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    I Don't Understand You! The Importance of Intercultural Communication

    in Business

    In a world that is increasingly interconnected the need to understand other cultures and customs is important for effective communication.  Lack of knowledge of another culture can lead to awkward mistakes in communication. The mistakes may not only confuse people, but also offend them.  One famous example is Pepsi Cola's "Come Alive With Pepsi" campaign.  When it was translated for the Taiwanese market, the slogan conveyed the upsetting news that, "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave."

    Today on Cross Link Radio Host Shirley Gutkowski will be speaking with Toni Adams about Intercultural Communication.

    Toni S. Adams, RDH, MA has practiced dental hygiene in San Jose for 26 years. After “retirement” she returned to school to earn baccalaureate and master’s degrees in Communication Studies. She speaks and writes about health, intercultural and nonverbal communication, as well as listening, persuasion, health literacy, working with English learners and interpreters, and the links between oral health and cardiovascular disease.

    Check out Toni’s web site at www.toniadams.com.  She is available for speaking engagements, has several books on communication she has authored, and articles she has written available to view or purchase.

    The “Monday Business” Show on Cross Link Radio is produced by Gaylene Baker RDH, MBA.  If you would like to discuss a business topic on the show contact Gaylene at ms.g.baker@gmail.com.

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    The Books of LOVE

    in Spirituality

    Reverend Joanna Gabriel and Reverend Lori Cardona speak of love from various religious and cultural perspectives.

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    in Women

    Tune in to be motivated, excited and influenced as we talk to Miss Intercultral 2009-2019, Hananatu Tunis in our first segment! Hananatu Tunis is a beautiful young woman of courage and conviction. Of Liberian heritage, Hananatu was born in Providence, Rhode Island. She is a strong believer of the value of family, friends, education, and hard work. The sky is the limit for Hananatu. Upon completion of high school in 2006, she enrolled in Barry University (Miami Shores, Florida) to pursue a major in Public Relations, and a minor in Broadcast Communications. She is the previous Miss Liberia and the current winner of the 2009-2019 Miss Intercultural Pagent. http://www.missintercultural.com.

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    What Unites and Divides Us? Go Fish!

    in Relationships

    What unites and divides us?  Surely as  human beings we have more in common than we have differences.  We all want to live healthy lives and be happy.  We want a better life for our children and a safe environment to pursue those things that contribute to our goals.  It’s hard to believe that with all the technology and information that we have in this day and age, people still judge a person by the color of their skin rather than their character because of prejudice and their own personal demons.  We see evidence that one life is viewed as more valuable than another in random police killings of young men of color.  What happens to a community divided in the wake of such such tragic events?  How does the healing begin?  These are the issues that we will delve into in this segment on “What Unites and Divides.”

    We will also explore the art of screenwriting and what it takes to be successful in the industry as an independent screenwriter.

    Our guest, Jamila Brown, is a writer, screenwriter, director and actress from New York City.  Her film, Go Fish, is about an intercultural friendship, that takes place shortly after the Crown Heights riot of 1991.  As we fast forward to events of today, her message still rings true.

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    in Fun

    Paullette Reed, CEO of The Intercultural School of Etiquette, is my guest tonight on Blogtalkradio.  Today is January 1, 2015.  I'm Laura Gall and the name of my show is "You Talk Too Much".  I am kicking off the year with a most exciting guest.  Paullette Reed is qualified and certified in so many areas.  She is a Motivational Speaker, a Professional Business Coach, an Advisor for political, diversity and women focused events.  Paullette Reed specializes in social, corporate and political protocal, advising, etiquette training and event coordinating with more than a decade of experience.  She has trained Government Officials, Private Sector Executives as well as College Students and youths here in the U.S. and abroad.  On top of it all, Paullette Reed is Owner and CEO of The Intercultural School of Etiquette.  She has so many talents I can't name them all, but we will let her tell us all about herself, her school and her history that has enabled her to accomplish so much.  The Intercultural School of Etiquette is located in Virginia Beach, Va. and you can reach Paullette Reed at 757-828-7371.  You are listening to Blogtalkradio.  I'm Laura Gall. Thank you so much for listening.

  • The Life You Want in 2015

    in Spirituality

    Reverend Dr. Lori Cardona of LMC Interfatih Ministries and Reverend Dr. Joanna Gabriel of Unity Miami Gardens, welcome the new year by welcoming and interviewing attendees of Oprah Winfrey's "The Life You Want" tour.

    Let's find out what they learned from their experiece and then find out how we can all apply what they learned to creating our best year yet!

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    Intercultural Relationships

    in Culture

    Come by and Labrish with Margaret “The Passionate Senior” as she discusses INTERCULTURAL RELATIONSHIPS and how she knows from experience that through building and sustaining relationships with others from different cultures and races, we can acquire knowledge about the world, break stereotypes, and acquire new skills.

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    No Tea, No Shade - Intercultural/Inter-racial Friendships & Relationships

    in Current Events

    Intercultural/Inter-racial friendships & relationships are now becoming a common place in today's society. However, with all of it's acceptance  - is there still a stigma that hangs around the topic? If you are part of a Intercultural/Inter-racial Relationship or friendship, please call in and help us figure this out. 

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    Walkabout to Find Clarity About Work, Service and Personal Direction

    in Work

    The Talent2Work show today explores the value of a Walkabout.  Lori hosts a conversation with Dr. Doug McConnell, and talks about how the Aborigine utilized the Walkabout in their culture and how we might adopt the ideas and create experiences for ourselves within our culture to receive benefit.  We’ll talk about Dr. McConnell and his wife's experience in Australia with the Aborigine and look at American culture, discussing talent, work, service, community, ritual, and tradition.  Lori will share about her experience on an American Continent version of a Walkabout she experienced this year.  Join us for a rich discussion.

    Doug McConnell is Professor of Leadership & Intercultural Studies in the School of Intercultural Studies, and is currently serving as Provost and Senior Vice President of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.  The McConnells spent 17 years in Australia and Papua New Guinea as teachers and pastors. McConnell teaches and writes on issues in culture, leadership, and religious understandings.

    Lori Sortino and Norma Owen are members of the Future Working Together Guild, connecting with the wisdom in the world and sharing some of it through conversations on Norma Radio.

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    What The World Is Coming To w/ Guest Host D Gooba

    in Entertainment

    1) Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO shot and killed by police

    2) Is gay the new black? A question by a fan of the show

    3) Intercultural communication

    *Calls will be taken between 10:05 pm to 10: 25pm

    *The views expressed are of the individual person speaking.

    *Feel free to chat with 

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    Accent Reduction/Neutralization: Achieving Clear, Confident Speech

    in Business

    My guest will be Dr. Caroline Latterman.  Caroline is Ivy-League educated and has a PhD in Linguistics and a Masters in Intercultural Communication. She enables professionals to attain clear, confident communication. This allows executives and employees to clearly communicate their message and allows companies to excel.

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