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    "I'm Just Saying: You Don't Have to Agree". A book you must read!

    in Entertainment

    Ms Willie and the Krew will be talking to authoress, Rita McCain.  We will talking to her about her book, what inspired her book and why did she come up with such a great title.  Ms McCain brings a lot to the table along with her  many roles she has experienced in life.  A must hear.  She got some interestin things to say.  Tune in, call in, listen in Wednesday September 23, 2015, 5:30 pm.   Www.blogtalkradio.com/sistuh.            

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    Deepertruth: The Virgin Mary Appearing At Tre Fontane Italy 1947 Very Interestin

    in Religion

    John Carpenter is a convert to the Catholic Faith.  In his study and research, he has developed one of the worlds greatestest documentation on Marian Apparitions found any where.  Join John each week as he brings alive the message of Our Lady.

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    We have a Contract with GOD Online Radio by Dr Craig Wright | BlogTalkRadio

    in Spirituality

    Happy New Year everyone. Tonight I will be providing forecast for 2015 and, since many of my listners have expressed an interestin classes, I will begin an on air class tonight that will provide listeners with the information they need to fulfill there contract with God and to also assist others on the path. If you can't tune in email your birthdate to cr77ig@gmail.com and listen for your forecast in the archieves. The text for the on air class will be "It All Adds Up" which is available at  http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000327460/It-All-Adds-Up.aspx

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    The Language Of Miracles- Where The Rules Do Not Apply

    in Spirituality

    Annette McCoy's guest Liam Phillips shares his thoughts on The Language of Miracles and where rules apply
    WHAT rules? What is Liam talking about?
    Tune in and find out!!!!!!!!!
    Liam has lots of questions and answers which can open our eyes and minds to
    see infinite possibilities that already, I'll say that again...already exist right now! How can you tap into the infinite possibilities in your own life? Tune in, Liam is always full of interesting, practical and easy methods and ideas, and best of all he shares it all with us! 
    Join us for FUN and LEARNING....in the chatroom...or ring in 347 202 0232



    ***Angel Heart Radio advises that it is never acceptable to text while driving, and all road rulesand guidelines should be observed and obeyed

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    Intro to Whatever this IS

    in Radio

    This will be an intro to my show "Whatever this is" I love all kinds of music and I love talking, put it all together and you might get something interestin or you might get something bad. Hope you listen so you can decide for yourself :) 

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    We discuss tennis boxing and other topics on the Pad!

    in News

    Guest: Tom Donelson, tennis/boxing sports writer for BASN and analyst with discuss the U.S. Open Tennis and boxing news and notes.
    Topics:2 Spokane Teens to be Tried as Adults in Beating Death of 88-Yr-Old World War 2 Vet
    African American's Side with Cornel West Regarding Obama Another Racial Profiling But What's Interesting Cops Are Caught On Tape Lamar Comes Home and Prepares To Give His Statement Compelling evidence of chemical attack in Syria, Kerry says; White House making 'informed decision' about how to respond  

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    LETS TALK BEYOND 4-6 pm pst

    in Culture

    Maria Iliou is sitting host for Lets Talk Beyond the Lable, Beyond Life Experiences, Beyond the Doors...Opening One Door of Opportunties. Maria Iliou is Interviewing Mary White Mackey, Mary White Mackey is Speech Language Pathologist. Mary experiences working years with children-Teenagers, Mary new challengies is working with students on Autism Spectrum.  Mary expectations as a Speech Language Pathologist Teacher is learning more, Understanding more about Autism Spectrum and unique for each person !  
    Inantile Autism, Classic Autism, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, PDD, ASD, Autism Language Communication Disorder Learning Disabilities                                                     
    Signs to look for in children with autism include: * Lack of or Delay in spoken language Repetitive use of language and or motor mannerisms e.g., hand flapping, twirling obects, *little or no eye contact, Lack of Interestin peer relationshipa,*Lack of spontangeous or make-believe play * Persistent fixation on parts of objects*  How Autism Diagnosed?
    No Babbling or pointing by age one, * No Single words by 16 months or two-words phrases by age 2 * No Response to Name, Loss of Language or Social skills * Poor Eye contact *  Excessive lining upof toys or objects * No smiling or social responsiveness / Later * Impaired Ability to make friends with peers * Impaired ability to Initate or sustain a conversation with others * Sterotyped, Repetitive, or unusual use of language * Restricted patterns of Interest that are abnormal in intensity or focus * Preoccupation with certain objects or subjects * Inflexible adherence to specific routines or rituals

