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    Uplifting Communities

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    Thanks to Minister Gilbert Brown for being our Guest speaker for sunday8/30/2015 3pm PST 5pm CST 6pm EST...Gilbert Believe in helping those people that are struggling in his community...He helps the youth as well as adult...He will be explaining what he do and giving proven methods he use to help the communities..From Health Care Issue too if you need help else where...You don't want to miss this sunday...Call in # 607 203 5336 press 1 if you want to join in...Host Author John L Brown, Co Host Jacquie Allen better know as "Ms Jai"..TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENT! 

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    Mrs LaQuita Smith-Kaywirth will be a Special Guest on Uplifting Communities....LaQuita is doing lots of positive things in her community..She has several projects going right now including Psychologicial/Paranormal Thriller-Kendred Daunting..She's closing out a TV pilot: Masquesade...Also she is writing a movie for the hit Stage play BROKEN TRUST she starred in...Very talented lady..Wel come to have her...8/16/2015 3pm PST, 5pn CST, 6pm EST..Join us and make you evening a good one...Host Author John L Brown, Co Host Jacquie Allen "Ms Jai"...TOGETHER WE CAN GET THINGS DONE...  


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    Their have been many scholars Discusing the Problem in the Poorest Communities including Mr Al Sharpton, Rev Jesse Jackson, Ms Lioa Morris, Mr John L. Brown and many others...The talk show brings more...We are bringing people on the front line to discuss and offer solutions to the problems..The talk show gives the opputunity to those will never get a chance to get heard. Join us on Sunday with our special guess Mr Alton Thomas..3pm PST, 5pm CST, 6pm EST...Call in # 607-203-5336 

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    Uplifting Communities

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    Discussing how we can better serve the communities...Sharing Ideas and talking about the problems in the communities and how to combat the problem...Hopefully the people that listen to the show and those that join in can gain information to start helping helping and to bring back information to others...We can make the world a better place to live if we all join in...

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    ENVISION THIS: True community available to all those who seek it

    Our guest, Laird Schaub, publisher of Communities magazine, member of the community at Sandhill Farm, and a group process consultant, introduces himself this way:

    “My work in group process is rooted in 40 years of intentional community living--all with a group that makes decisions by consensus. In addition, I have been actively involved with consensus-based network organizations for 35 years. Out of that experience, I've been offering my skills as an outside facilitator and consensus trainer for the past 27 years. It is my view that there is no more intensive way to learn and practice group skills than to live in intentional community, where a person is called upon to grow in the work every day (not just after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or for an afternoon every other Saturday).”

    Communities magazine has been the primary resource for information, stories, and ideas about intentional communities in North America—including urban co-ops, cohousing groups, ecovillages, and rural communes.

    Communities magazine now also focuses on creating and enhancing community in the workplace, in nonprofit or activist organizations, and in neighborhoods, with enhanced coverage of international communities as well. We explore the joys and challenges of cooperation in its many dimensions.

    Communities is a publication of The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) which nurtures connections and cooperation among communitarians and their friends. FIC provides publications, referrals, support services, and sharing opportunities for a wide range of intentional communities, cohousing groups, ecovillages, community networks, support organizations, and people seeking a home in community.


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    We will have Mr Tommy Ray Cole on air with us 8/09/2015...Tommy is an Actor, Writer, and Producer..He played in many movies and stage plays..to name a couple..He play with Martin Lawrence in the movie Rosco Jenkins and The hit stage play Broken Trust witch he wrote and direct..Don't forget to tune in. 8/09/2015..3pm PST, 5pm CST, 6pm EST...Host John L Brown, Co-Host Jacquie Allen...join us for a bless afternoon...TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE..     

  • Intentional Living presents-Success Secrets of Savvy Business Women(Kye Sampson)

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    Success is not about all the money you make & how far up the ladder you've climbed. More so about the lives you touch and people you inspire along the way. This is what great leaders do, they inspire you to take action!! If you're thinking about starting your own business or have questions about balancing life & family as an entrepreneur, Join us as Kye Sampson empowers us to take our lives to the next level in motherhood, marriage and ministry! 

  • Intentional Living presents Success Secrets of Savvy Women with Constance Hicks

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    CEO and Author Constance Hicks will share wisdom in reaching your goals and making your dreams a reality.  She is a true trail blazer who will teach us the concepts to move in the rhythems of life to tap into God given potential and  fulfill God's greatest plans for our lives.  She will discuss the importance of planning for the future and leaving a legacy.   

  • Intentional Living presents " Healing for Damaged Emotions" Pt. 3 with V. Harper

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    I'm excited to welcome back our phenomenal guest Licensed Professional Counselor/Mental Health Professional, Verily Harper for "Emotional Wellness" Part 3. I shared last week in my early twenty's my emotional outburst were a result of the repressed pain from my mother's death, only I didn't realize that was part of the pain. I saw a doctor for what I thought was horrible PMS! Her prescription changed my life. I didn't take the medication, even at that age, I knew there was more; I didn't want to medicate the problem, I needed deliverance and emotional healing. I AM NOT AGAINST MEDICATION!!! I do believe it must be combined with deliverance and steps toward healing. Join us tomorrow morning August 4, 2015 at 10:00am Call in to listen live at 657-383-0095.   We will deal with grief and loss.  Many only associate grief with the loss through death, but it encompasses so much more!  

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    Intentional Living presents 'Healing for Damaged Emotions 2' With Verily Harper

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    Healing for Damaged Emotions Part II /Mental Illness, Co-dependency, Bi-Polar disorder, Depression etc.  


    According to the News the Lafayette Shooting was a result of mental illness; the headlines continue to soar, marriages suffer, families are torn apart and unfortunately with some court decisions others feel helpless! Mental illness doesn't have a face and denial won't make it go away! It is imperative that we continue to increase public awareness so that true healing, deliverance, and recovery can began.  Our guest Verily Harper Licensed Professional Counselor will share with us valuable information to aid us in that process.  

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    The Intentional Paradigm Shift; Communities, Activism & Re-Creating the Village

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    The Intentional Paradigm Shift;  Communities, Activism & Re-Creating the Village...

    How far have we truly gotten in society? Is Post-Racial Society truly that or is it just a fancy cliche to bandaid the epidemic of hate?

    Can we truly say that we are living amongst each other without predjudice and hate--or is that only true in "some" communities?

    What ever happened to the Village raising a child and why aren't the voiceless heard?

    Then....Special guest Kecia Johnson WOWS us with her story and what she is doing to change the stigma of HIV/AIDS! She has truly paved the way for many to follow!!!

    These are some of the topics that will be discussed on the Mz OptimiZm Speaks radio show!