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    Aura Readings

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    Call in to get an aura reading with Dorothy! Auras depict your past ( through memory imagery and body interactivity, your present (as colour combinations and E Motion representing attitude). and your future ( colour interacting with people, events and situations in the future). Light is information, you use this to transmit localized experiences throughout your body in an almost instantaneous sharing to every other part of your body. Originating in the cell this light is emitted at a rate of 186,000 miles per second without pause 24 hours per day for all of your life, as a dynamic part of life we are reading and being read constantly in a dynamic energetic conversation. 

    Dorothy is an aura reading specialist who creates videos and pictures of aura for the enjoyment of her clients while also teaching the fine art of interpretation of the biophonic emissions that reveal so much about us from body ailments to emotional state and on to future changing attiudes and behaviours. Tune in for a lively 30 minutes of full on readings!

    Want to learn to read Aura? http://www.energytherapies.co/Services/Courses/Learn%20Aura.htm

    Dorothy's Web,,, http://www.energytherapies.co/

    Aura Videos ..https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd0W7GasdrUQT2zfKN-ov_nIOT55WLJMZ


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    Radio [itvt]: Adnaan Wasey, Executive Producer of POV Digital on 6 Stories

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    POV, PBS's long-running showcase for independent non-fiction films, recently unveiled six new interactive documentary shorts that it bills as "allow[ing] audiences to engage...on a deeper level, using new technologies and new paradigms in storytelling" (note: more information on each of the documentaries can be found here). Four of the documentaries were created by alumni of POV Hackathon, POV's weekend laboratory series, which provides mentorship and collaboration opportunities for non-fiction media makers and technologists.

    In this recorded interview with [itvt] editor-in-chief, Tracy Swedlow, Adnaan Wasey, executive producer of POV Digital, discusses how the six films use interactivity and new forms of storytelling to deepen audiences' engagement with their subject matter; describes the work of POV Hackathon; and explains why he believes that documentaries should no longer be confined by traditional linear narratives.




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    Power Blog Strategy: Luring Headlines that Generate Higher Engagement

    in Entrepreneur

    One way to drive online traffic is to better understand the art and science of writing and posting your blog. In fact, purposefully writing, posting, and distributing your blog content at consistently intervals across appropriate social media and other interactive engagement channels will help build your brand awareness and equity, expert credibility, deeper - long-lasting target market relationships, and ultimately, higher product/service sales conversion rates. The key to maximizing your blog marketing potential is by learning which types of blog, article, and press release headlines lure the greatest amount of interest and interactivity. That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    in Spirituality

    SPECIAL GUEST CO - HOST -   Hadassadajah Akusani  -



    http://John Lash The Archon Solution

    Divine Dare

    Right now, going on three years since the discovery of the Terma of Gaia Awakening, the correction (Greek diorthosis) of the wisdom goddess Sophia stands a chance of becoming a topic of considerable intrigue. Her correction is the single outstanding element of the fallen goddess scenario or vision story of the Mysteries that was left open, undefined. It is also the key to human interactivity with Gaia-Sophia: the human role in her correction somehow determines the way it will be achieved. Why so? Well, according to the Gnostic textual sources, that is how Pistis—name for the goddess who has confidence in humanity—wishes it to be! So the myth informs us, as recorded in a major cosmological text, On the Origin of the World (cited above).

    The correction involves a kind of cosmic challenge, or divine dare. An act of defiance by the Aeon Sophia in her pre-terrestrial form, directed against the Archon forces and assuring them of their ultimate defeat. Her defiance of the deceiving powers that threaten the divine experiment on earth is a statement of pistis, her confidence in humanity, the key species in that experiment. Greek pistis : "faith, confidence."


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    Storytelling in the Digital Age | Brad Lea & Julie Roehm

    in Business

    To remain at the top of their game and boost their companies’ relevancy and sustainability, constant learning has become a necessity for those in executive roles. The C-Suite Network will soon launch a unique, interactive online learning experience exclusive to C-Level leaders. To power this program, the C-Suite Network sought out a company that is top in educational innovation.

    Our first guest, Brad Lea, is the founder and CEO of Lightspeed VT, an interactive online educational system. Brad’s company offers business executives the opportunity to learn from top thought leaders and subject matter experts while utilizing the latest interactive, choose-your-own adventure-style technology. Brad founded his company after spending years traveling the country training others. He took his knowledge and sales expertise to the digital space, embracing other business experts and offering them a platform to share their skills and wisdom with others.

    Alongside this technological interactivity, the C-Suite is quickly learning the value of storytelling in engaging their teams and customers. Our second guest, Julie Roehm, Chief Storyteller and SVP of Marketing at SAP, has firsthand experience understanding the value of a great story in business. Telling stories gives the customer a voice, and it allows C-Suite leaders to understand their unique challenges and problems. Stories illustrate the factors that make organizations and their customers stand out, and it can help leaders provide standout services that benefit the greater good.

