end of life, animal Reiki offers a holistic support system to help reduce stress and bring balance. When it is time to grieve the loss of a loved animal friend, I am available to help you honor your feelings and move toward healing.

    Life’s journey takes each of us through many relationships and transitions, with animals, work, family, spirituality, and our inner selves. Each of these passages is a process. As an Interfaith Minister, I provide a compassionate grounded presence to help people and animals navigate the bumps in life’s path, using intuitive deep listening, meditation practice, animal Reiki, grief counseling, and listening for messages from nature.

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    Saturday Night Interfaith Services

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    Saturday Night Interfaith Services for all religions. In our world of confusion there is one thing I know for sure, we are all connected through Spirit. Different Services every Saturday Evening incorporating many different religious rituals. Guided meditation every week.