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    Live:Michael Livingston, Ken Bob, Neomi Bennett (Inventor)

    in Music

    Michael Livingston’s versatility as a musical artist is incomparable. The Spanish Reggae phenomenon has definitely earned a place in history as one of the fore-runners of the reggae/cross-over genre. His unique approach and interpretation of reggae music has been highly commended and rewarded by many established members of the music industry, both artistes and producers alike.Michael Livingston has performed in prestigious events and locations such as The World Famous Apollo Theater, Reggae Sunsplash 1992(Montego, Bay, Jamaica)and The "Tribute to Bob Marley Concert" accompanied by Judy Mowatt formerly of the I-Trees, and Marley Fest(Alajuela, Costa Rica).
    Ken Bob has been associated with sweet harmonies and conscious lyrics. Nothing unusual considering the time spent in the studio flexing with luminaries such as the legendary Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown and Ken Booth.Ken is currently working in the studio on a project with Sly and Roby. One of the song that was produced by them were 'Tracks of my tears' which was nominated for the 2011 grammy.
    My father and mother are Jamaica .I was born in London . I studied at Kinston University in Kingston-upon-Thames.I am a registered nurse and I am  an inventor and founder & Director of Neo-innovations UK Ltd.I invented a medical device called Neo-slip.  Neo-slip is a, innovative and easy solution to aid and encourage application of  tight elasticated anti embolism stockings.  I have trademark and patent pending. Finalist in the Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards 2013, winning Bright Ideas competition,Europas 2013 nomination, funding from UK charity UnLtd, Nursing Standards Award, NVPC people’s choice award, Nursing Times finalist and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths certificate.Invitation to Downing Street and the Prime Minister has shown an interestin Neo-Slip. http://neo-slip.co.uk

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    Love & Happiness (Last Day of Week Out Weeked)

    in Radio

    We Have Been Wildin Out All Weekend And Now Tonight's Show Will Be All About Love And Happiness. Yes Y'all Know We Gotta Slow It Down For Y'all On The Last Day of The Wild Out Weeked! We Givin You Interestin Topics On Love and What Makes You Happy. Y'all Know That Nobody Keeps It Realer Than 2Deep Real Rap Radio Because If You Got It On Ya Mind, Get It Off Ya Chest! And That's Exactly What We Do On This LIVE, Uncut, Uncensored, And Real Talk Radio. Call In If You Have Any Songs You Wanna Dedicate To A Love One, Make A Shoutout, And Get Whatever You Got On Yo Mind, Off Yo Chest. Are Playin Nothin But Relaxed & Chill Music, Keepin That Vibe of Love In The Air.
    And Remember... If It Aint' 2Deep Nation, Then You Tuned To The Wrong Station!!!

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    Cravin' More True Blood

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    That's right, @TB_PamR and I are returning to our online radio show and ready to start discussing all the exciting and new things to come in the upcoming season of True Blood and of course the newest edition to the famed Southern Vampire Mysteries, Deadlocked. Things get interestin' as summer approaches. Pam and I are here to help you navigate your way through the True Blood withdrawal and help make waiting suck a little less.
    We will be discussing the new additions to the cast, the recent promos that have been released, as well as discussing our theories based on the information that has been released already.
    Feel like takin' a bite and joinin' in the conversation? Feel free to use our chat room or call to join in!

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    The Essentials of Faith

    in Prayer

    We live in interesting times. We face wars in distant lands. Terrorists invade places we thought were safe. We confront new challenges in the workplace. We wonder if our children will be the first generation in many years to be poorer and less healthy than their parents.
    Jude also lived in interestin times. This letter was probably written around A.D. 66. This was the time of the persecution of Christians under Nero, a few years before the destruction of Jerusalem. The young Church was pulled in many directions, particularly by teachings that threatened to pervert the true gospel of Christ. Jude's letter was a response to this crises concerning the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.