    Successful companies always have an intriguing and inspiring story to tell. From Apple to TOMS Shoes, leaders across the world are well-versed in these tales of turning visionary ideas into powerful businesses that have transformed society. It is now the duty of C-Suite leaders to create their own stories and share them with others in our own unique voices.

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    The Future of the Arts & Society - Art Basel

    in Education

    Arts instruction in school has taken a back seat to standardized tests, STEM programs, and a focus on college and career readiness. Yet there is a consistently vocal public lament over the loss of the arts in school. Many people know intuitively that this is devastating to our children and to our nation.

    Art Basel is the world's premier platform for Modern and contemporary art. With three annual art shows in Basel, Switzerland; Hong Kong; and Miami, Florida, Art Basel brings together artists of all types. I will join Dr. Natalie Hopkinson of the Interactivity Foundation as she hosts public discussions of her project, The Future of the Arts & Society, at Art Basel in Miami next month. On today's episode of Know-It-All, Dr. Hopkinson and I will talk about why art is still so important and how it relates to equity in education.

    Host Allison R. Brown is a civil rights attorney and President of Allison Brown Consulting (ABC), which works with schools and other entities to create education equity plans and promote equity in education in compliance with federal civil rights laws.

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    Synchronized Performance: Create Your Digital Brand

    in Marketing

    To be successful in business, you can’t get caught focusing on a singular topic or strategy.  You have to make all the pieces of your marketing strategy – organic search, social media, paid advertising, content marketing, and e-mail marketing – fit together in order to generate real results.
    You have to put these pieces together to build a digital brand.
    Join us for this exciting interview where Gary Henderson, founder of Interactivity Digital and a master of synchronized performance in the digital marketing world, shows you how the sum of all your strategies will produce results that, up until now, you have only dreamed of!

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    Radio [itvt]: Keynote - David Lyle at TVOT NYC 2013

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    Keynote by David Lyle, CEO of National Geographic Channels, at TVOT NYC 2013

    [itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2013 keynote presentation by David Lyle, CEO of National Geographic Channels. The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

    "David Lyle, CEO of National Geographic Channels, will cast light on his company's new television strategy, including its digital-/interactive-/social-TV plans--showing how that strategy is rooted in NatGeo's history and remit; how it responds to the company's current-day position in the market; and how it will likely evolve going forward. Among other things, he will show how the company's stable of interactive-TV shows--which include the highly successful series on neurobiology, 'Brain Games'--use interactivity and social media to improve audience engagement, both during scheduled broadcast and between episodes and seasons. Following his presentation, Lyle will take questions from the TVOT NYC 2013 audience."



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    BaileyXPage and Shananigans

    in Entertainment

    Crazy episode. Join your hosts as they bring you into their world of fetishism and kink. Zoey Carter and Marty hosted this show, w/ Miss Whitney Morgan calling in with Sydney Screams. The topics were flying and the interactivity with http://www.taboofetishtalkradio.com/chat was nutz. BailyXPage called in later on in the show. Even the man that Zoey lost her virginity to was on cam. Believe me folks, you def wanna listen to this one.

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    That's What He Said S03E31

    in Comedy

    Welcome to the Next Gen! The Playstation 4 releases today with next gen graphics (eventually), next gen gameplay (eventually) and next gen interactivity (eventually)! With a huge selection of no games that show off the new hardware, fans lined up for over 24 hours to get their hands on one. On this week's That's What He Said, the boys cover the big release as well as Xbone's similarly big drop next week. We'll also have Dead Rising 3 news, the consequences of insulting Al Traulwig, the next hero to join the cast of Arrow, the "truth" behind Andy Kaufman and tons more! Join us at 323-693-3811 during the show to party with the gang! 

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    Radio [itvt]: SVP of Digital at Nickelodeon - Emmy Win 2013

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    Matt Evans, SVP of Digital at Nickelodeon, on The Nick App, Winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media--User Experience and Visual DesignIn this recorded interview with [itvt] editor-in-chief, Tracy Swedlow, and Matt Evans, SVP of digital at Nickelodeon, discuss The Nick App, which recently won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media--User Experience and Visual Design. In addition to discussing the Emmy-winning app, Evans reveals that an Android version is slated to launch this quarter, and also shares some thoughts on the future of interactivity at Nickelodeon.(Note: Fall-Discount pricing for tickets to TVOT NYC 2013--representing a savings of $200 off the regular price--ends at midnight this Thursday, October 31st. Purchase your tickets here.)